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11 August 2013

There is Only One Me

Fashion Heads!!!!

How are you sexy little ladies doing today? Good I hope because ummmm today is a GOOD DAY!

"There is only one me" It's true guys you're the only one who can be you so let it shine through as bright and sparkly as you can. There is nothing wrong with just freely being who you are and loving every second of it so let today be the start if you haven't been living to your full potential!
I have on a super cute outfit that would be perfect for a summer afternoon date, or even a picnic or well...any summer activity. Want to know where to get all these amazing things I have on today? WELL that's what I'm here for dahling *giggles* Keep on reading to get the goodies!
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02 March 2013

The Flower or The Girl?

Hey Fashion Heads! 

Did you miss me? I hope so! 
Today I have finally blossomed *Wiggles her sprouted flower* I felt like going with green because its about that time for things to begin growing again...Including me. Though I didn't celebrate it, February marked one year of me sharing my adventures and outfit tales with you all and everyday I look back and chuckle at how far I've come at trying to perfect this blog life. *Sighs* I never want it to stop.  I grabbed lots of goodies to get them for yourself just keep on reading and find out where to head
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14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Kiss

Hey Fashion Heads!
Its officially Valentine's Day \o/! Even though I technically don't need a "day" to show people how much I love them by giving them flowers, making them chocolates, pouring conversation hearts in their bras or *coughcough* playing tiddlywinks with them, its nice to have a day where I don't feel like I may be going overboard. I have the best friends a girl could ask for so I'm not going one day without telling them I love them. Speaking of things I releases galore even though I've been sick there was still shopping to be done keep on reading for the details. If you have a busy day of making out ahead of you well naughty pants YOU can move down to those credits....
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06 December 2012

Lady Frost | F R O S T Fair Teaser

Hey Fashion Heads!
♡ When I was younger I used to envision myself as some sort of mythical creature or being it was so much fun but I TRIED to outgrow it but in my adulthood I now have SL to entertain my vivid imagination. Today I present Lady Frost. Lady Frost is a Insect/Human hybrid that lives in a remote area of the world. Each of our fears, our sorrows, our coldest thoughts turn into a snowflake and deliver themselves to her fully consuming her home and her heart. Though her heart is pure and loving her sorrow is endless. She lives with our sorrow in her heart so that we as mortals can live a little happier. Knowing she holds all of our sadness making us happy cancels out the sorrow she should feel replacing it with the purest form of happiness that only regular humans dream about. Skin as cold as ice but a heart so warm....this is MY Lady Frost Story....
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01 November 2012

Your Sweetest Soldier

Hey Fashion Heads!
I absolutely adore camo print and I love little skirts and shirts with it however I usually refrain from wearing military based costumes because I do appreciate what the men and women of the military do for us. So in honor of them I tried to keep this outfit as classy and respectful as possible.
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18 September 2012

When The Camera Clicks My Diva Takes Over...

Hey Fashion Heads!
Take a picture it will last longer? Or does it? Us humans have great memories you know. Okay I just honestly wanted to play with my new camera from The Arcade Gatcha Event. Its funny I always have a little luck when I use gatchas I may not get rares but I do get prize colors or styles that I'll use most of the time. I'm totally loving on this outfit keep on reading to learn more :D
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30 May 2012

Polka Dotty

So I was trolling through some random fashion ads and I learned something

Polka dots are supposed to be one of the summers "it" looks..I think they meant a bit more grown up but I kept it cute and Lili formed.

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23 May 2012

Cupcake Factory

Its the Lilz with more stories for listening ears I figured its about time for another since its been so long since my last. This one is about a childhood friend of mine (yet another one lol)

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16 April 2012

Kawaii On The Beach

Dear fashionistas

Today I decided to take a trip to the beach in my new Kawaii goodness. Something about the beach always calms my neko soul which is funny because cats usually hate water but I can't seem to get enough. I guess its because in RL I get sick being so close to the sea from the smell but on SL no smell but you get the sounds and feel. I guess this goes to show I'm allergic to whale sperm (I so went there)

The outfit I'm wearing is from Motherfunken! Its a Exclusive for the Kawaii fair called Sexy Kawaii Girl and also wearing Kawaii Leg Warmer Heels that match the design of the top and bottoms. I'm not sure if this was meant to be a beach outfit but it has a bit of a vintage bikini thing going on that I'm really digging.

The Fair is only here for another 12 days! Don't miss your chance for the many exclusives ONLY available at Kawaii Fair 2012!

Thanks to all of you I've hit 2k views. Thanks all I hope the page is improving as you view it more leave me comments tell me what you want more of or what you want less of Mwahs
Love Always

What I'm Wearing
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cocao
Hair: LOQ - Ice Cream in Chocolate Copper AVAILABLE AT TDR
Tongue: Scrub - Pink Poo Tongue AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Eyes: Splash - Kawaii Floral Eyes in Cyan AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Lipstick: Glamorize - Heavenly Lip in Pink Dream
Earrings: Superbia - Gummy Bear Earrings AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Nails: TGIS - French Manicure Set
Glasses: Splash - Nerd Glasses in Pink and White AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Tattoo: Endless Pain - Kawaii 2 AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Outfit: Motherfunken - Sexy Kawaii Girl AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Shoes: Motherfunken - Kawaii Leg Warmer Heels AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR

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