30 April 2021

Blue Eye Vee


21 April 2021

Cheez Poofz

 Hello my loves! 

My what a long and uneventful work week it was and must admit I'm happy to have some blogging time. I finally uploaded some of my windlights as EEPs and I'm feeling pretty optimistic that my posts will be a bit more frequent. 

So I don't know about you but this pandemic has brought back some of my bad eating habits since there isn't much for me to do other than hang out with friends on Second Life and eat enjoyable meals. One of my biggest obsessions lately has been cheetos and cheetos flavored everything. I had some amazing cheeto crusted wings about a month ago and my oh my it's taken me down a calorie filled spiral but...BUT I can now get a little bit of my fix on second life and hey..if you're struggling like me to stop the snack madness and want to find a place to do it...calorie free...keep on reading!

11 April 2021

Pink Paradises

Hello again my lovely bees! 

You probably thought I did the disappearing act again but fear not I am here to provide some happy outfit times.

Since leaving Second Life and coming back so many things have changed! I definitely felt like that out of touch elderly lady that always sends money to the african prince and as of right now I'm fumbling to learn all the new features still so things will be at a turtles' pace until the process is a little easier.  As of right now none of my windlights work anymore so I must convert them to EEP and that's....quite a process to be honest but I managed to get some pretty pictures with what I had so if you feel so inclined (and please DO feel inclined) Keep reading to find out more about this outfit.

02 April 2021

A Minty Fresh Start

 Hey loves!

OH MY GLOB! I know it's been literally so long. I honestly thought I could walk away from blogging and not miss it but my goodness I missed it so much, I missed you guys so much, I missed the creative freedom and I think that I'm back? I mean as back as I can be with my new (slightly busy) schedule. I do have a part time job now so my posts won't be as frequent. Not sure if you all heard but there is like...a pandemic out there as well and the stress levels are HIGH but don't worry my loves, this is a stress free place as per usual and if you have the time (Because like seriously where are we going?) keep on reading to find out what I'm wearing today.

08 February 2019

♡ Drippy Donuts ♡

Hello my dears!

I know I've been away for a couple days (okay fine a week!) BUT for good reasons I wanted to find some new ways to make my pictures look a little more fun and playful and me so I binged with some "healthy alternative" snacks and watched all the tutorials I could find and I'm feeling a bit more confident.
Can I just say I'm LOVING the look I have today. I mean it's so nice to have a more kinky curly pigtailed look that actually looks amazing and available in TONS of colors not to mention this cute casual sparkly outfit (pieces sold separately but fit together like perfection) and then when you thought I couldn't be even MORE extra? Ya girl threw on a fur coat because why not. Want more information on what I bought...keep reading of course.