31 December 2016

Time To Clear My Head in Winter

Hey Loves
Last blog post of the year. I just want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I love you all so much. Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always,

30 December 2016

Breezy Winter

Hey loves!
Quick post of an outfit I love so much! I'm heading out to buy a new winter coat with my grandmother and sister! Credits below!

23 December 2016

Time To Meet: Nicole

Hey Loves!
Don't I look absolutely STUNNING today? Doesn't this skin make you want to throw your money to have it? That's how I felt as well and that's why I absolutely had to show it off. 

This is a beautiful skin by a long loved store of mine. I used to show off Candydoll skins ALL THE TIME and I'm so pleased to say they have made a new skin after all this time named "Nicole" that can be found at this round of Kustom 9. Keep on reading for the details of the skin as well as the other skin tone options okay? Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

22 December 2016

Odd Eye

Hello my love popsicles!
Or am I the only popsicle around these parts? You would think I would have gotten used to the winter weather being a Boston girl but here I am once again freezing my buns off just steps away from Christmas. Even during the coldest of times I HATE PANTS. I feel constricted and whatnot so naturally why not just freeze all of my lady parts off right? :D Today my outfit is inspired by the freezing of my buns and I put together a cute but warm outfit perfect for a stroll outside. Not only is it cute but it's *whispers* not that expensive. Keep on reading for all the deetz! (or should I just stick to details?..yeah I should) details!

18 October 2016

The Cat Who Saw All Sides

Hey my loves!
Interesting title huh? Well let me tell you about it. I won this AMAZING prize from a gacha (to be explained later) and all of a sudden my mind started racing like HEY! IMAGINE IF I OWNED A CAT THAT COULD SEE THE PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE. I mean think about it you would be cuddling the sweetest cutest cuddliest all knowing love of all time and you wouldn't really know cause all he would do is meow at you. Plus I mean if it had as many eyes as the cat I got a hold of in SL I would constantly be reminding him how cute and special he is. 

I know most of my posts have been....lacking words but I'm trying it out seeing how I feel about it sooo keep reading for more pictures and credits mkay? Lub Yew Forebers

14 October 2016

Jacob Island

Hey Loves!
I have a bad case of the sniffles but FEAR NOT I totally had to blog because creativity is my drug? Keep on reading for more pics and a quick skin preview! See you guys soon!

08 October 2016

Bat Crazy Baby

Hey Loves! It's ME again!
Today I just wanted to travel and have tons of fun looking absolutely adorable soooo I went to a place I really love lounging in called Netherwood and thought "Hey this looks like a great place for pictures yes?" so then I did hehe. I usually don't wear many dark colors but today I switched it up a bit and I'm LOVING how this look turned out! Keep on reading for more pictures and credits <3

06 October 2016

Cloud Walkers

Hey my love biscuits <3
Have you missed me so? I've missed you guys so much too but here I am with a pretty little outfit. I did have a birthday to celebrate this week with my boyfriend bear and he's all happy sauce so I had the time to hop on my favorite creative outlet and see what was to be found on the grid. I not only found some AMAZING things to wear but I also found some super adorable poses! Want to know about what I have on today? Keep on reading for more details!

02 October 2016

Can't Stop The Feelings so let's make them bright

Hey Fashion Heads!

So....I ended up taking another break but this time I knew for a fact that I needed it. For a long time getting up and getting on second life was my sanctuary and my happy place but as of lately it was making me feel quite the opposite. 

All the everyday RL pressures PLUS the SL pressures was too much especially for a woman with anxiety and low self esteem (which might be why I push you guys so hard to be happy and love yourselves). A big part of me was ashamed to fully let you guys see the sad parts of Lili. I always want to be your bright spot and when I felt like I couldn't provide that bright spot for you...I ran away. 

Am I back again? I think so. I feel better for now. Hopefully in this upcoming week I'll be pumping out the blog posts quicker than you can read them. 

For anyone reading this that is having a hard time coping with who you are as a person (much like I have been) just tell yourself this is YOUR LIFE. This is YOUR JOURNEY and there is no wrong path, the path you're on right now is where you're supposed to be. For anyone reading this that can't find a reason to smile....please message me inworld or leave me a comment so I can help you find one. 

See you guys soon!

Love Always

31 August 2016

Ebay Shopping Night

Hey Loves!
So.....recently my laptop had an oopsy and I'm using my TV as a computer monitor meaning my colors look COMPLETELY different. My old photoshop settings look SUPER orange so I had to switch it all up and please tell me what you think? I'd love the feedback. 

Short but sweet post about cute things grabbed from around the grid! Keep on reading for credits!

15 August 2016

Pink Princesses

Hey Loves!
So it's no surprise I'm obsessed with the color pink and I'm a self proclaimed princess so I thought...hmm...Pink Princess day! It to be honest doesn't mean much other than I dress up like cute royalty and run around with a cute sidekick which is exactly what I did! I am loving my outfit and my skin (skin showcase --> here) today and of course you all want to participate in pink princess day as well so I left the credits here for your beautiful faces! Keep on reading for pics and credits!

Time To Meet: Nanako | Angelica Release @ Bon Voyage

Hello my loves! 
You know...I am actually beginning to enjoy doing skin showcase posts lately. So many cute skins to grab up and make my own and I just don't even know where to start. Today I am showing off this super adorable new release from a place I adore in a skin tone that I'm really digging. Keep on reading for all the infos!

12 August 2016

Time To Meet...Tiana | New Skin From The Sugar Garden

Hey lovelies! 

To be quite honest I feel like my creative juices are lost and there is so much amazing stuff I had to focus on just one amazing thing to show off and today I decided to show off this super cute skin from a place you all know I absolutely adore! Keep on reading!

05 August 2016

Why Should I Worry?

Hey my loves!

I know I know! It's been a long time but please don't yell at me. I had some things happen in life that seriously needed my attention. I put my heart and soul into everything I do including this blog and when I know I can't give my full attention I find it best to take a step back. 
On THAT note...I am back with not only a super adorable outfit but a skin that makes me feel so magical and delicious (and even better it's all so freakin affordable). My look today was inspired by a local farmers' market down the street from my house. It's so...fresh smelling in that area. You close your eyes and you smell apples and fresh baked breads, homemade jams, the freshly grown herbs, not to mention the sounds of birds chirping and horses off in the distance.....It's all so freakin amazing. A slice of country living right here in the suburbs. Sadly It's only until the end of the summer once a week but it's nice to get out and explore the area. Do you like the look? Want if for yourself? You know what to do!

12 June 2016

Sailor Scars

My love nests!

I may be late but you know what? I'm here and that's all that REALLY matters right? Right? I got WAY behind on Sailor Moon Crystal and binge watched a couple episodes with my baby boy Phantom (I kid you not he's into it almost as much as me he sat for 2 whole episodes) while eating Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos! Having that relax time really got my creative juices going and got me revved to get on SL....then...I ran into this!
 ...and I knew what had to be done hehe. I am loving the goodies I have on today and hopefully with a little nudge nudge I can get you excited about the goodies too yes? Keep on reading for more infos!

10 June 2016

Soaked In The Sun

My loves <3

I've always been that girl who finds a clean, safe body of water to relax in when she needs to go into her deep thinking. I mean don't get me wrong, shower thinking is great (and you can't fool me and say you've never done it) but something about sinking myself into water feeling it splash around me as my mind moves through it's manic journey makes me feel....complete. 
Today since I've been thinking so much in real life I decided to give my second life self time to think to while not only wearing a super adorable bathing suit but also taking along a super adorable (and hungry) companion because honestly what is better than a deep thinking session with an adorable pet? Are you in the search for some new goodies for your inventory *whispers* I think I might know of a couple places. Keep on reading for more infos and credits :D

08 June 2016

Sweet Relief

Hey my love pockets!

Today it's raining! I know I shouldn't be so happy about rain but think about it...it's literally water falling from the sky and cooling off our hot bodehs :D
In celebration of my own day in I decided to spend the day in on second life as well with my little furry friends, I went a little...well berserk would be an understatement for what happened with me at this round of the Arcade and I took the chance to try and up my decoration game :D It's a short but sweet (get it?) post today but it's full of goodies and love so keep reading for a closeup and of course for the credits!

01 June 2016

Plastic Barbies

Hey my lovelies!
So the heat seems to have gotten my message about it feeling on my booty and decided to do it again...I hate it less today since it's not so humid and awkward. I've been feeling HORRIBLE as of lately. Some of you may know I'm anemic and for whatever reason my iron levels are WAY down causing lots of sleeping and weird enough belly aches but no matter you know how much I love blogging so once my eyes pop open I'm running to play in clothes! I'm a big fan of my outfit today so keep on reading for more details :D

31 May 2016

Eating & Swimming

My loves!

So...apparently the heat snuck up behind me and started touching my butt o.o I didn't like it ; . ;
One good thing that came from all this heat is the opening of my community pool since it opens every year after Memorial Day which is a load of yay sauce! In celebration of the pool opening I decided that I would show off a bikini! Do you like it? If you do keep on reading for more details on where to get it for yourself!

23 May 2016

Blogger Behind the looks | Hope By Wow Skins

Hey my loves!

So this was originally planned for Sunday but some things came up and it got pushed a night back but doesn't mean it means any less to me :D I feel like after so long of doing this blog you all don't really know me like you know ME, Liliandra Baxter, but not really ME, Jazmyn and you know that kind of bothers me. So not only am I showing you a skin that makes me feel a little more like myself but I'll be sharing 10 random facts about myself! Maybe in the future if you guys seem to like it I'll do more yes?
If you'd like to read the facts they are right below and if not just scroll on down to read the credits and skin details! Mwahs & Love you forever

Love Always

1. I absolutely HATE the taste of Coconut but I love the smell of it so there are random times I will buy coconut products just to smell it
2. I am that girl who cries during shows. If I'm happy or sad either way I'm shedding a tear because I get so emotionally attached to the characters. What they feel...I feel.
3. Speaking of Characters, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan and my favorite character has always been Severus Snape and when Alan Rickman passed away I went into a small depression :(
4. Usually while I'm writing a post I have a podcast playing in the background so when I'm done typing I have to proofread and make sure I didn't type something from the podcast I was listening to
5. Since my mind is usually a clutter of ideas sadly that comes out in my surroundings. I'll start off with a box from amazon with my kindle case and magically ALL my kindle cases end up in there for storage.
6. For two years I didn't wear my glasses the way I was supposed to and missed out on life so hardcore since I could barely see anything and I think that's why in most of my posts I have glasses of some sort.
7. I've always been obsessed with Boy bands. Up until I was 17 there were Nsync and Backstreet boys posters covering my wall head to toe! Now I just....keep them all in a binder in my desk.
8. No Surprise to you all but...I love summer clothes but HATE summer weather. I tend to walk around in tank top and shorts during winter while relaxing around the house.
9. Even though I'm very good with Children, the possibility of ever becoming a parent TERRIFIES me.
10. I'm OBSESSED with Tim Burton inspired art. 

20 May 2016

Stardew Valley

Hey Loves!
I think it's about time for a factory reset in these parts since I can't seem to get more than one picture taken before black screen again....it's quite odd but I am going with the floooow!

So I've been obsessed....to put it lightly with this amazing game called Stardew Valley and it's pretty much like a game about owning and running your own farm that you inherit from your late grandfather. You fight slimes, and unlock secrets and new things to do and quite honestly...I just adore it to pieces and the picture I managed to take today reminded me of that atmosphere plus the outfit is very relaxed and casual. I love the stuff I have on today just as much as I love Stardew Valley so if you want to learn some more about what I have on ;) you know what to do

08 May 2016

The Gloomy Bat | Happy Mothers' Day

Hello my loves! 

It's a super short post today because I want to show my mommy some love on the day meant just for her. I've always used a certain motto for days like this however "If you only show your mother appreciation on mothers' day then you are failing 364 days as a daughter" Remember to ALWAYS appreciate your mom...because you only get one!
If you ARE a mother and you read my blog well I want to first off thank you for such amazing support and on your special day I wish you a TRULY HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY. May your day be filled with pampering and appreciation! 

I will see you all soon! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

07 May 2016

Foods From Space

Hey my loves!

I know my last couple of blog posts have been a little....silent? I don't know I really just didn't know what to say. When I don't talk a little the blog posts just don't feel like me so...here I am blabbing for you all again....because I Luv Yew. 
You know what would be totally awesome? If you could find food on clouds :D I mean maybe I am super hungry for burgers (Yay for 3 weeks with no red meat) and bacon (or pork...le sigh) but the idea of sitting on a cloud munching on yummies just made me exceptionally happy. Endless mozzarella sticks and meatballs would make things heavenly. Thick juicy burgers and onion rings....Mmmmmmm! 

Well I've gone and made myself hungry again :D so now that we are all daydreaming about delicious foods now I can tell you about what I have on yes? YES! Keep on reading for info and credits

28 April 2016

Midnight Roller for Bubblegum Ice Cream

Hey my loves!
I don't know if it's SL or maybe my internet but when I've been taking pictures at least two of them come out blank...whatupwitdat? ANYWHO I managed to save one again and I'm actually quite pleased with it. I haven't been talking much in my posts because I haven't been feeling well but I must admit...working on pictures has really been easing my mind and making me feel positive. So...instead of info on the outfit (credited below as always so don't worry) I'll give you a nice childhood story that this ice cream made me think of yes? Keep on reading for the story as well as credits!

26 April 2016

Twitchy Magics

Hey loves!

To be honest I don't have much to say today I just really had a blast with pictures and I'm just not feeling so hot today (hopefully this all ends soon LE SIGH) but this outfit I have on brought a smile to my face muscles so...HERE IT IS
Keep on reading for another picture and of course the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

22 April 2016

I'll Never Dream

Hey my love love sexy faces! How are you!?!

You ever have one of those days where you're just...lost in your own head? Not in a bad way but you are just content in your own solitude and quietness, a day you use your alone time to really travel the depths of your mind? I've been doing that a lot lately and I've been LOVING it. 
My picture is inspired loosely on my new found love of my original thoughts and feelings. There is a song by this GORGEOUS creation of a man named Kaskade called "I'll Never Dream" that was on repeat in my head while I took pictures :D I hope you like them! I have some of the cutest things from the grid on today so keep on reading for infos and credits!

19 April 2016

Wrapped In Spring

Hello my loves!

It is the sweet lilzy poo here to embrace the miracles of spring time blooming! I went outside and the air smelled sweet? Not like a cookie or cake type sweetness. More like the smell of a kiwi/strawberry smoothie with ginger (which I now want...thanks me!) The weather is starting to really warm up to. I mean the weather is all "SO WHAT I DECIDED TO SNOW LAST WEEK SHUT YOUR FACES AND TAKE MY SUN!" and I'm like "Well okay *sundress!*" 
No but joking aside the spring weather has really been helping my mood. Hearing and seeing so much...life happening. Birds singing, flowers growing, families of animals going to the now thawed out lake. It reminds me that life can be beautiful if you're looking in the right directions...which is forward not back. To my loves that need to hear this as much as I do:


Are you feeling better? Inspired? Uplifted? I hope so. I hope I gave you a little bit of a smile at least and if not...CLOTHES. Keep on reading to find out about my springy goodies and how to get them yourself!

13 April 2016

Cute But Psycho...

Hey my love sauces!

How are all you beautifuls today? I hope you're as happy as I am today because honestly, We all deserve days of pure bliss and happiness right? I don't know what caused me to wake up in such a good mood but I appreciate it nonetheless (I've always wanted to use that word)
So get this? I did three amazing pictures to show off this outfit and then 2 of them got corrupted...lulwut? So that just inspired me to make an entire skin post <here> as well as show off the salvaged picture which I'm very happy with. Are you cute but psycho like me and you want to know where to grab some beautiful clothing around the grid? Looking  for a new skin? Keep on reading for credits.

Time To Meet: Hana | Angelica @ The Seasons Story

Booyah! Skin post for your faces...and for my face too I suppose huh?

On my first post I shared my little....issue today
Me: Hey yay my pictures are all done!
My Computer: Yeah you see...they were and all but I think I'm gonna just corrupt this real quick 
Me: But...I kind of need those pictures...
My Computer: The computer you are trying to reach...
Me: *looks at computer screen and shakes her head*

So then I decided it's time to do a skin post since I haven't done one in so long! Today I am showing you a brand new skin from the always amazing Angelica! You can find this at this round of The Seasons Story! Want details on all the goodies? You got it :D Keep reading!

06 April 2016

In My Panties

Hey my sweet ones!
You ever have a day when you just want to run around in your panties loving life? To be honest....I've been extremely sad lately. I've never hidden the fact that I suffer from depression and some events in life make it harder to pull myself out of it and cope but heyyyy I'm feeling a little better now. Returning to you all with pretty pieces of cuteness always puts a smile on my face. Knowing you all are smiling makes me happy. Today I have on some very cute, affordable, and happy items! You like what you see? Keep on reading for more info on where to grab them for yourself!

04 April 2016

Call Me Baby | Kawaii Pon Pon Stuffs!

My loves!

How are you lovely divas feeling today? Me? Well I'm getting it together. I WAS enjoying the weather here by going out on the patio with my kindle, eating potstickers and enjoying the papa's <fill in blank>ira's until suddenly...it was..snowing? If April showers bring May flowers....what do April snowstorms bring?
Anywhoooo today I am wearing some really adorable things from a VERY new event that I want to keep around for as long as I possibly can so I definately want to get the word out about it! Keep on reading for more details on my items and this event!

15 March 2016

Pocketful Of Sunshine

Hey my loves!
 Today is actually a quick post with pretty pictures. Something I've never actually done before is played with actions on photoshop and today I did and LOVED the turn out! 
My inspiration today was just angelic and sweetness! Do you like what you see? Keep on reading for credits.

12 March 2016

Shades Of Pinky

 Hey Lovesicles! 
You ever just have a....gravitation....a..pull if you will to a certain color? My go to color is and always has been pink both in real life and second life because let's face it my dears, pink looks good on EVERY skin tone including the tone on this brand new skin by Angelica (blog post for it coming soon? Maybe?) and then I just decided to play around with shades of pink. To be complete honest....I had no theme in mind I just wanted to wear pink. Is that so wrong?
Regardless of my inspiration I enjoy this outfit and the decorations very much and I hope you love them as much as I do! Keep on reading for credits and closeups of the furniture! 

09 March 2016

Catching Rainbow

Hey Lovecakes!
Anyone feeling as springy as me!?! I love opening my window and seeing all the pretty flowers coming to life and the sunshine screaming "Lilikins it's time to get up!" and of course I'm like "oh okay sunshine....you're right I have lives to live!" Today I'm feeling the spring hardcore and took some time to go outside and read on my new Kindle while a bean soup forms itself into deliciousness on the slow cooker. I've been OBSESSED with Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I of course saw the movies but....the book is so much better my loves!
My inspiration today was just...the softness and freedom of springtime. Keep on reading for the credits :D