29 November 2018

♡ Getting There ♡

My lovers!! I am back and I'm coming to f-.....nope too early for this. Calm it down Lili!
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So here I am....lewd as ever and feeling a lot better with a clean inventory and a lifted spirit. You see...I have a habit of making myself feel bad. I never give myself a sanctuary. "Am I good enough?" "Am I too old for this?" "Maybe <insert old friend's name> was right" "why am I not better?" but no matter how loud the voices get I always come back to blogging. You know why? Because I enjoy it. 

I can't live my life to make others happy. I'm not the best blogger nor the most fashionable but I am me and I'd like to think there is a unique opening for me in this bloggers community. I will continue to be me and also do a blogging style that makes ME feel complete. 2019 is a year of even more growth and I am happy to have you all traveling this journey with me 

Sidenote: As I write this I have kitty butt rested on my knuckles...Good ole phantom never fails to make me laugh.

So are you ready to pick up some of these amazing pieces for yourself?! Keep on reading for more info on what I threw on!