31 May 2016

Eating & Swimming

My loves!

So...apparently the heat snuck up behind me and started touching my butt o.o I didn't like it ; . ;
One good thing that came from all this heat is the opening of my community pool since it opens every year after Memorial Day which is a load of yay sauce! In celebration of the pool opening I decided that I would show off a bikini! Do you like it? If you do keep on reading for more details on where to get it for yourself!

23 May 2016

Blogger Behind the looks | Hope By Wow Skins

Hey my loves!

So this was originally planned for Sunday but some things came up and it got pushed a night back but doesn't mean it means any less to me :D I feel like after so long of doing this blog you all don't really know me like you know ME, Liliandra Baxter, but not really ME, Jazmyn and you know that kind of bothers me. So not only am I showing you a skin that makes me feel a little more like myself but I'll be sharing 10 random facts about myself! Maybe in the future if you guys seem to like it I'll do more yes?
If you'd like to read the facts they are right below and if not just scroll on down to read the credits and skin details! Mwahs & Love you forever

Love Always

1. I absolutely HATE the taste of Coconut but I love the smell of it so there are random times I will buy coconut products just to smell it
2. I am that girl who cries during shows. If I'm happy or sad either way I'm shedding a tear because I get so emotionally attached to the characters. What they feel...I feel.
3. Speaking of Characters, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan and my favorite character has always been Severus Snape and when Alan Rickman passed away I went into a small depression :(
4. Usually while I'm writing a post I have a podcast playing in the background so when I'm done typing I have to proofread and make sure I didn't type something from the podcast I was listening to
5. Since my mind is usually a clutter of ideas sadly that comes out in my surroundings. I'll start off with a box from amazon with my kindle case and magically ALL my kindle cases end up in there for storage.
6. For two years I didn't wear my glasses the way I was supposed to and missed out on life so hardcore since I could barely see anything and I think that's why in most of my posts I have glasses of some sort.
7. I've always been obsessed with Boy bands. Up until I was 17 there were Nsync and Backstreet boys posters covering my wall head to toe! Now I just....keep them all in a binder in my desk.
8. No Surprise to you all but...I love summer clothes but HATE summer weather. I tend to walk around in tank top and shorts during winter while relaxing around the house.
9. Even though I'm very good with Children, the possibility of ever becoming a parent TERRIFIES me.
10. I'm OBSESSED with Tim Burton inspired art. 

20 May 2016

Stardew Valley

Hey Loves!
I think it's about time for a factory reset in these parts since I can't seem to get more than one picture taken before black screen again....it's quite odd but I am going with the floooow!

So I've been obsessed....to put it lightly with this amazing game called Stardew Valley and it's pretty much like a game about owning and running your own farm that you inherit from your late grandfather. You fight slimes, and unlock secrets and new things to do and quite honestly...I just adore it to pieces and the picture I managed to take today reminded me of that atmosphere plus the outfit is very relaxed and casual. I love the stuff I have on today just as much as I love Stardew Valley so if you want to learn some more about what I have on ;) you know what to do

08 May 2016

The Gloomy Bat | Happy Mothers' Day

Hello my loves! 

It's a super short post today because I want to show my mommy some love on the day meant just for her. I've always used a certain motto for days like this however "If you only show your mother appreciation on mothers' day then you are failing 364 days as a daughter" Remember to ALWAYS appreciate your mom...because you only get one!
If you ARE a mother and you read my blog well I want to first off thank you for such amazing support and on your special day I wish you a TRULY HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY. May your day be filled with pampering and appreciation! 

I will see you all soon! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

07 May 2016

Foods From Space

Hey my loves!

I know my last couple of blog posts have been a little....silent? I don't know I really just didn't know what to say. When I don't talk a little the blog posts just don't feel like me so...here I am blabbing for you all again....because I Luv Yew. 
You know what would be totally awesome? If you could find food on clouds :D I mean maybe I am super hungry for burgers (Yay for 3 weeks with no red meat) and bacon (or pork...le sigh) but the idea of sitting on a cloud munching on yummies just made me exceptionally happy. Endless mozzarella sticks and meatballs would make things heavenly. Thick juicy burgers and onion rings....Mmmmmmm! 

Well I've gone and made myself hungry again :D so now that we are all daydreaming about delicious foods now I can tell you about what I have on yes? YES! Keep on reading for info and credits