28 November 2014

Keeping Warm

Just a quick Thanksgiving/Black Friday post I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Gotta be up and ready to go at 5am <3 Keep on reading for credits

25 November 2014


LOL So there is a funny story behind this title! 
You know how our lovely Second Life can get sometime, not wanting to play nice and making our life of the second overall rather hard and unpleasant? So we all have that one friend I'm sure that loves to mess with you even when you're close to tears. On a day of infinite SL problems I had a friend YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE turn thier name into "Loading...." and put on a ruth outfit and a grey skin. I spent about 40 minutes thinking it was me until he finally burst out laughing and switched to his regular Av....I love my friends I swear :D He's away so much now I kind of long for his SL Trickery but he's gonna be a pilot and I'm so proud of him! 

I know "Lilllllll the clothes...." as if you guys don't know by now I ramble *sighs* I have on an outfit of alternate endings :D Keep on reading to see all the goodies!

19 November 2014

Fox Trot

  Today I wanted to try a different look I call "Chubby Mizu" and I loved it so much I made a look with this new addition to my avatars collection! 

I did a bit of wordplay for today's inspiration. A couple nights ago I heard someone say "Fox Trot" now I know I have my share of dumb moments all but this wasn't one of them I know darn well what fox trot is HOWEVER since I am who I am I clearly went to that part of my mind that thought it meant a beautiful run with your pet foxies then an OOTD was born :D I have on some shall I say...Kawaii? things today so keep on reading for credits and where you can run to get all the goodies!

13 November 2014

Beary Cold

Hey Loves!
Today I was playing in the snow! Well...almost I'm trying out my hand with photoshop again and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. I was originally going to call this post "what I'd do for a frappe" since it's the sad truth. I would walk through a storm for a good frappe lol. I know you didn't come here to hear about my sick obsession with pretty drinks hehe. Keep on reading for clothing details.

10 November 2014

Blue Me Away

Hey Loves!
Just a quick post! This was supposed to be my Lazy Sunday post but the clutter of boxes are getting to me so I should do something about that huh? *Giggles* See you all a little later!

03 November 2014

Mushroomin Around | New Angelica Release

Hey Loves
When I was about 12, the apartment complex I lived inside of was really close to the woods and my friends LOVED going into the woods. I hated the thought of the scary woods but my childhood friend (and the man I still dream of being my husband) helped me conquer the fear by taking my hand and walking me through slowly never letting my hand go and singing to me the whole time. I remember while we were walking through there was a mushroom patch full of HUGE mushrooms and he slapped my hand and told me not to eat any of them because they could kill me but I remember looking at them and thinking they were one of the....prettiest fungi I've ever seen.

02 November 2014


Hey my loves

Today it snowed a little.
I was happy but I kind of wasn't prepared for it. Guess who hasn't unpacked her winter clothes? This Girl. I had a very fun time taking pictures and I have no idea why it was so freakin fun and I think the pictures came out alright what do you think? It's been awhile since I showed you pretty ladies some freebies and then it leaves me feeling guilty because well....I want to appeal to anyone including the ladies on a VERY tight budget or no budget to spare. Keep on reading to find out a bit about this outfit.