18 October 2016

The Cat Who Saw All Sides

Hey my loves!
Interesting title huh? Well let me tell you about it. I won this AMAZING prize from a gacha (to be explained later) and all of a sudden my mind started racing like HEY! IMAGINE IF I OWNED A CAT THAT COULD SEE THE PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE. I mean think about it you would be cuddling the sweetest cutest cuddliest all knowing love of all time and you wouldn't really know cause all he would do is meow at you. Plus I mean if it had as many eyes as the cat I got a hold of in SL I would constantly be reminding him how cute and special he is. 

I know most of my posts have been....lacking words but I'm trying it out seeing how I feel about it sooo keep reading for more pictures and credits mkay? Lub Yew Forebers

14 October 2016

Jacob Island

Hey Loves!
I have a bad case of the sniffles but FEAR NOT I totally had to blog because creativity is my drug? Keep on reading for more pics and a quick skin preview! See you guys soon!

08 October 2016

Bat Crazy Baby

Hey Loves! It's ME again!
Today I just wanted to travel and have tons of fun looking absolutely adorable soooo I went to a place I really love lounging in called Netherwood and thought "Hey this looks like a great place for pictures yes?" so then I did hehe. I usually don't wear many dark colors but today I switched it up a bit and I'm LOVING how this look turned out! Keep on reading for more pictures and credits <3

06 October 2016

Cloud Walkers

Hey my love biscuits <3
Have you missed me so? I've missed you guys so much too but here I am with a pretty little outfit. I did have a birthday to celebrate this week with my boyfriend bear and he's all happy sauce so I had the time to hop on my favorite creative outlet and see what was to be found on the grid. I not only found some AMAZING things to wear but I also found some super adorable poses! Want to know about what I have on today? Keep on reading for more details!

02 October 2016

Can't Stop The Feelings so let's make them bright

Hey Fashion Heads!

So....I ended up taking another break but this time I knew for a fact that I needed it. For a long time getting up and getting on second life was my sanctuary and my happy place but as of lately it was making me feel quite the opposite. 

All the everyday RL pressures PLUS the SL pressures was too much especially for a woman with anxiety and low self esteem (which might be why I push you guys so hard to be happy and love yourselves). A big part of me was ashamed to fully let you guys see the sad parts of Lili. I always want to be your bright spot and when I felt like I couldn't provide that bright spot for you...I ran away. 

Am I back again? I think so. I feel better for now. Hopefully in this upcoming week I'll be pumping out the blog posts quicker than you can read them. 

For anyone reading this that is having a hard time coping with who you are as a person (much like I have been) just tell yourself this is YOUR LIFE. This is YOUR JOURNEY and there is no wrong path, the path you're on right now is where you're supposed to be. For anyone reading this that can't find a reason to smile....please message me inworld or leave me a comment so I can help you find one. 

See you guys soon!

Love Always