30 October 2013

Can I has Trick or Treat?

Hey loves! 
Quick post tonight because 1. one of the items I'm wearing tonight is ending at midnight and I want you guys to have time to go and get it and 2. I'm tired and 3. *looks lovingly over at her pizza* so tonight is a credits night but DO go and get all the goodies for me OKAY?! Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always

Keep Reading for Credits

29 October 2013

Skeletal Pretzel Goddess | TSG Group Gifties

Hey Loves!

Today I'm such a cute faced pretzel killer and I don't know...I want to share my weird mood with you all. I am on the search for a new everyday skin...one that makes me feel amazingly beautiful so if you find a youthful skin with a caramel skintone....let me know. I'm SO picky about my looks and what I present.
So during my adventuring yesterday I was like "hmm? Skin searching? Time to show off a group Gift or two!" so that's what I'm doing not to mention a super adorable lingerie set! Keep reading!

28 October 2013

Chocolate Drop | Friends with Blog Benefits :D

Hey Loves!

It's been awhile since I shared a childhood story with you guys so why not now right?
When I was about...13 I had a little bit more control of what I ate and I loved walking to the corner store with my friends and I'd buy these amazing Chocolate Drops from Family Dollar. I'm sure I'm not the only one am I? They are like these chocolate cover cream candies in the brown old looking paper bag? It was like heaven in a bag for only ONE DOLLAR! Boy have times changed though I used to be able to shovel them in but now after one or two I need a break which isn't a terrible thing since they have almost doubled on price!

I know you came here for the clothing! This look was inspired by the sweet and innocent love I had for chocolate drops hehe so enjoy! Keep on reading for all the sweet detail morsels of my outfit! Are you in the mood for a chocolate drop yourself? That's okay there are credits on the bottom.

26 October 2013

I Love You to Death

Hey Lovers!

It's me sorry I was away yesterday but its not because I don't care honestly...I just fell asleep BUT I feel rested and uh...I may have sleep stabbed *giggles* LOL jk but it would explain why I woke up with blood all over myself right? I am a huge fan of horror movies and pretty much anything that might scare the crap out of me and I guess you could say that is what inspired my outfit
I know I'm usually miss prissy and glitter bombs but for Halloween I wanted to show my "darker side" I didn't go full dark but this is as dark as I can really get. Do you want to get a little dark with me today? Do you wanna let your evil streak show? WELL keep on reading and I can suggest a few things to help! Are you in the middle of a scary movie? That's okay there are credits at the bottom.

Simplest Song | A Skin By Essences

Me again! This time with a skin for you!
It's been some time since I've shown off a new skin and I wore a new one in my last post so I want to tell all you sexies about it. I was wearing the new skin by Essences called Song and I think its very beautiful! Want to see more of it and my thoughts on it? Keep on reading *runs behind the page break*

24 October 2013

Not Another Pastel Outfit | Mint & Bubblegum

Hey Fashion Heads!

Miss me? I missed you too trust me. I've been debating on how I will continue with my pictures and I'd really like you guys' help! Would you rather see more plain pictures and a quick summaries or my usual banter about my look and lots of pictures? Leave a comment I would really love to know 'kay?
So "Not another pastel outfit" is a perfect title right? I love pastels even in the fall and I just can't seem to stop! I made a pastel perfect outfit today to show you guys and I am so happy to be strutting around in it! Wanna know where I got the goods from? Keep on reading!

21 October 2013

Sweet Violent Seduction

Hey Loves!
Me again and I am not going to be talking much but I did get this super amazing dress from Violent Seduction I wanted to show to you all before the weekend is FULLY over and since I'm still awake its a perfect time right?

20 October 2013

Nerdy Witch Chick

Hey Fashion Heads (Wow its been so long since I've called you that)
For some reason my uploader wouldn't work so I have been sitting on this outfit for days and since you all know how I get on the weekends, It will be a bit quick but not at all skimping in the deets so just keep on reading my loves okay? Have a busy weekend too? Credits at the bottom.

17 October 2013

Candy Coated Skins | Candy Fair Skins

Hey loves! It's almost the end of the Candy Fair and I am holding back my tears but I want you all to get as much as you can before it ends so my loves here is a collection of the skins I have from the Candy Fair! Hope you like it! Keep on reading to see all the goodies!

14 October 2013

The Littlest Defender

Hey Loves!

Is it just me or do you guys feel a sense of completion when you literally take up all of your attachment points space? Just me? Oh well I am a bit special that way and I'd like to say I am feeling "complete" today *bows her head* 
Today I am going with the title "The Littlest Defender" because well...I am. I might not be the strongest or the toughest and not even the meanest person out there but I ALWAYS protect or defend the ones I care about so I decided to dress as a...sexy gladiator? with the help of some amazing designers! Keep on reading to find out where to get the goodies! Have some defending to do? That's okay credits at the bottom

12 October 2013

Sprinkle Me With Love

Hey my lovebugs!

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but I'm obsessed with sweets and maybe that's why I've been OBSESSED with the Candy Fair. I've always been into bright colors and pastels but now this fair certainly gives me an amazing reason right? 
WELL I've decided to..mix it up a bit LITERALLY and grabbed some of the amazing things from OTHER events and made a candy coated outfit that I really love color concept inspired by the little cupcake buddy on my head! Want to grab some of the goodies? Just keep on reading to know where to go!

10 October 2013

Sherbet Princess!


I've always been a huge HUGE fan of sherbet, even as a child watching everyone wolf down the super chunky chocolate ice cream or the cookie doughs I would always want the sherbet with its amazing citrus flavors and strawberry or peach goodness.
Today's outfit is inspired by the tasty cold goodness we all know as Sherbet. Today I am the sherbet princess coming to take over your mind with my sweetness. Though a simple outfit the things I used I'm really into so if you wanna know more well my love...keep on reading! Do you have a sherbet cone just calling your name? Well that's okay there are credits below.

09 October 2013

The Great Candy Harvest!

Hey loves! 

Gotta love being human sometimes! I got a cold so have been sniffly and whatnot but that doesn't keep me from blogging! I put on my big girl antlers and here I am with goodies to show you!
Pose: Infiniti - Gumballs # 6 New @ Candy Fair
Today's posting is a couple things that can be found at the Candy Fair! If you haven't gone go if you have, well go back! Keep on reading to find out what I have on!

07 October 2013

What's underneath?!

Ohai! Quick posty-kins!
I listed in my last post this adorable set from Blah then remembered....you guys can't see it! Soooooo here you go in all my lingerie glory! Want to know more about it?! Keep on reading!

06 October 2013

Redhead Confessions

Hey loves! 
I've been kidnapped for the weekend but I didn't want to leave you sexy bishes empty handed with no news as to whats available in SL for your linden goodness! I will fill you guys in on how my weekend was on Tuesday when I had a day to rest and recover until then keep on reading to find out about the lovelies I decided to strut around in!

02 October 2013

Dolly Paradise

Hey loves!

I know I promised you a post yesterday but it didn't register with me that would be the first of the month and I'm only home for about....4 seconds on the first. That being said, sometimes I wish I was a dolly.
Think about it, dolls only have one task in life...be pretty. No bills, no work, no stress just...beauty. Now that I think of maybe that's why I love being a dolly on SL so much right? Well this dolly found some amazing things for you today (yesterday) so keep on reading so you can pick it up for yourself okay?