30 January 2015

Picture The Moment

Hey Love Nuggets! It's mah Birfday Y'all!
On my birthday I think it's appropriate to be deep and insightful right? Yus. 

So many times in the first quarter of my life I would beat myself up for things "I wasn't good at". A good student, the good daughter, the good girlfriend, the good friend, and yes even the good blogger and most of the time these feelings were blown out of proportion because of comparing myself to others. I never really stopped and gave myself credit for the things I AM good at that people might compare themselves to (not that I want to be the cause of anyone's unhappiness.) I'm an excellent baker and many people love when I cook, I get told my smile is beautiful (when people actually see it) My real true friends know I would drop anything to be there for them, the list goes on and on but what I'm really trying to say is: We're all comparing ourselves to people who aren't perfect and we aren't perfect ourselves. Embrace your imperfections but nurture your strong points and always remember we are ALL fighting a hard fight (no matter how big or small it might be in your mind) 

So..yeah *beams a sweet smile* today is going to be a short-ish post so I can troll all over the place with my birthday girl stuff on :D See you all in a day or two (going shopping tomorrow) Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 

28 January 2015

Good Girls ;)

Hey Loves!

Even a day without you guys feels like forever...it's a bit sad I'm this attached I know, but you complete me! I'm one of the lucky people stuck in Snowstorm Juno with 3 feet of snow blocking my door and cold air that wants to snuggle my bones. With the snuggling came loss of Internet and cable too! What.A.Deal!
This is a look I did a couple nights ago. A little different than my usual but I really enjoyed it so if you want to know where I got all the pieces keep on reading for credits okay?! More looks to come soon! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

26 January 2015

You Said A Bonfire?

*zombies over to the keyboard and grunts a weird but loving hello*
Today I'm SO tired! Perk of being by myself for a few weeks is I can do whatever I want...even if whatever I want is bingeing on anime & Sims 4 :D My look for today was kind of me throwing pieces that I really loved together and my friend Mari told me I looked like I was ready for a bonfire sooo I guess if you're in need of a bonfire outfit keep on reading to see where I picked up all the goodie goodies!

24 January 2015

Do You Sea What I Sea?

Hey Loves!
I'm SO over the winter weather right now. It's so sad because during the summer I'm like BLARGH THE HEAT SUCKS and during winter I'm like BLARGH WHY DO I HAVE TO COVER UP SO MUCH SKIN but because SL loves me it can be any season I want it to be. Today I wanted a fun beach expedition full of shells, octopuspus, and starfishies and that's exactly what I got. I am yet again at sunset beach (it's my favorite beach no judge) and wearing some very cute things newly released to the grid :D Keep on reading for more info.

22 January 2015

Emmy's Date Night Selfies | LPM Romance Editions

Hey Loves!
Today is a quick blog post on a skin I found to be absolutely beautiful! You I'm sure know I loved the full release of the Emmy Skin by La Petite Morte (Shown here) but when I saw THESE ones I just...couldn't even. Keep on reading so I can tell you all about it!

21 January 2015

Stars & Bento Boxes

Hey Love Sauce Packets <3
9 more days til I turn 25 and I'm usually TERRIFIED to get older because it means I'm a little closer to HAVING to grow up. I mean don't get me wrong I do most adult things but my comfort zone is being cute and playful. For my birthday I decided to buy a couple things for myself one of those things is what I'm typing on now hehe, but I also wanted to get my very first bento box. I did mention last year I wanted one but I never actually got one so it's the perfect timing. It's pink and has flowers all over it, I can't wait for it to get here *beams with happiness* 

So on to clothing yes? I am a little...simpler? than usual but the outfit makes me feel so complete :D Keep on reading for more infos

20 January 2015

The Sweetest of Fawns

Hey my love love LOVE faces!
So I'm on my new computer....happy with it :D It's a lot easier for me to take pictures so I'm going to be a happy little fawn. I can be honest and say my blogging has drastically slowed down for a couple reasons one of them being from the frustration of trying to get pictures done and with this new computer that's one less thing on my mind and I can just....be freee

ANYWHO the inspiration for this outfit came from a simple misread by yours truly...you see I w-....you know what I'll explain down below *giggles* keep on reading for my usual facepalm moments and for outfit info

16 January 2015

Uniorn Maiden

Hey Loves!
Soooo...I still haven't swiched over to the new computer yet. Surprisingly I'm so attached to this one. Typing on it just feels....right. The Mousepad seems right it's not too sensitive, not to clicky. All the things I don't like about this computer are not matching up to all the things I didn't know I loved but I know it's just that sense of familiarity that keeps me from switching BUT this is the last post on old clunker *tear drop* Keep on reading for info on the goodie doodads

15 January 2015

Bath Time With Lili

Lately I've been SO stressed out. Nothing unusual the regular old "I'm *insert age* and I need to be BETTER than this" freak out so my mind has been going about a gajillion miles per kilosecond but one thing that never fails to relax me is a nice hot bath *sighs* I put my computer on a stand (away from the tub of course) and start my playlist of shows and just relax. Plus it's so much better right after I go after Christmas shopping for all the body wash gift sets from Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kmart and all those amazing places and you have a nice fresh arsenal of scents for the new year *swoons* have I mentioned I love bath time? I'm that person who has fallen asleep in the bath tub. Prune fingers do not stop me :D I decided since I like baths so much in RL why not just....take one in SL and with this cute and FREE set it was the perfect timing. Keep reading for details!

14 January 2015

Squirrely Friend

Hey Loves!
I have nothing to say. I just want to be cute <3 

Time To Meet....Carreen | Season's Story

Hey Lovebugs! Today I have a skin to show you :D 
Something about the fresh face of ALL La Petite Morte skins make me extraordinarily happy and this skin is no different. The skin looks soft and loving and don't even get me started on these lips. This skin can be found at The Season's Story and it's called Carreen. I love it so much and I hope you love it as well. Keep on reading to find out what you get :D

13 January 2015

Fabulous Cheat Days

Hey Loves!
Today is a short post because quite honestly I'm having a cheat day! I can eat whatever I want and feel guilt free about it! Writing this I'm eating a Dunkin Donut's doughnut and Iced Tea and after this who knows...pizza might be in my future :D After losing three pounds this week (long way to go but I'm optimistic) I think I need to not think about what I'm eating today so....yes in SL and RL...I'm having a cheat day.  

Since this is a short post I'd just like to say that one of my favorite designers has decided to hang up her designing hat. Buttery Toast has been a place of comfort and happiness for me since the day I found it and to watch it close it's doors is bittersweet. I'll miss the blogger's group banter, and the excitement of seeing what lovely Mama Toast has released but I know nothing but great things will follow Fayfay. She is a great person and Fayfay...as much as I don't want you to go I still wish nothing but the VERY best for you. 

Credits below loves

12 January 2015

Hello Hello

Hey Loves!
So not sure if you know but one of my friends, Jinkers, dropped me hardcore into the world of Kpop....like HARD. The first group I really got into was Exo and a little later on she introduced me to Shinee "I don't know if I like these guys" I said "They aren't my thing" I said NOW THEY ARE ALL I THINK ABOUT because you know...I needed something else to obsess about. Taemin, Minho, Onew, Key, and last but certainly not least, JONGHYUN *convulses* Separately they are amazing but together they are phenomenal!

My Post today was based off a song of there because this shirt just triggered something in my head lol. Keep on reading for some outfit details okay? 

10 January 2015


Hey Fashion Heads!
It's been awhile right? I feel like it has and must admit I really hate that feeling. I got my new computer \o/ but it still needs to be set up and made Lili perfect so until then me and old clunker came to an agreement and pictures were created. I absolutely adore my outfit today and it's another HUD controlled outfit which I love because it gives you more creative options. Keep on reading for more outfit details <3

05 January 2015

Simply Dreamy | Suzy Dolly By Angelica

Hey Loves!
Today I went with a VERY simple (for me) look. To be honest I wanted to challenge myself and do it since I usually feel so incomplete without all my attachment slots taken up. I have not only a skin to show you today but an outfit as well so keep on reading for detail okay? Okayyyy!

04 January 2015

Head In The Clouds | Oneword-ness

Well look who managed to squeeze a post out!
Jealousy is a helluva motivation even for computers I suppose right? Anywho something about the beginning of the year has me in a dreamer's state. I feel like most of my dreams are reachable and it's a good feeling I have to admit guys. I'm going to make my dreams I have for this year a reality! Keep on reading for some clothing infos!!!

03 January 2015

Happy New New!

Hey My Loves!

Happy New Year! I hope this year is a growing and developing year for us all and may all the things we want to improve in ourselves become a reality this year!

No I didn't forget about you and NO I DIDN'T STOP BLOGGING...well not voluntarily you see. I'm having a couple...issues at the moment I've tried 5 viewers updated and downdated my graphics drivers and I am getting either a black screen or crashing so there is only one solution right? *Waves her receipt for her new computer* It's not here yet it will be here hopefully by the 12th so what I'm doing is getting a nice amount of outfits ready to be blogged and the DAY the new computer get's here I am going HAM (mmm ham) on my blogger duties ( LAWL duties) and I'm sorry to all my sponsors and the sweet people who have sent me things everything will be blogged as soon as possible. See you guys again on the 12th! If I CAN do pictures on old clunker until then I will <3

Mwahs & Happy Shopping!
Love Always