30 September 2012

Lazy Sunday | Camo Comfy Goodness!

Hey Fashion heads!
So before I go to do some hunting with a few friends (for clothing not animals :p) I want to show you this super comfy newness from Firebird Designs! I LOVE it! I am wearing the purple version of it but it comes in a blue camo color and a green camo color all built into a texture change hud so its also very inventory count friendly.

I didn't want to wait til tommorrow to blog it so it goes up tonight RUSH IN TO GET IT! I know I did lmao. Mwahs love ya and see you tommorow 
Love Always 

Outfit: Firebird Designs - Cute Camo Set
Skin: Hush Skins - Grace in Natural
Hair: Dela - Cerise in Blond Purple
Pose:Apple Spice - Against the Wall
Location: My Home

Everyone Should Experience a Picnic...

Its your Lili here for more goodies and ramblings!
Today I decided to have an SL picnic I found this really cute place called Natural Wilderness that I think is really beautiful I am really into wilderness or garden type sims. I wish I could do a far out picture so you could see the place fully but I don't think my poor computer could handle that. I really love the outfit I put on for my little picnic outing what about you? *Giggles*

29 September 2012

A Few New news| Quick LOTD

Hey Fashion Heads! Welcome new follower! Everytime I see a new follower I smile.
Today's posting is going to be somewhat short because today I think I am going to try out a bit of RP-ing I'm not amazing at it but I can at least get my character going and get a feel for whats going on among this town right? Keep on reading for a little chatty and credits

28 September 2012

Nutrition Rebel | More Swaggy for Yew

Hey Fashion Heads!
Forgive my pictures today I seem to have issues getting shadows indoors I've seen people with them so I know it can be done but meh I think they were super adorb anyway. Keep on reading if you want to know a little more about this crazy title.

26 September 2012

Drippin Swagu | Swag Fest Teaser

I'm back again in the muth.....nvm :D Hi Fashion Heads!
So by now I'm sure you've heard but if you haven't the Swag Fest is coming VERY soon! I know I'm not a gangsta or a thug but honestly you don't have to be to enjoy urban fashion. Its not my everyday style but its certainly an amazing and well thought out style.

If the World was A Disco...

...You'd be my favorite song
Hey my dears its the Lilzy pants with a disco ball inspired look today and a really cute (but not new) prop you should grab up for some really fun pictures.
When I was a young girl I would listen to my grams disco hits tapes all the time. I guess I love the feel of a disco naturally just....dancing...no drama...free love...and of course straight up fun. Keep on reading if you wanna know more if you hate reading the credits are right on the bottom for you

24 September 2012

Look At The World....They Made it for me....

Hey Fashion Heads! Did you miss me?
So I know I've had a straight up stick on my butt lately I lost touch with the funner side of SL so my pictures lets face it...were boring. I'm not trying to be the best or the greatest blogger of ALL time. I'm trying to give you life from the eyes of a playful neko named Lili. I want you all to see ME in everything I show you. Feel what I'm feeling. Smell what I'm smelling taste what I'm tasting as I share my experiences. So keep on reading if that's what you want okay? Okayyyyy

23 September 2012

Lili Darkside

Hey Fashion Heads and welcome new follower!
Been having technical difficulties but got it fixed hehe. Today I went with a darker look than my normal usual look not to mention *GASP* short hair? All in all I was pleased with the look I'm not so innocent babydoll but still look...myself you know? Wanna know where to pick up the  goods? Keep reading if not that's fine scroll down to to bottom for the credits.

21 September 2012

Lili Style Sexy

Hey Fashion Heads! 

Did you miss me? I attempted many times to try and blog for you while at a hotel but the internet was soooo bad it took about 20 minutes for things to attach and I would crash long before I could get a picture done so....you had to wait...
So I've pretty much given up on trying to look "sexy" its not really me I guess I was put on this earth to be cute and sparkly so why fix something that's not broken? Today's look was inspired by...me be me I guess I hope you super duper enjoy it. Not much for me to say today but there might be another post today I've just been waiting DAYS to share this look Mwahs Credits below...

18 September 2012

When The Camera Clicks My Diva Takes Over...

Hey Fashion Heads!
Take a picture it will last longer? Or does it? Us humans have great memories you know. Okay I just honestly wanted to play with my new camera from The Arcade Gatcha Event. Its funny I always have a little luck when I use gatchas I may not get rares but I do get prize colors or styles that I'll use most of the time. I'm totally loving on this outfit keep on reading to learn more :D

Good Girl, Bad Day

Hey Fashion Heads and hello there new follower. I'm loving that you guys are following me it makes me smile. If you're a frequent reader just hit follow and you'll get a notice when I post something new!
Today I went with a...I guess a bad bad schoolgirl. Now I don't condone teens smoking I just thought the look was kinda cool and I'm not a teen...I just like schoolgirl looking outfits. I love the components to this outfit keep on reading to get the deets :D

17 September 2012

The Animal (Print) Inside

Hey Loves 
Bringing you another amazing outfit inspired by...I don't know I guess you could say wilderness. I found this amazing new Zoo like area called Zoo-Safari that I totally fell in love with. ALL of the animals looked SO real and they all loved my outfit so they are smart animals as well. *Wiggles hips all sexy* like what you see? Do you want it? I meant the outfit not me :p. Keep on reading

Lazy Monday?

Hello ladies, gents and lovely new follower!
My post today is actually last night's REAL "Lazy Sunday" Post but my internet threw my timeframes off and I didn't want to just forget about it so....TADA. The concept for this picture was an inspiration from Gogo so I want to give credit where credit is due Mwah I loves you Gogo. I super love my low accessory laid back look and if you do too I can tell you where to go just keep on reading...

16 September 2012

The Boobie Show!

Hey ladies and Gents (Cuz I know you men wanna know what the boobie show is all about)
Sorry I'm so late today the internet decided it wanted a little R&R today and its just now starting to co-operate with me. I decided to take a little stroll around SL in a very sexy little number from The Boobie Show....wanna know more keep on...reading :D

15 September 2012


Fashionistas! And Fashionistos who like me! and *GASP* Hello New Follower!
Hugs for jugs....interesting title right? Okay so pretty much you'll see a lot of outfits with appliers over the next few weeks. So if you're offended by them or they scare you or you're allergic to them see you in a few weeks. All outfits I show won't HAVE to be worn with appliers but women with them should know there are great things for them out there. Rant continues in 5...4...3...2...

No White After Labor Day....Yeah Right

Hey Fashion Heads! 
So....I have another follower! Welcome to my followers list and I hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings hehe. I've always wondered who started the "No white after labor day thing" but I hate it. So I broke the rule. TAKE THAT FASHION RULE MAKER! I mean come on I look so cute in it right? Right. Wanna know more about it keep on reading if not...Well...we've been through this MANY times lmao.

14 September 2012

This is MY Stage | Burlesque Princess

Fashion Heads! 

I be the back! Did you miss my silly buns? I certainly hope so. I logged on to awesome goodies and like I'm completely ready to show them off. 
Not many people know but I'm not a big movie person but one movie I ALWAYS manage to watch completely is Chicago I LOVE it. That's what my blog post is inspired by today. I got lots to say and honey...you ain't seen nothin' yet....Keep on reading...

11 September 2012

The Essences of Returned Karma

Hey sexy peoples

Today sadly has to be a quick one so I will catch you up on my personal life tommorow hehe. I am in EXTREME pain today back pain plus a migraine that won't let up BUT I really wanted you guys to see this outfit and if you pick it up today its only 25L out of your pocket. Wanna know where? It's at...

10 September 2012

Smokin Hawt

Its  me again!
Not much to say but I really wanted to show off this look. Its a little different than my usual Sexy/Cuteness but I was into it once it started coming together. The Monotone colors with pops of cherry red....LOVE IT. I'd never claim to be a style expert and honestly I don't even know what type of style this is but DIGGIN IT HARDCORE. Wanna know more? Keep on reading if you just wanna graze through the credits are down below.

My Perfect Residency | Cynful Bunny

Fashion Heads! I'm Back!
Did you miss me? Great! So I was exploring SL a little bit last night and I ran into a place called Park Circle. I THINK its a residency but I'm not sure so if you go tread lightly it started me thinking what type of place I want to live in when I'm older (Yeah because 23 isn't old enough?!) You wanna hear about my dream location? Keep on reading if not that's fine too the credits will still knock your socks off.

08 September 2012

Best Wishes...

Hey Fashion Heads

First & Foremost...Our dear Lysie of Barbie Does SL has informed us she's in the hospital...not good and I don't want her there cause she is awesome. I promised her I'd bring her some flowers so here you go my lovely Lysie and I hope you get out the hospital and feel better VERY soon. She is one of the bloggers I look up to and go "Woooow I wanna be like her one day" and I want to show I care about more than just her blogging skills so Muahs I pray for speedy recovery.

07 September 2012

Don't Wake Me Up | Summer Harvesting...Again

Hey Everybody!
I am feeling somewhat better and stuff after a bit of playing in clothes. I usually suck at using props and whatnot but this prop had to be used TODAY. Playing in leaves used to be a childhood past time of mine. Oh yeahhhhh its time for another childhood story keep on reading hehe...

Streets So Empty | Blah Blah Days

Well Hellllllllo there!
I don't know what's crawled up my tush lately but its gotta crawl out because I desperately want my sparkles back. Today I'm embracing the darkness inside of me because as of 4PM its getting evicted. I've lately felt alone & invisible in both my RL and my SL but meh...with you guys why should I feel alone? If people don't want to be around me I will find people that DO. ALSO....I need more places to shop I do not want my blog to be a place of repetition.

06 September 2012

I can play the Seductress...| Milk News

Hey Sexy Peeps
I know I know its SUPER late. You know when its so late that you're not sure if you should say its late or its early? That's about the time. I think this is like....the low rise jeans of the buttcrack of dawn but I had the urge to keep on blogging! Today I have just been having fun in photoshop I may not be the best at it but...I enjoy it. I hope you enjoy at least a little bit hehe. Keep reading I'm gonna tell you about my seductress moves hehe. If you don't wanna know just scroll to the credits.

05 September 2012

Sugar Kisses | NSFW

Hey Ladies & Gents

I want to apologize for my...lack of bloggy lately I'm a little down in the dumps and I HATE portraying that on my blog I try to make my blog a place of happiness and joy even for myself hehe. I am lucky to have readers like you who seem to put a smile on my face daily. I was so down and then I got a message today from one of you about my last post...I love to know I'm being read it makes me happy face. Keep reading for pics and credits trust me...if you're at work you might wanna wait or if there are children around you.

HOLY HAIR! | Alice Project Electix

Hey Fashion Heads!

Remember I promised to further explain the Alice Project Hair?  Well Herrrrre we go! Basically now they offer color packs for their new hair series "Infinity" even the old hair is migrated over so if you own an older hair you want more options for its 250L and a one time buy hud and you have soooo many hair colors to choose from plus you can mix and match and make your own unique look. I bought the Electix Color Hud and it was definitely the right one for me. Get ready for tons of pictures...

04 September 2012

Sushi With Lili | FBD News

Hey lovelies! The Family & I chowed down on Sushi and I brought you some!
Okay now that I reeled you in I'm gonna catch you with some late night news on the skinny jeans I wore last night as well as right now. I barely talked last night and there are so much more to these jeans so keep on reading!

03 September 2012

I Bet You Want the Goodies....

Hey Fashion Heads
I guess I learned my lesson last night I MUST REMEMBER TO KEEP VITAMINS IN MY PURSE hehe. I'm here today feeling like a handful of thousand dollar bills! Today I just wanted to be pink and playful. I don't know I kinda like my little mix of Prowess and cuddly kitten....which side do you want cuddled up in your lap? ;) Keep on reading you know you want to! Credits at the bottom.

02 September 2012

So Lazy (Sunday) it hurts...

Hey Guys! 
I totally forgot to take my vitamins and I can barely keep my eyes open but wanted to blog this look since last night. The pic looks a bit off to me my SL settings seemed to have reset themselves. ANYWHO....Today is no talking just credits :( Don't get used to it its just for the night...

01 September 2012

Tale of Two Mythicals

Fashion Heads! I missed you!

So today I decided to be kinda cute. I just wanna be cuddled =^.^= I went looking for a beautiful place to chillax in and I ran across a place called Lost World. SOMEONE got mad and messed up the place but its still so beautiful and I found this pretty little one horned pony cowering in the corner looking to be cuddled....it's like we were made for each other yes? Okay I didn't find him there but...I can tell you HOW I got him. Keep on reading I got lots of pretty pics and information today!