31 January 2014

Who's The Maid?!?!?!

Hello my dear ones!
I know the items in this outfit are not super new but I absolutely adore it! It has been forever since I took my tush to BareRose and my loves...I found the mesh section and found this super cute maid outfit to wear with my M3 Anime head  (with my loud mouth) called Pink Alice Maid! It's a full mesh outfit and you don't really NEED anything else with it but since I'm complicated I added...a couple of my own touches that will be listed in the credits below! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

30 January 2014

Buttered Toast Glasses

Hey my loves! 

It's mah birfday! 
I used to have a complete obsession with  these little toast erasers that used to be sold at my school store. Every Thursday when it was our time I would be sure to grab a new one. I'm not sure why I had this obsession, maybe it was the cuteness factor all I know it when I saw the toasty items here on SL I had to grab them up and show them off to you guys! Keep on reading so I can "butter you up" with all the goodies I'm wearing okay?! Yay!

27 January 2014

Blueberry Crushes

Hey My Dears!

Been a relaxing weekend for me and I did like the time I had to lay around and shop with my Chocho. I think from now on my weekends will be blog post-less...unless it's a skin review since those are the days I make my shapes!

ANYWHO today I am dressed in this outfit that kinda looks like a drink I love called blueberry crushes I guess you can call that my inspiration for the day. It is a sweet but sour drink because is contains lemon juice with blueberry syrup and some sort of corn syrup mixture and it is delicious...LIKE ME hehehehe. Keep on reading to see where I got the tons of new goodies! Not doing a summary of all the stuff I have on because well...LOTS of goodies but everything is labeled in the credits! Mwahs mwahs & Happy Shopping!
Love Always

21 January 2014

Bound 2

Hey Loves! Second Post of the day!

Something About Sakuras

Hey Fashion Heads!
As most of you could figure out by now I have an OBSESSION with sakuras which is probably why I call myself the Sakura Goddess! I don't know why but I just find them to be so beautiful and I always want them around me! If I was better with HTML coding I would make myself a sakura themed blog layout and be happy forever (HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE) I remember just seeing it and knowing I wanted to keep seeing it again and again...and....again heheheh

 My outfit today is actually based on the amazing sweet pink color of the Sakura and wanted to bare my legs for the day :D Like what you see? If so then keep on reading for the outfit details!

20 January 2014

No Postcode Envy

Hey Loves!

How was your weekend? Mine you ask? Mine was spent playing the free weekend of Saints Row IV and absolutely loving it. I mean I love blogging don't get me wrong but they had a dubstep gun that was to die for!
As some of you may know I didn't grow up a rich girl. I had a single mom and she had two daughters, me and my sister, we lived in an awesome complex with lots of kids. I'm not saying I was poor or in poverty but for a long time I didn't really know or care about having the newest thing or the most popular things but I loved everything I had because it was mine and it was something I truly wanted. I guess that's why I dress how I dress in SL LOL. Newest doesn't always mean best for me.This blog is place for me to show off what I like and I love that you guys come back to see what crazy look I've put together :D no matter if the item is old or new. Keep on reading for the details to my outfit today!

16 January 2014

Up To No Good...

Hey My Loves

Some of you know by now I am a huge Harry Pothead and anything and I mean ANYTHING I can find that is HP related must be used right? 
I think I fell in love with the series so much because of the teacher who got me interested in it. Her name was Mrs. Frero and sad to say I gave her hell. At this time in my life I was a bit of a ticking time bomb angry at everyone for the internal pain I was going through. I would yell, scream, even knock over desks...It was an embarrassing time in my life and I had NO excuse. Instead of giving up on me like I think I internally wanted her to do she handed me a book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and told me to read it. I'd sit in a ball near her desk and read out loud and for the first time I was someone's focus...and I read and I read until the very last page. For two years she gave me that half an hour a day to read to her. I guess this is my long way of saying she gave me a voice, I didn't have to yell and scream anymore. I thank her so much for giving me my magic. 

*Takes a deep breath* So yeah! This outfit is loosely based off a candy witch you could find at Hogsmeade preparing things for Honeydukes hehe. Keep on reading for my witchtastic look okay?! Credits at the bottom.

14 January 2014


Hey Loves! 

I honestly don't have much to say today but this outfit I put together HAD to be shown. It's out of my normal choices but worked together I love them! Keep on reading for the credits okay?! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always 

11 January 2014

She Keeps Me Warm

Hey Fashion Heads (Wow it's been a while huh?)

Something about the cold creeping up my back slowly freezing my body made me kind of shy away from a full winter post today. Plus it makes me a little bit of a bad ass don't you think? *looks over her shoulder* "Yeah, it's snowing" *puts on a bikini and takes a swim* "now what" Dude....you dun wanna mess with a bad ass like me :D
My post today has a bit of connect from a post I did last year about Lady Frost. This is her sister, Princess Printemps, lady of Spring and overcoming. Every year when the lands of Lady Frost become consumed with sadness and pain she slowly walks through picking up snowflakes and melting them, sending good fortune in the form of a flower bud taking the drop of water from the snowflake to grow it into something amazing and positive. Everytime you see a flower bud in spring know that is Princess Printemps showing you that life will always get better even after misfortune. I know...still not that great of a story writer but yeah...hehe.

You like the outfit? Well you're in luck because I just so happen to like telling you amazing ladies (and gentlemen) where to get amazing stuff! Keep on reading for the lovely deetz! Credits (done by Pizza) at the bottom!

09 January 2014

Serena's Day Off

Hey loves!

I've been a bit anti social so I've been getting into a couple animes. I was always a bit busy when I was younger to watch anything including the anime genre and went years sulking about it lol so I've finally sat down, got some pizza rolls, and went into anime heaven.
I'm saily moon today! Well...not exactly but I did do an outfit based off of her super adorableness and the super adorableness of a new purchase! Keep on reading to find out more!

07 January 2014

Keeping Me Warm

Hey Loves!
I'm ALMOST done with my inventory but until then my posts will be short and sweet! The look for today is a simple winter look I stumbled into but loved! Keep on reading for the credits okay?!?! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

05 January 2014

2 Geeky Girls

Hey Loves!

You know....for the longest time I tried to dumb myself down to seem "more attractive" A lot of the men in my life were intimidated by how smart I can be and how smart I strive to become. The smart man, the provider, while I sit in the background, play dumb, and let my dreams fall to the wayside. I mean hey, that might work for some girls but me? yeah no I can't, I want to be a proud nerd. I want a guy who challenges my intelligence, who looks for an equal partner and who wants someone who will walk next to them, not behind them. I want someone who will take interest in my interests and teach me about theirs....Good thing I found him huh? *giggles*

My Outfit today is inspired by my little nerdy friend and I taking a stroll around the fountain. Keep on reading for the details okay? OH and there is a...little survey at the bottom be sure to leave me comments. 

03 January 2014

New Age Sailor Scout | 2014 Is Here!!!!

Hey my loves! Happy New Year to you all!

Sorry about my little hiatus but I was a bit overwhelmed and I needed to take a few days to myself but I'm back now! You guys know I can't stay away from you too long *giggles* I bring you goodness!
When I was super young (and I mean SUPER..no more than maybe 6 or 7) I used to have to wake up to go to daycare/preschool on the weekdays so I'd be up at around 6:30 - 7:00. and at 7:00 Sailor Moon would come on. I honestly don't remember story lines, or character names, or really...anything only one thing all this time would stick in my head...those darn transformation scenes *_* The glittery goodness, the magical clothes I WANTED THEM SO BAD. Maybe that is why I love to dress up so much hmm? 

Today's outfit is inspired by SAILOR MOON of course so keep on reading so that you know where to go to get all the sailor scout goodness!