30 April 2012


Hey my dear fashion and story lovers! How is your Monday going? 

Metamorphosis. The time in a caterpillar's life where it grows into a butterfly flying high and unstoppable to most. Unfortunately there lifespan is short but they pass knowing they achieved their ultimate goal...Growing into a butterfly. Luckily for me my lifespan is longer but my goal is still the same.

About 4 years ago I wrote a poem that at the time consumed my heart, my body and soul. It was a poem about letting go of the pain you hold on to and the pain you're afraid of finding on the way to finding yourself. I know a few of  you are thinking "God not this again" But yes...its this again. Read below if you want to see read it

29 April 2012

Lazy Sunday

Hello Dears:

Though my outfit is not from the fantasy faire keep in mind today is the last day so run over and grab what you can in the name of charity. They have many amazing stores including a few of my favorites and there is something there for everyone.

Have you ever wondered about "Lazy Sunday"? I mean...I'm lazy other days too but is this a day I encouraged to express my laziness? Why no lazy Monday? or lazy Wednesday afternoon? 0oo or even better "Lazy Week" This week I can't lie and you guys have witnessed it..I was super lazy.

28 April 2012

Going out with a bang Kawaii Style

Hey my loves I did it again I pulled a disappearing act on you but I never stay away for too long don't you agree?

It saddens my cute pink loving heart to say the kawaii fair is packing up this weekend but lets go out with a BANG lets watch it leave with hands full of cuteness yes?

I went and found some more lovely stuff to make my day happy and its not too late for you to do the same!

Short but sweet today. I know, having a lot of those but you just wait I have stories galore for you starting monday (RL issues this weekend)


Love Always

What I have on
Skin: Avisage - Myoki KAWAII FAIR
Lipgloss: Glamorize - Sheer Colored Glosses in 03
Hair: Truth - Gianna in Truth
Headband: Splash - Michi Mouse Headband in Red  KAWAII FAIR
Nails: Art Body Store - Heart Stick in Red KAWAII FAIR
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Pearl Necklace Combo in black
Shirt/Dress: Deer - Balloon Dress KAWAII FAIR
Capris: Riddle - Everyday Denim in Plain
Heels: N-core - Jolie in Red
Posing By: Glitterati
A Song that makes me happy
Everybody Pon now!

26 April 2012

Magic Moment (NSFW-ish)

Heya! Did you miss me? Have I really given you a chance to?

A group of friends and I were talking about the "magic moment" you know...that moment when you feel the person you are dating is the right person to be dating and for some strange reason a lot of my friends thought it was a sexual thing...

24 April 2012

Where's My Furby?!?

Hey Fashionistas!

So I was searching through my RL closet and I stumbled upon it...my long lost furby Mr Wigglefurb out of batteries and feeling abanoned so I rushed to his rescue and got him nice and recharged and I started thinking maybe its time for him to settle down with a nice furby lady and...

23 April 2012

The Guessing Game

Hey hey Its the Lili

I've decided to take a small one day break from fair covering to just express myself. As you have seen in the past I was in a 2 year SL relationship yes it was all pixels but my REAL heart was in it when it ended horribly bad crashing and burning to the ground and then I guess I started dating too soon after I call it the guessing game....how do you really know when you are ready to move on? I guess you never really do until its time. 

....Well my loves I think its time. Not saying its million dates time but I think my eyes are open to the possibility of the love journey again...we shall see. I don't have that "get away from me I hate men" guard up nor do I think about "being in a relationship" I just enjoy the company whatever happens happens.

That is all just expressing myself hehe 

Love Completely

Oops Almost Forgot (Silly Me) What is my LOTD you ask?

Skin: Hush - Marin in Natural
Hair: Truth - Erika in Clove
Lipstick: Glamorize - Faded Love in Berry Nice
Eye Makeup: Chelle - Sparkling in Pink
Hair Flower: Comes with Hair
Earrings: Paper Couture - Agate Earrings
Necklace: Paper Couture - Agate Necklace
Dress: Bilo - Sushmita in Dragonfruit Found at TDR
Nails: Izzies - Classic Nails
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Giselle Opal in Pink
Unthinkable By Alicia Keys

Hush Newer Release

As you all may remember I was blabbing about a new skin I had the pleasure of finding from Hush. I had never heard of this place before but I am SO glad I found it they are all so young and vibrant and the bodies are smooth not too muscley. I look like a woman with a pretty young face. 

You can buy them individually for 950L each (and ALL skin tones) or you can buy the fatpack for a little under 3k which if you ask me is a great savings and totally worth it. It comes in different tones ranging from very pale seduction to a caramel delight with dark light and medium eyebrows and also cleavage or no cleavage options it does NOT come with parted lips. That is my own little thing as well as the shape (one is provided when you buy the skin)

I am usually a naturals girl because my love of makeup layers but these makeups are very unique to me they have almost like...a two toned lipstick and the eyeshadow is not heavy a huge bonus for me

If you are looking for youthful skins with fun makeup I'd recommend this line stop in and take a look around try some demos you can even look at actual bloggers and photographers pictures with the skins on. I always find it refreshing to see shopper made ads in a store.

Pose By Adorkable

That is all for now I hope you enjoyed! Happy Shopping 


22 April 2012


It seems overnight I pulled out my inner species...

As you all know I am the sister to a succubus so I always knew I had an inner...succubi? in me? (suspicious!) and I woke up with my first set of horns and hooves its actually kind of cool I've always wanted to be able to relate to my Inucakes more than I already do and I guess I channeled my Inner Succulili just for that purpose. The hooves well...because I just transformed I'm not able to hide them yet...but you just wait...

Madhatter's Mistress

Yes Its true I do have a bit of a fascination with Alice in Wonderland and thanks to The Grim Bros I have obtained a perfect look for a party to seduce the socks off of the mad hatter Which reminds me how bad I want male fashion on my blog.... MUST OBTAIN A MALE MODEL lol

The Fantasy Faire is Officially open (Sim Pictures coming at a later date) and its a win win event. You get great goodies and the money goes towards saving lives. As said before I am rocking one of the MANY great things from Grim Bros.

This is Mad Tea Party Gown it comes with the tea party table not sure if its supposed to be on the dress but I used it as a bit of decoration lol Along with some very beautiful pictures from An Lema also found at the Fantasy Faire. You have until the 28th to grab the goodies but don't wait too long

Love Always 

Unmentioned But Still great
Skin: Heartsick - Precious in Euphoria/Heart (50L Gacha all proceeds go to RFL)
Hair: Analog Dog - Susanna
Posing: Shey Pose

21 April 2012

Modish News!

As many of you know I have become a fan of Modish Skins and I try to keep up on whats happening with Miss Elle's creations and when I find out...YOU find out so here goes. Remember these are event skins but she also has skins at her mainstore AND a discount room for anyone that may be a little low on linden but want a super amazing skin:

Name: Candy Doll
Location: XYRoom
Price: 99L
Tones Available: Tan Only
Monthly Event

Name: Fresh Breeze
Location: Flawless
Price: 50L
Tones Available: Sunkiss Only
 Other Skins also Available

Name: Hot Jam
Location: Private Room
Price: 250L
Tones Available: All Tones
Monthly Event


Name: Pink Doll
Location: Private Room
Price: 250L
Tones Available: Fair & Sunkiss
Monthly Event


Name: Mint Flavor
Price: 99L
Tones Available: Fair Only

     Those are the goodies of the day! I hope it helps you out and happy Shopping fashionistas

Love Always

Outfit Worn
Top: Enelya's Creations - Dress Balloon Kit #2
Jeans: Glamorize (IKR) - Hippie Flower Jeans
Necklace: Phresh - Forever Necklace
Rings: Phresh - Forever Rings
Hair: Truth - Barbera in Clove

20 April 2012

Rub Me The Right Way - Fantasy Faire Peek

It's your always lovely Miss Lili back with some faire goodies. Opening soon is the Fantasy Faire. Help us raise money to fight cancer we are all in this battle together no one person can do this alone. We have 8 days to do all we can to make cancer something of the past.

It seems the genie has been released in me thanks to Weather or not, a wonderful designer found at the fantasy faire and I'm on the prowl to grant some wishes. I've always wondered if I got the chance for 3 wishes what would I wish for and sorry to disappoint but...they are semi selfish wishes

Political Stuff

Dear Fashionistas

Sorry about my disappearance last night I was on a never ending trip trying to catch my sparklies but I found them again and I have returned to you as quick as possible! As you all may notice I am covering quite a FEW events so there may be more than one blog a day so look back frequently I will do some posts to make your needs easier as well because that's how much I love you

Now...someone recently asked me my political views and I disappointing them by not REALLY having one. I mean I watch the news and I hear what goes on but there is always more sides to the story than even your standard 2 so I can't really say I agree with ANY other human being completely 100 percent. Even with me and my mother we sometimes don't see eye to eye...sometimes not even at all.

So they tried to convince me I was an independent or something like that can't quite remember all I know it that I'm NOT an independent....I'm Lili...so does that make my political views "Lili" because I super dig that *thumbs up*

I guess my love of learning all sides keeps me from missing the black and white of it all huh? With all said and done I always will and have appreciated our military men and women who risk their lives for us. I have a very close friend who has and I never feel like I think him enough...So Thanks Rival...and thank you ALL for protecting me on a daily basis

Love Always

What I have on
Skin: Illusory Skin - Love in Caramel
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lola in Chocolate MESH
Lipstick: Glamorize - Plumped Lips in Striking #9
Necklace: Fusion - Cord Cross Necklace
Eyes: A.D.D Andel - Love Affair Eyes in Blueberry Kiwi
Ear Piercings: Hebonon Vial - Pierced Ears (Oh Snap Pack)
Lip Piercings: Hebonon Vial - Pitch Piercing v.2
Glasses: Shadz - Racism Ruins Lives
Nails: Dirtyland - Punk Perfect Hands
Bracelets: Included with Nails
Outfit: Sticky Fingers - My Khaki Camo Cardigan Dress GRUNGE SOUL PROJECT
Shoes: Ten 10 - Megas Boots in Black
Posing By: Viviane Fashion
Song For The Moment
Politics By Korn

18 April 2012

Gotta Catch them all?

Its your Lili Face again!

Growing up I had a lot of male friends and I always wanted to do something to fit in with them. There was one friend I had/have named Brandon (God I hope he doesn't read SL blogs) I was so in love with..well as in love as you can be at 12 years old I just KNEW we would be married when I was older he used to be a huge fan of Pokemon so....you guessed it fashionistas I was ALSO a fan of Pokemon

Since he was 14 he didn't spend too much time with me but when he did he taught me all about the Pokemon cards and gave me my first Pikachu card...it was a plain old card but meant so much because it was from him...*sigh* I guess it would be cheesy to tell you all I still have it huh? lol

 So in thinking of him I searched SL for some Pokemon themed areas and its not exactly Pokemon but they do have them there. Its a Nintendo game themed area called Pixel Hill....worth a browse if you're into Mario and the like!

Off to call him now and tell him about my sudden youthful reminiscing

Toodles, Love you

What I Have on
Skin: Modish - Not a Doll in Pale (Who's That Girl Hunt)
Hair: Truth - Janey in Clove
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Eyes: Blah - Bicolored Eyes in Yellow/Green
Necklace: Smexy - Buttons Necklace
Bracelet: Laciecakes - Loopy Loops bracelet
Top: Nestle My Bosom - Pikachu Baseball V-neck
Skirt: Tarnished - Summer Jerk in Canary
Shoes: Super Kingdom - Girl Top Mesh Shoes
Bag: Magi Take - Leather Bag in Grey
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Daffodil
Posings By: Leafy
Location: Pixel Hills
Song For The Moment
Pokemon Theme Song FTW

17 April 2012

Carnival Dates

Hey Fashionistas

You know for some reason the idea of a Carnival date has always appealed to me. I mean don't get me wrong I've been on a few dates to the movies...to dinner...but those are places that require you yo be somewhat quiet and then at the end of the night when you DO talk it can be PRETTY awkward lol in my experience anyway 

But at a carnival they encourage happiness and joy. A great place to both have fun playing some games and riding on rides with perfect chances to get some conversations going without the awkwardness. Not only that but you wouldn't be the only couple there sooo it puts less pressure because you don't feel as if your standing out jumping up and down screaming "WE'RE ON A DATE!"

And hey if the night goes great you can always do the infamous "kiss on the top of the ferris wheel" moment....YEAH RIGHT like you'd catch Miss Lili on one of those :p But you know what I mean right? 

So Ladies and gents think about that on your next date planning and tell me how it goes

Love Always

What I am wearing
Skin: Shine - Lolita Skin in UltraPale  Kawaii Fair
Hair: Truth - Andrea in Clove
Lipstick: Glamorize - Nibble Lips in Rosy
Eyeshadow: Chelle - Sparkling in Pink
Lashes: Deviant Kitties (Ploom) - Deviant #1
Eyes: Splash - Kawaii Floral Eyes in Cyan Kawaii Fair
Earrings: Phresh - Gossamer Earrings in Silver
Necklace: Phresh - Forever Necklace in Silver
Dress: Dark Midday Designs - "Precious" Babydoll Summer Dress in Pink Newer Release
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc - Rose
Butterfly: Dark Midday Designs - Animated Butterfly
Balloon: Dark Midday Designs - My Cute Balloon Newer Release
Shoes: HOC - Platform Pumps

16 April 2012

Kawaii On The Beach

Dear fashionistas

Today I decided to take a trip to the beach in my new Kawaii goodness. Something about the beach always calms my neko soul which is funny because cats usually hate water but I can't seem to get enough. I guess its because in RL I get sick being so close to the sea from the smell but on SL no smell but you get the sounds and feel. I guess this goes to show I'm allergic to whale sperm (I so went there)

The outfit I'm wearing is from Motherfunken! Its a Exclusive for the Kawaii fair called Sexy Kawaii Girl and also wearing Kawaii Leg Warmer Heels that match the design of the top and bottoms. I'm not sure if this was meant to be a beach outfit but it has a bit of a vintage bikini thing going on that I'm really digging.

The Fair is only here for another 12 days! Don't miss your chance for the many exclusives ONLY available at Kawaii Fair 2012!

Thanks to all of you I've hit 2k views. Thanks all I hope the page is improving as you view it more leave me comments tell me what you want more of or what you want less of Mwahs
Love Always

What I'm Wearing
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cocao
Hair: LOQ - Ice Cream in Chocolate Copper AVAILABLE AT TDR
Tongue: Scrub - Pink Poo Tongue AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Eyes: Splash - Kawaii Floral Eyes in Cyan AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Lipstick: Glamorize - Heavenly Lip in Pink Dream
Earrings: Superbia - Gummy Bear Earrings AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Nails: TGIS - French Manicure Set
Glasses: Splash - Nerd Glasses in Pink and White AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Tattoo: Endless Pain - Kawaii 2 AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Outfit: Motherfunken - Sexy Kawaii Girl AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR
Shoes: Motherfunken - Kawaii Leg Warmer Heels AVAILABLE AT KAWAII FAIR

Blueberry Cobblestones

Hey pretty fashionistas are we Kawaii-ed out? I hope not because I picked another Kawaii LOTD in celebration of the Kawaii Fair 2012, Another amazing event this year after my heart. The title Blueberry Cobblestones leads me into a somewhat cute story if you want to read it just scroll down for a little giggle.

Photoshopped Picture but no seam or texture reworking

I was about 10 when I had my first cobbler. It was a peach cobbler from a soul food restaurant my aunt used to take me to after she left from church. I would always order peach cobbler and one day they were out but I would always order it as "Peach Cobblestones" You would think after months of ordering it that way someone would tell me how wrong I was but nope...they never did until a NEW waitress started working and I was forced to get "Blueberry Cobblestones" she made me cry when she corrected me and laughed at me :(

I actually ran into her (yes 12 years later) at the same place and she hugged me and apologized after all this time...Guess she was a sweetheart after all

Love Always

What I have on
Skin: Modish - DulceBue FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Hair: Truth - Bunny in Snow GIFT
Eyes: Splash - Kawaii Floral eyes in Cyan FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Lipstick: Damned - Alice in Blue
Eyeshadow:Chelle - Dusty in Baby Blue
Glasses: Splash - Kitten Glasses FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Flower: Damned - Little Daisy
Necklace: Lolapop - Hethr necklace in Blue FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Outfit: Splash - Dolly Outfit in Cyan FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Nails: Mandala - Milky Nails in White
White Ring: Comes with Nails
Blue Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Giselle Opal Ring in Blue
Bow Ring: Crash Republic - Crystal Bow Ring FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
 Shoes: Crash Republic - Chevron Flats FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Bag: Mons - Cute Hand Bag in Blue
Song For The Moment
Yeah Yeah by BodyRox

14 April 2012

Kawaii Fair Skin!

Hey Lovely Ladies (And Gents shopping for thier women!) 

I fell IN LOVE with this skin from the moment I put it on this is one of the fabulous things Shine is offering to us in the Kawaii Fair this is the Lolita series Available in Ultra Pale, Pale, Tan, and Deep Tan

Seeing this skin's tone range made me SO happy I can actually wear the deep tan as an everyday skin because THAT is the tone I desperately look for and on top of that the face is very youthful and fun (And it looks amazing with makeup layers shhh I so tried) Its available in 5 different makeup options the one  you see above as well as the following 4

Another thing that I'm really loving is the cleavage options they have the regular cleavage skin as well as enhanced cleavage in 2 different looks *sighs* A Skin series after my heart

This is a Kawaii Fair Skin my dears so go and take a nice gander...you guys know how into the Kawaii I am into lol so I might be making quite a few trips <3

Love Always 

Skin: Shine - Lolita Series
Hair: Exile - Famous For Nothing in Babydoll
Monokini: Sleeping Koala - Monokini in pink and green

Sugar Coma!

Its finally here fully and completely! The Kawaii Fair is ready to be shopped upon and the goodies are ENDLESS. I ate sugar all night to try and be one of the first ones in and sent myself into a sugar coma!

I ate Popsicle and cupcakes and pixie stix oh my and then decided to take some pictures of the goodies found  at this two week Kawaii Fair!

Mmmm CuppyCake

Candy Apple Goodness

This is a short but Sweet (pun intended) posting only because I have SOOOO much shopping to do still! Check it out Fashionistas they have so many exclusives its crazy!

What I have on
Skin: Shine - Lolita Skin in Pale FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Lipstick: Glamorize - Faded Love Lips in Dusty Pink
Eyes:  Kawaii Floral Eyes in Pink FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Hair: Truth - Twila in Fairy floss
Dress: Mayden Couture - Maika Dress in Pink FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Tattoo: Endless Pain - Kawaii 3 6 FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Glasses: Splash - Nerd Glasses in Pink and White FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Shoes: Dark Midday Designs - Ruffled Heart Leg Warmer Mary Janes in Pink V1
Ring: Holly Weird - Kawaii Balloon Ring FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Necklace: Lolapop - Hethr Necklace in Pink FOUND AT KAWAII FAIR
Cupcake: Wallpaper - Messy Cupcake
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc
Prop: Virtual Props and Poses

13 April 2012

Kawaii Fair 2012 Coming Soon!

I'm so happy and I made it without headdesking! Kawaii Fair 2012 is quickly coming upon us! From the 14th to the 28th of this month you can snatch up some Kawaii goodness from some of the BEST designers. They have exclusives to offer you at the Kawaii Fair ONLY don't miss out! Here's a sneak peek ;) and a little Kawaii Info

For those who don't know much about the Kawaii world here is a brief Excerpt from Wikipedia and a link to the official Kawaii fair Blog!

Kawaii literally, "lovable", "cute", or "adorable") is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese cultureIt has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behavior, and mannerisms. The noun is Kawaisa (literally, "lovability", "cuteness" or "adorableness"). The words "kawaii" have the root word "kawai" which is formed from the kanji "ka" ., meaning "acceptable", and "ai" , meaning "love". The term kawaii has taken on the secondary meanings of "cool" "groovy", "acceptable", "desirable", "charming" and "non-threatening"

What I have on!

Kawaii Fair Items!
Skin: Modish - CupidSis in Sunkiss
Dress: Envy Me - Kawaii Dress Blue Kitty MESH
Shoes: Sleeping Koala - Flats in Purple MESH
Bag: Sleeping Koala -Toast Face Bag MESH
Necklace: Holly Wierd - Shroomee
Nails: Art Body Store - Heart Stick
Posing By: GOLA - K*set

Non Fair Items (But still amazing)
Tights: Dark Midday Designs - Minime Tights Squares in Violet
Face stickers: Damned - Funny Face Stickers
Hair: Exile - Misha in Frost MODDED
Eyes: By Snow - Rainbow Fae Eyes
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes

12 April 2012

Banana Baby

No there are no bananas in this post but I do love the color yellow! So Time for a bit of a funny story

When I was around 12 or so I would spend a lot of time at a friend of mine's house and she was Trinidadian so her mom would make all this awesome food I had never heard of on sundays one day while I was there I asked my friends mom if I could have a "banana" and she said "sure honey I had no idea there were any left" so I went and grabbed a banana....

It was terribly hard to open but I finally got it open by this time my eyes were widened and my lips were ready to taste the deliciousness so I wrapped my lips around it and took a bite and OH GOD IT WAS DISGUSTING! I spit it into a napkin and ran in a panic to my friends mom "There is something wrong with your bananas!...."

...And she slowly turned from her pot with said banana's and started laughing harder than I had ever seen before. Apparently....what I had eaten wasn't a banana it was a plantain for that night's dinner lol go figure right?

My look today is mostly just my anticipation of the Kawaii Fair Starting this weekend Weeeeeee! Save those lindens its gonna be fun!

Love Always

What I have on
Skin: Al Vulo - Miha in Cacoa
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Forest
Lashes:Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Eyeliner: Ni.Ji - Black Eyeliner A01
Hair: Exile - Take it Off in Frost
Face stickers: Pink Fuel - Heart Stickers in Yellow (Ganguro Skin)
Lipstick:Glamorize - Faded Love Lips in Bright Gold
Glasses: Shadz - B**ch Please
Sweater: Epic - Mesh Kawaii Your face Hoodie in Grunge White
Skirt: Nemesis - Lounge Skirt in Bamboo
Shoes: Dark Midday Designs - Kawaii Legwarmers in White/White
Nails: TGIS - Safari Collection
Posing By: Purple Poses
 Inspiration/Music For the Moment
Give Me All You Luvin By Madonna