28 January 2022

Killer Kandies

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27 January 2022

Pink Drink

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13 January 2022

Sugary Skin Review: Ash By Loa

 Hey loves!

I know it's been awhile for a post but I wanted to try my hand again in skin reviews. I feel like in the past it wasn't my strong point but if I'm being honest with mesh heads and a little more experience I do feel like I can do a better job on them so without further ado (am I even using that right?) I introduce you to a new place (to me) by the name of Loa. I don't usually take many skin sponsors but I do enjoy every skin I've seen released but today I will be showing off Ash so keep on reading for more informational pics and words! Mwahs and I love you always and forever!

02 January 2022

New Age Dolly

Hello Loves! Are you excited about the new year and what it will bring? Me too! I plan to be a lot more active with blogging this year since I am in a more stable place and can give this hobby the appreciation it deserves! Mwahs and see you soon! Credits as per usual are at the bottom see keep on scroooollin!