28 June 2013

Ice Cream Gangsta | You ain't bout dat Lyfe

Hey you sexy betches! 
It's the Lilz again looking like a straight up gangsta! Okay well...not really but I did fall in love with this look rather quickly. This is somewhat a jokey joke inspired outfit. I have a friend that I won't name. He is from the suburbs just like me, grew up in a home that his family has own for over 30 years, has a criminal record so clean you could eat off of it, had little to no hardships growing up...but calls himself a thug. Uhhhhh...no my friend you're not a thug. Since he is going to consider himself a thug I'm going to be a self proclaimed Ice Cream Gangsta today and teach you all bout dis lyfe ya dig? o.o Okay I'll never say that again but the outfit is super cool. Keep on reading to find out more! Credits on the bottom for those that don't wanna read. 

27 June 2013

Be My Ooh La La | So Many Goodies

Hello there you gorgeous beings! Miss me?
I got a message today from one of you that made me feel amazing! Sometimes I wonder if I just went away if I'd even be missed and you guys are proving to me that I would be....and that makes all the difference in the world to me. You know that feeling you get when things just feel....right? Well my loves I have that feeling not only in SL with you guys but I have it in RL too! It's almost so strong I feel like exploding! Everything is falling into place and I am absolutely adoring it. HOWEVER I'm sure you didn't come to hear me babble about myself now did you? Didn't think so *giggles* clothing galore to be discovered so keep on reading!

25 June 2013

Park Street Paradise

Hey Loves!

Summer is slapping me around with sunbeams not so mention I have no fan so I'm sweating buckets of sweat. Totes sexy right? Anyway there is an area near where I live called Park Street. For the longest it was just a name but now that I've actually been there I see why people love it so much. There is something there for everyone and its like its own little busy, congested, paradise *giggles* I'm not really a "city girl" but I'm starting to see the appeal of having so many people around. 
My outfit is just a fun bubbly explosion today! I love the pieces as always and I may be able to tell you guys how to grab them up for yourselves....want the info? Keep on reading of course! If you have your own paradise to visit there are credits below as well! 

23 June 2013

SchoolGirl Kraze

Hey Fashion Heads!

I'm a cute school girl today!
I know its summer but this is my little "I feel your pain" moment to the kiddos that got themselves trapped in summer school this year. I failed algebra one year and ended up in summer school and hated every second. The classroom was hot, I was bored. it was....not fun BUT I PREVAILED and then I was a happy buggy. Today's look is inspired by schoolgirls.

Keep on Reading for more info on the outfit. If you have a summer class to get to don't worry credits on the bottom.

18 June 2013

She Sells Seashells | Essences Skin Tones

Hi Loves!

Another quick post about something amazing in SL! I am still in the process of switching and moving things around but I hate going days and days without posting SOMETHING for you guys so here goes! 

Keep on reading for more about the goodies

15 June 2013

Flat Out Adorable | FreshFaceness

Hey my lovely people!

Today's post is a bit quicker than usual since my weekend is jam packed with me moving my room around. The way that its currently set up isn't doing it for me AT ALL if I get out of my chair I have to like...swivel it to leave my room I bang up my knees getting to the mini fridge...it's just not sexy in here so I must fix the issue. 
Today I wanted an epically cute outfit some would even say...Flat out adorable (only picked that title because of my shoes). I tried my hardest not to show any sexiness and hopefully you think I did an okay job! The pieces I have on make me happy and I love to spread the happy so keep on reading to find out where you can get it for yourself!

13 June 2013

All My Life I've Been Good...But Now?

Hi Loves!

Soooo what do you think? Do you like the new layout? It's currently still being tweaked but I felt like it was time for some changes. 
Looking at the title I'm sure you're going "huh?" but not only is it a song but it makes sense. I've for the most part been a goody two shoes and sometimes I do get that urge to be the bad girl, the drinker, smoker, one night stand girl just so people don't consider me the boring girl that you don't want at your rave. Luckily I come back to my senses and take the role as the responsible one and move on! ANYWHO

I love this outfit and I want to tell you all about it SO many new things on so just...keep on reading! If you're in a rush credits down below

11 June 2013

Unicorn Lovin

 Hi Fashion Heads!

I'm back with lots of goodies for your faces! I am proud to say that I have been working on something extra special for you guys sadly I'm having a bit of a problem finishing it so it will take a few more days but I'm really hoping you guys will love it! 
I'm sure that most of you know I have a HUGE love for unicorns and well...many things mythical but mostly unicorns. I've had a fascination with them for what feels like forever. When I was younger I was deadset on being the princess with a white unicorn that emitted rainbow sparkles and one of these days it WILL happen. I'm just waiting for cloning to be legal (HA! Science joke!). My outfit today was inspired by my love of unicorns.You want to show your unicorn love too? I'll show you were to go! Keep on reading!!!!! If you're a scientist working on cloning skip right to the bottom for credits.

07 June 2013

Talk Nerdy To Me

Hey Loves! 
So not sure if you all have figured it out by now but.. I'm a little bit of a nerd. I mean not a huge nerd just enough to find algorithms hot. I love my fashion to the extreme. I love accessories, makeup, clothes. nail polish, BUT something about a smart meeting of the minds make me melt. I love my look today and not to mention the brand new skin I want to show off! Keep on reading to learn about the goodness. 

05 June 2013


Hey Fashion Heads! 

So....summer time is here and it always makes me a sleepy Lili so most of the time I'm in hibernation. I''m like a heat hating bear trying to survive the worst parts of the year! ANYWHO I know I've been missed (I hope) and I want to show off this Strawberry Banana Delight of an outfit.
I've always been a fan of strawberries and bananas. If there was ever a choice of fruits I'd always grab the two in everything. Ice Cream, Yogurt, lollipops, popsicles, even the fluoride I would get during dentist appointments! I've got lots of newness on today so if you need some ideas for a shopping trip or want outfit info keep on reading! 

01 June 2013

In my Cup, Drifting Away

Hello Loves!

See what I did there with the title? I'm in a cup LITERALLY drifting away in the water. Wordplay is a doozy right? ANYWHO since this weekend plans to be hotter than satan himself's balls I thought it would be an amazing idea to wear as little as possible in RL and in SL so its a kini weekend! I love the look I have today, its very simple and keeps me feeling as cool as possible, keep on reading to find out the outfit goodness. Running from a sunbeam? Its okay credits at the bottom