31 August 2016

Ebay Shopping Night

Hey Loves!
So.....recently my laptop had an oopsy and I'm using my TV as a computer monitor meaning my colors look COMPLETELY different. My old photoshop settings look SUPER orange so I had to switch it all up and please tell me what you think? I'd love the feedback. 

Short but sweet post about cute things grabbed from around the grid! Keep on reading for credits!

24 August 2016

Like Totally

15 August 2016

Pink Princesses

Hey Loves!
So it's no surprise I'm obsessed with the color pink and I'm a self proclaimed princess so I thought...hmm...Pink Princess day! It to be honest doesn't mean much other than I dress up like cute royalty and run around with a cute sidekick which is exactly what I did! I am loving my outfit and my skin (skin showcase --> here) today and of course you all want to participate in pink princess day as well so I left the credits here for your beautiful faces! Keep on reading for pics and credits!

Time To Meet: Nanako | Angelica Release @ Bon Voyage

Hello my loves! 
You know...I am actually beginning to enjoy doing skin showcase posts lately. So many cute skins to grab up and make my own and I just don't even know where to start. Today I am showing off this super adorable new release from a place I adore in a skin tone that I'm really digging. Keep on reading for all the infos!

12 August 2016

Time To Meet...Tiana | New Skin From The Sugar Garden

Hey lovelies! 

To be quite honest I feel like my creative juices are lost and there is so much amazing stuff I had to focus on just one amazing thing to show off and today I decided to show off this super cute skin from a place you all know I absolutely adore! Keep on reading!

05 August 2016

Why Should I Worry?

Hey my loves!

I know I know! It's been a long time but please don't yell at me. I had some things happen in life that seriously needed my attention. I put my heart and soul into everything I do including this blog and when I know I can't give my full attention I find it best to take a step back. 
On THAT note...I am back with not only a super adorable outfit but a skin that makes me feel so magical and delicious (and even better it's all so freakin affordable). My look today was inspired by a local farmers' market down the street from my house. It's so...fresh smelling in that area. You close your eyes and you smell apples and fresh baked breads, homemade jams, the freshly grown herbs, not to mention the sounds of birds chirping and horses off in the distance.....It's all so freakin amazing. A slice of country living right here in the suburbs. Sadly It's only until the end of the summer once a week but it's nice to get out and explore the area. Do you like the look? Want if for yourself? You know what to do!