31 May 2012

Vintage Daze

For some reason I always have dreamed of being in a time of elegance...I guess you'd call it Marilyn Monroe times the looks always have fascinated me to no end.

30 May 2012

Polka Dotty

So I was trolling through some random fashion ads and I learned something

Polka dots are supposed to be one of the summers "it" looks..I think they meant a bit more grown up but I kept it cute and Lili formed.

27 May 2012

Ploom @ Skin Addiction's Skin Showcase

Today is all about skins so be prepared for an onslaughter of goodies starting....now

Hey Ladies and Gents this is the ADORABLE skin offered by Ploom for this special event I got one of the makeup choices offered go >HERE< to see the rest in thier entirety and maybe pick up a few demos to try on in the comfort of your own second life.

*Comes in 4 Tones
* Alternate makeup choice
*Comes with nail gloves for easy matching for Prim nails (yus!)
*Cleavage option on seperate layer
*Offers Dark Brows and Light Brows

Belleza @ Skin Addiction's Skin Showcase

This is the lovely Skin offered by Belleza at the Skin showcase. For those in the Belleza group they released a gift earlier this month called the Lily Skin and this is a continuation of those available only at this event!

Take a look

* Available in 4 Tones (pictured above)
* Available in 10 different makeups
* Comes with Hairbase & Cleavage options

Modish News for You!

Even if you are a bit low on budget there is still some great skins for you to buy from the wonderful Modish skins. All skins pictured are under 100L and they will leave you looking great. *sigh* I love finding great deals for you guys

Name: Amazona
Tone: Choco
Location: XYRoom

Name: Swansy
Location: Stuff in Stock

Name: Doomed

Tone: Tan

Location: Grunge Soul Project

Leafy @ Skin Addiction's Skin Showcase

Leafy! Leafy has skins at the Skin showcase! Looky Looky! I haven't been there in forever and god am I missing out!

* It comes in 4 regular tones and 5 fantasy tones for your wearing enjoyment!
* Available with and without the eyeliner
* Has a layer for teeth and gloss <3
* Comes with 5 Eyebrow Shapes
* Dark Brows, Light Brows, and No Brows
* Comes with Cleavage and No Cleavage

26 May 2012

Guitar Hero!

Hey Fashion heads!

I am back bearing pretty pictures. So...have you ever wanted to be a rockstar or is that just me? I recently was thinking "Hmmm...what would Lili look like as a Dark singer Goddess?" and then it hit me...lets find out. I was playing Guitar Hero with a friend of mine and I really PULLED my inner rock goddess out and I felt soooo good. Read below for the credits <3

TADA! I am a sexy Demon...thing...

23 May 2012

Cupcake Factory

Its the Lilz with more stories for listening ears I figured its about time for another since its been so long since my last. This one is about a childhood friend of mine (yet another one lol)


19 May 2012

A touch of Purple

Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic. It was the energy that drew me to the outfit today from Envious Creations. 

18 May 2012

Innocent Ramblings FTW?

Heya Its the Lili for another RambleGamble so get ready 

So I'm sure you've noticed my disappearing act. I was actually working on a "Grown up" shape and "grown up clothing" which left me feeling un-inspired and non blog worthy then I got to thinking....I don't ask anyone to change for me so why should I have to?

15 May 2012

Coffee & Flowers

Hey My dears 

I know I went MIA again bad bad Lili I just had a relaxing day while I got over my cold. Today's title is kind of easy to follow recently I've had a fascination with flowers in my pictures and most of the times that I am posting I am drinking coffee or Cappuccino at the moment its cappuccino...

13 May 2012

Deerly Beloved....An Al Vulo Story

Its the Lilz again ready to show off yet another LOTD. By now you all know I suck at keeping up with what's new and what people consider "in" I just dress to make me feel good no matter who really likes or doesn't like it. I guess being a fawn has its...perks (See what I did there?)

I got a beautiful notice from Hlin about a new group gift and I was soo happy I went to get it...Sim full..heart break. So I waited a few hours and I get there press and crash got no skin so I clicked when I got back and it said I had already received it HEARTBREAK! and then this afternoon I received it Yays! 

The pictures are a bit of a Fawn seductress living in the woods type thing. The outfit made me happy so I ran with it hehe. I am never disappointed by Al Vulo. I love when group gifts are actually something usable not just something thrown together. It makes me actually want to shop there.

Only Sadsy Wadsy I have is that every month the gift giver breaks :( I think a subscribo would make poor hardworking Hlin's life so much easier and also everyone...click once...clicking 43 times won't cause it to work any faster

So Hope you enjoy the look today <3 I will see you tomorrow with something else quite interesting to say the least

What I Frolicked in 
Skin: Al Vulo - Debbie Oh Deer in Chantilly group gift
Shape: Handmade Shape NOT FOR SALE
Lashes: Damned - My Perfect Lashes
Eyes: Acid & Mala - Winter Eyes in Glaciar
Hair: Alice Project - Sohee
Hairbase: Modish Eyebrows
Lips: Tuli - Parted Lips 2

Top: Izzies - Pasties
Skirt: Blow Up - Miniskirt Zipped in white Tartan
Thong: Insanya - Stars Thing in Black
Hooves: Epic - Lunar  Demon Legs

Nipple Flowers: Izzies - Daisy Set
Flower in Hair: Izzies - Daisy Set
Mouth Flower: Damned - Little Daisy
Piercing: Hebenon Vial - The  Minimalist
Nails: Ey:No - Sunflower Nails
Antlers: The Black Forest - Oak Tree
Bangles: Mandala - Takara Bangles in Metal White
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer -White South Sea Pearl Necklace
Ears: Hebenon Vial - Pierced 3.0 in Cutie Cartoons
Song for The Moment 
Insensible By Mandalay

"It's like I hardly see the sky some days
It's like you hardly said a word
It's like I hardly see the sky some days
And I'd do better if I turned my head
Knowing you did

Knowing you called

Knowing you held her
Knowing you kissed
Knowing you did all this

It's like I hardly see the sky...."

12 May 2012

First Ever Buddy Challenge!

Hey peeps...Whats the De....okay no that's so not me.

Hey Fashionistas! Its the weekend and I need things to do send those tps my way inworld if you need a party buddy! So...my RL cousin is getting married this weekend and my grandmother is going leaving me in the house on my lonesome. I'm not a lonesome type girl so to keep my mind busy....

I was given a CHALLANGE (said in my best burly host voice) to some it would be easy but to me. pfft...it took me all day check it out.

This is the beginning of my buddy challenges I hope that I get more! 

10 May 2012

Captured Blogger Fantasy Time

Hellllo ladies and gentlemen. Today's post is a bit of a fantasy story don't worry it has an okay ending and I will try not to make it a full out novel hehe though I may fail

09 May 2012

Sakura Garden

Its me again! I told you I'd be back soon...

But I failed to mention with better pictures. I learn something new daily and a very lovable friend told me about the awesomer (its a word look it up in webster) settings I could be using so I used them and instantly fell in love. So enjoy!

08 May 2012

Happy Endings

Hey Fashionistas its the infamous Lili here to ramble on again...Don't you look forward to it? I know I do.

So..I don't know about you but I love happy endings *takes a moment to let all the childish giggles die down* they always give me hope that sad days don't last too long. I used to HATE snow white I thought it was a bit...corrupt but I think I was looking at it all wrong. 

07 May 2012

Boxing My Emotions

Hey peoples.

So yeah...today was a down day for me I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about them but don't worry...you're not! I think I've battled myself long enough with my emotions lately. I'm starting to realize that its okay to be sad or happy or sexual or HOWEVER it is I feel  doesn't mean something is wrong with me just makes me a person. The defining line or whether or not I need help is how I handle it and I think I'm going to choose to express it with creativity.

Today I found a few fun buttons on Photoshop and I went and had a bit of fun with them take a peeksy weeksy shall we?

06 May 2012

Hush Skins - Lily Set

Hey Dears

I got lucky enough to get my hands on the newest Hush Release Called Lily In my own delusional head I say she named it after me (makes me feel uber special) Its just as beautiful as the last but the makeups on these are a bit bolder on the eyes have like a mascara punch of color to them I really love especially with the lip colors it has to offer. It comes in 6 tones same as the last one and are 950 each or a tiny bit under 3k for the fatpack here's a little peek

6 Tones shown with cleavage option

Posing By Glitterati

Take a stroll through and at least demo if you feel the skin urge hehe the SLURL is on the homepage. Hope to see you there soon

Love Always 

05 May 2012

I Love Earth

Hey my lovelies

Sorry about taking yet another break for some reason my mind has been so scattered around and I'm losing focus on whats important (FASHION!) But I think I am back to being focused and ready to rock your fashion world.

I am honored to say that I am an official blogger for Best Designers Exile (BDE) Its an amazing Discount room with many GREAT designers gathered for you to buy and love. Tomorrow they are doing a switcheroo on things to offer so I am a bit late BUT I do want to show off this awesome skirt from there. Stop on by tomorrow you might see me there. This is from Pepper called Tami I like the length a little less leg showy and a lot more cute

Another Discount Spot I love to visit is Structure Your Skin Project (SYSP) all the skins offered here are 85L or less and they have amazing designers including the skin I have on today from Anna called Helena no makeup just beauty I look so young and adorable today.

Love you Forebers

What I have on
Skin: Anna Skins - Helena (Found at SYSP)
Hair: Alice Project - Amiya (50L Sale)
Nails: Izzies - Classic Nails
Bracelet: Edge Grafica - 37 bracelet in Silver/White
Necklace: Just You Jewels - Necklace my Key
Top: Barn Owl - I <3 Earth
Skirt: Pepper - Tami
Shoes:N-core - Casting in Niege
Prop: Trompe Loeil - Simple Culture Square Planter
Posing By: Glitterati

03 May 2012

Cherry Blossoms!

Heya! Not sure if I should call you fashion heads or fashionistas so I did a bit of both

I did a little SL exploration today and ran across this AMAZING place .... I would have taken more pictures but SL was being mean to me but I managed to get one extraordinary picture done. In front of me (Which I wish I could have captured) is like a Japanese tea house and further behind me was a cherry blossom garden I could have stayed all day but I had to go and do work...boo

In this picture I have on this AMAZING dress from a somewhat new SL designer named YureiOnna. She is a sweety and her stuff is available on marketplace just search for Virtual Beauty she has a few cute things to offer us for a nice Linden saver price that doesn't skimp on quality. Something about the color and drawing in the shirt makes me squeal happiness so give her a pat on the back if you see her around and welcome her to the designers world hehe

Oh and I will be adding a Slurl Page so be on the lookout for it and I'll try to always keep it updated

Love you guys so much 

What I have on
Skin: Hush - Marin in Honey
Lipstick: Glamorize - Priss Lips in Tomato
Eyes: Nerd Monkey - Brown Intensive eyes
Hair: Exile - Alyssa in Frost
Headband: EY:NO - Sakura Headband
Rings: EY:NO - Sakura Rings
Dress: Virtual Beauty - Pompy Dress
Milk box: Yulicie- Milk Box in Strawberry
Love Letter to Japan by The Bird and the Bee
"From the west to the east I have flown to be near you I have come all this way to be close to be here with you and now all my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet. My Beloved oh my sweet all the gifts you have given me the patience and the peace cherry blossoms and the candy I am yours I am yours for as long for as long as you will have me"

02 May 2012

Daddy's Girl

Hey Fashion Heads!

I used to always want to be a daddy's girl but I grew up with a single mother so I always had a subtle yearning to experience the father daughter stuff.

You know the stuff the awkward boyfriend interrogations...The first time he realizes you're a woman and men want to have sex with you (GASP). The one to buy you something just because you're his little princess. I mean yeah sure it may be a teddy bear at 17 yrs old but....because he loves you. Oh wait....I had that. HI MOM!

01 May 2012

Glamorize News! - Makeups!

Hey its Miss Lili with a late night posting today was Inucakes birthday and I spent the day making her feel specials and whatnot stop by her page and give her a nice little Happy Birthday and yes....she accepts credit cards :D

Some of you may know that Glamorize is one of my favorite makeup places to go they are affordable and carry a great variety and recently it has been COMPLETELY revamped and most of the old stuff has been moved to Marketplace (x) and only the newer releases are in the newly built store (x)

This is just a couple for your viewing pleasure (made by me)

Flair Lips *Comes in 20 Makeups*

Priss Lips *Comes in 20  Makeups*

Also if you are low on Money there is a group gift and a midnight mania board with AMAZING makeup for you to have and hold dear

And if you have 10L to spare you could be the lucky winner to a one of a kind makeup never to be released other than to the one winner. Yoko didn't even give ME a copy *shakes fist* but I did enter so don't make it too easy for me you have about another day and a half to get here and enter as many times as you want.

Happy Shopping from us at Glamorize! 

Love Forever

 What I have on:
Picture 1
Hair: Ploom - Benton
Skin: Al Vulo - Pollon in Milk
Shirt: Epic - Kawaii Rainbow Tees
Eyes: Hebonon Vial - in Emerald

Picture 2
Hair: Catwa - Jumana in Caramel
Eyes: Soul Glitter - Peyton's Eyes
Skin: Filthy - Laika in Tan
Shirt: Chloe - Lola Shirt