30 September 2014

Call It Magic

Hey Loves!
 Not only am I adoring this look but I'm also having fun with pictures! I wasn't able to take any pictures outside of my platform today without crashing but that's okay I did the best I could with what I had! Today I bring you a nice colorful look that honestly kept a smile on my face! I just had this strong urge to listen to Coldplay today and *extends her hand and lets glitter fill the air* I called it magic <3 Keep on reading for credits and whatnot :D

29 September 2014

Stay Alive

BOO! Did I scare you? Hopefully not too much to keep on reading right?

I know halloween is a while away but you give me something covered in blood and just...yes. Through all of my cute and love for all things kawaii I ADORE a good scary goodness probably a lot more than I should. What's that you want to watch a horror marathon with me? YES PLEASE! 
Today my outfit was inspired by a movie I watched some time ago called "Stay Alive" with Frankie Muniz about teens who die in real life if they die in the video game that are playing. Sad but true...I would have some hilarious deaths including but not limited to: Walking off the Edge, Forgetting to put armor on and walking into the fight unprepared, Taking on a boss ACCIDENTALLY, being ambushed, OH the list is long but most of my deaths are from me just...being quite noob :D

Enough about my obsession with horror and gaming! Clothing time! Keep on reading for the credits!

28 September 2014

I've Got My Eyes On You

Hey Loves!

Did you miss my Lazy Sunday posts? I did too so hereeee we go!
Today I really just wanted to show off not only my new purchase *jiggles her bouncy boobs at you all and wiggles her brows* BUT I also wanted to show off these super cute headbands by Buttery Toast! Today they are on sale for 75L but it's TODAY ONLY for this week's Lazy Sunday and after that baaaaack to the regular pricing!

A quick wrap up of all the things I have on? Keep on reading for credits! 

24 September 2014


Hey my love faces!
So not many people would have guessed this but I grew up having a LOT of stuffed animals and I even have some no because they just make me feel good, they are soft, and in some cases they match my outfit. Just recently I talked myself out of buying this cute little pink frog that I was going to name MinhoValentine but later ran across a cute little elephant in SL that made me feel less sad. I haven't picked a name for this one yet but it's original name is Heffalump, which I'm kind of digging hehe. My stuffed animal struggle is real but so it my fashion addiction soooo keep on reading for the fun fun outfit goodness!

22 September 2014

Queen Of The Suck

Hey Loves! 

Did you miss me? I hope so because I missed you too. It's kind of funny, when I am in a not so good mood I don't want to taint my blog with all my unhappy feels BUT one of the things that make me feel better is blogging. UGH. 
Anywho today I have on a nice simple look to show off some more of my swag before it's too late lol. Just as the title has given away I am very familiar with good ideas executed badly from my random accidental clicks that work or my picture snapping just a second too quickly hehe. The picture is my way of showing all my beautiful mishaps hehe. Keep on reading for credits <3

17 September 2014

Time To Study | Angelica Group Gifty!

My Heartu!
I can't be the only one who the SECOND she has something she has to do does something completely different right? I was supposed to be studying for my driver's permit so naturally what do I do? Watch The Giver...in HD....with snacks. Don't get me wrong it was an AMAZING movie I can see myself watching many times in the future since it is based off one of my favorite books hehe. I decided to do a couple short posts today as opposed to my usual LENGTHY ones so past the break you will find the credits! IM me inworld if you need help finding anything! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Swagga Like Us

Hey loves! 

15 September 2014

Thrifty Hipster

Hey loves!
So another honest moment with you all? I absolutely LOVE thrift shopping! I don't do it all the time but when I do I have so much fun doing it. You can buy books for about 10 cents - 25 cents. You can find simple additions to your closet, like I found a black skater skirt I can't live without now and it was only 2 dollars *sniffs the air* you smell that? It smells like...fashionable savings :D 

I'm a dork but I'm a dork with a doctor's appointment so if you're into this look and want to know where you can snatch up the pieces keep on reading to the credits <3 

12 September 2014

Like The Wild Ones

My sweet dear ones I am back once more! *does some magical things with her finger sparkles* okay well...nothing actually happened but give me some time and I SWEAR I will get my magic working hehe
I had a blast with pictures today! I originally took 4 but 2 of them were unsalvageable but that's okay the ones I DID save I'm very pleased with! To be quite honest I didn't have an "inspiration" for this look I just happened to fall in love with several of the pieces and then I was all "TRAVEL TIME" and I ended up in this amazing place of wonder and delight called Happy Mood. Enough about my traveling adventures for now (something in my heartu wants to take pics of this glorious place though) Keep on reading for details galore!

10 September 2014

Miss Anthropy

Hey Loves!

Meet Miss Anthropy 2014. She is a queen and the most beautiful of her galaxy and she doesn't understand humans. See the thing about us humans is that we are so complex we don't even understand EACH OTHER but if we just take the time to communicate I feel things would be a lot easier for us to meet a common harmony. Everyone has opinions, everyone has goals, and everyone has dreams. Are they the same as yours? Probably not but you should still respect them...I believe. 

ANYWHO It's Clothing Time! Keep on reading for the clothes details! Are you stuck on the galactic highway? That's okay credits at the bottom

03 September 2014

Skin Goodness | Yoni By Angelica

Hey Loves!
Today I bring you a new skin release that I am really into so keep on reading for more information on this pretty face okay?!

I Spy

Have you guys happened to see a goat around here?! Hehe just kidding but I'm having tons of fun exploring lately and today I made a fun and explorer friendly outfit so enough of this chitchat let's get right into the outfit details! *Gets headbutted by the goat* Are you being attacked by goats too!?! Credits at the bottom! 

02 September 2014

A Day At The Huntington Museum

Hey Loves!

I know, I know the arcade is up and running but you all know that we can't all get in at the same time but it's okay! It will be here all month and trust me we will all eventually get in so just be patient and until then we can go to yard sales OR you can join me in The Huntington Museum. 
The Huntington Museum is a beautiful place FULL of Gacha Items galore from previous rounds of The Arcade a long with full sets from other events. I went here because to be honest because I missed exploring so I took a look around. Keep on reading for the credits okay <3 

Blogging Is NOT a contest

Hey Loves!

So a person randomly let me know I'm not better graphics wise then another blogger and I guess my reply to this is "SO THE EFF WHAT?" "WHEN DID I NEED A PHD IN GRAPHICS & PHOTOSHOPPING TO BLOG?" The answer is I DON'T I don't blog to be "the best" (okay well sometimes I want to) and I don't blog to make others happy it makes ME happy and inside of MY happiness I hope to make you all happy as well. My blog is my heart, not my artistic talent or lack of talent. Nuff Said
Raw Shotness! (okay fine I cropped)
Though I don't know much about photo taking and editing in photoshop, here are three easy ways to add some...pop? to your picture even with a not so great graphics card and little to no experience with photoshop