29 March 2015

Le Platypus

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26 March 2015

Lucky Waitress

Hey Lover Faces!
Do you ever have days when you just feel...lucky? I've been feeling that way lately. I guess my eyes are re-opening to how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I have. Not to mention how lucky I am to be exactly who I am. I recently took a trip to the casino with a couple friends and each time I played a machine I was winning which is....well...lucky :D ANYWHO on to the stuffs! I know it's WAY past St. Patrick's Day but I mean come on this party set HAD to be shown off and if you like shamrocks and use different signs well...now it's an all year round decoration right? :D I have TONS of goodies smushed into this post and they are all so cute and well made! Keep on reading for all the goodgoods!

23 March 2015

Warm Chocolates

Hello kitty boo boo faces!
So...when I was about 12 or so, I was a very gullible girl not to mention most of my friends were gamer guys who were about 3 or 4 years older than me and loved to prank people one of those people continuously was ME. I didn't mind the constant pranks because I know they loved me and I after almost every prank one of my friends would always give me a chocolate which I would always complain about being warm from being in his pocket "Ugh! It's warm *still eating it but mad about it cause my fingers were dirty* I hate warm chocolate!" and his response was always "you still eat it poopface" but I mean seriously...can you blame me? it was the expensive stuff. 

Anywho was just in the mood to share a story! Keep on reading for some outfit infos!

11 March 2015

Just Say Jinkies

Hey Love pockets!
I'm in a super happy mood today and LOVE the look I have today sadly I don't have much time to tell you all about it so it's going to be a short but sweet post AND with this I will also have another skin review about the skin  I have on today ---> Here (BTW THE SKIN IS PERFECTION SO PREPARE YOURSELF)

Time To Meet....Hope | Yumyums Release

Hey Loves!
I've come to tease you all a little bit! You know I am a bit of a stickler for showing you guys only things you can run and get now too BUT this skin needs a grand introduction. A. GRAND. INTRODUCTION. *rolls out the red carpet* Keep on reading for all the lovely details!

10 March 2015

Beer & Candy

Hey Guys!
Living a bit close to Boston, I run into a LOT of Irish Pubs. I don't mind them at all trust me, they are always so lively and people are always laughing while jokes are being told. If no jokes are being heard it's because a sports event is being watched by all the locals. I'm not much of a drinker but I do like food and the atmosphere. Today I did a bit of a Lili version of an Irish Pub filled with....SWEETS. I have tons of new releases for your faces as well as a full write up on this beautiful skin of mine right ---> Here! Keep on reading for all the amazing details.

Time To Meet...Samanta | Weon Skin Review

Hey Loves! 
There is a skin I absolutely had to show off to you all today! I know some of you are on budgets like me and with the vast world of Second Life it's not easy to find all the deals right? Well I bring you one today in the form of a skin that's (wait for it) only 100L and you get ALL the appliers you could ever need! Keep on reading for all the details!

04 March 2015

It's Enough Now

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"It's enough now, It's your loss now, It's just that I'm low. It's enough now, It's your loss now, It's just...I don't know"

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03 March 2015

Long May She Reign

Hey Loves! 
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So....you guys know I'm a bit of a princess and today I wanted to be a lot of a princess and with this round of Oneword we can all be princesses together! Well technically we can be princes and princesses and witches or...any of that fairytale mumbo jumbo because not only is it the oneword 1 year anniversary but the theme is also great...It's FAIRYTALES! If you haven't gone yet definitely check it out if you need a little bit more convincing keep on reading to find out about my goodies!

02 March 2015

Me & My Army | Late But Not Forgotten

So yeah...took a little bit of a break and here I am! I was kind of bummed about not blogging an amazing event that was PERFECT for me, The Creepy Kawaii Fair! Even though the event might be over or CLOSE to being over I needed to show off at least a few things so keep on reading to see some of the things I bought while there!