30 July 2013

Beachin Around | Down in the Dumps

Hey Loves!
I've been a little down in the dumps so...what better way to cheer up by going to the beach right?! Sadly, as I told most of you last year I have major issues with the smell of salt water so I can't go to the beach much in RL but with my luck I found this awesome place called, ironic enough, Salt Water (Pics underneath). It's an amazing place that I have used in so many pictures and a few of you have asked about it so here it is dears!

Not only have I been a bit sad but I'm a little broke too which might be a little addition to my latest slump but I found an area that perked me up SOOOO quickly! Wanna know where? Keep on reading!

27 July 2013

Whisper in My Ear

Hello Loves!

I missed you guys even after a day I have no idea how I manage being away for as long as I do sometime! 
Even though I am a bit...older...I have sleepovers still with some of my girlfriends and we have whisper in my ear sessions, which let's be honest is "dish the dirt on our dirty" and I've always loved it because it brings me and my friends a lot closer telling each other things we would NEVER disclose to anyone else. I kind of do that with you guys if you think about it BUT about SL fashion and today is no exception! Like the look? I hope you do! If you do keep on reading to see where to get the goodies!

25 July 2013

Here I am...Still Living

Hey Fashion Heads!

Ever have a person in your life you just...thought you could never live without?
I did but I'm starting to realize that just maybe I love TOO hard in certain aspects in my life. I have a friendship I would have given up anything for...but today I've decided to pull back and give them up for my own happiness. I can't fight to keep this person if they don't want to be kept right?

I thought I couldn't live without this person...yet Here I am, still living. Remember loves...wounds heal but misery keeps on going. It's better to cut your losses before it eats you alive and leaves you wondering what you did wrong.

On the upside....It got a pretty picture right? I'm not wearing much so I just have credits below with a VERY small description of what I am wearing. Keep on reading for those 'kay?

20 July 2013

Sakura Covered Donuts

Hey Lovers!
Let's talk about donuts yes? Yeah I know I spelled it wrong! I dun care! I'm really picky about the donuts I like to eat it has to be like...glazed donuts I hate the cakey crumbly type of donuts. When I first moved back to Boston I almost every week got a box of Krispy Kremes and just...go to town on them, feel guilty, then do it again the very next week...cause I'm a boss *nodnods* I'm sure you didn't pop in to see my gluttony at its worse right? Outfit time? Well then let's get those details rolling! Keep on reading! OH by the way...trying something new at the bottom...tell me what you think.

19 July 2013

La Petite Morte Special Editions

Hey Fashion Heads
*Giggles* Call me immature if you must but the name gets me EVERY time. I love saying it, it makes me sound so...worldy and sophisticated that is until I giggle like a naughty schoolgirl ANYWHO
I haven't done a skin post in awhile so I thought it would be a good day for that yes? Like what you're seeing so far? Want more details? Well you know what you have to do...keep on reading!

18 July 2013

Need a Checkup? | Nurse Lili at Your Service

Hello Patients 

I haven't told you all a story in forever...so prepare yourself
When I was a young girl I was always afraid of needles. I wouldn't even go to the hospital because I was DEADSET on the thought they would take my arm and go to town with needles but I never shared the fear with my mom...but I'm sure she knew. One day when older (around 14 or so) I had a really nice nurse who rubbed my shoulder and said "Hey Chica, don't be afraid of the needle here look..." so I did...and watching that I felt no pain kind of...eased the fear away. I guess knowing something is coming makes it a lot less scary yes? WELL...awesome details on this outfit coming AND credits! Keep on reading!

16 July 2013

Strawberry Shorty

Hey Fashion Heads!

Sometimes a girl just wants to look lip smacking delicious amirite?!?
Not sure how many of you are gamers & fashionistas like me but if you are or want to be make sure you check out the Steam summer sale! Every 8 hours 4 different games go on flash sale PLUS daily sales until the 22nd if you're not a gamer that's fine...I came here to tell you all about new awesome clothes! Like what you're seeing so far? ME TOO! Keep on reading for all the slurpalicious details! Not in the mood to read? Credits at the bottom

14 July 2013

Dollface Malfunction | Modish Skin Goodness

Hey loves

Its technically a lazy Sunday but I'm going to talk your ear off anyway since I was away earlier this week. I'm currently trying to make some sense of my inventory so I stop using the same accessories and put the thousands of things I pick up on a daily basis and use them in more posts!
Today I went with a simple look that I really liked. Very fun and playful with nice bright colors to keep me feeling sparkly! Want to find this cute outfit for yourself? Keep on reading and you will know where to go! Don't wanna read? Boooo! Good thing I have credits on the bottom!

11 July 2013

Your Neighbor, Liltoro

*Waves oh so chipper like* Fashion Heads!

How are you amazing people today? Good I hope since I myself am feeling fabulous. I love all the looks I show you but when I'm just oozing super cuteness my day just....brightens! I have tried sexy in the past as you all have seen but I never seem to do well so I stick to what comes naturally and must say....I feel sexy when I'm cute *giggles*
That being said! I love LOVE this outfit to the max it has all kinds of components that make me happy! Hoodies, colorful hair, glasses, accessories! all those things that make me happy and I want YOU to know where to go and get all the amazing pieces! Keep on reading to get all the goodies

10 July 2013

Cupid's Chokehold

Hello Fashion Goddesses!

Ugh! It feels like forever since I've blogged! This new stuff that SL is doing made my computer mad and I wasn't able to pics until last night but I got them done just for you guys and I should have a nice batch of outfits to show you throughout the week! Yay-ness!
I tried something a bit different today with my outfit. Instead of just picking my own colors I went with...an inspirational piece and used it for color inspiring. It's the cutest little piece ever and I wish it hadn't taken so long for me to do this....wanna know what I'm talking about? Keep on reading! Outfit info and credits down below too!

04 July 2013

A Simple Kind of Life

Hey Fashion Heads!
To the ones that celebrate it...Happy 4th of July! I know it would be a great day to be patriotic...and I am I am just...not wearing red, white, and blue this year not because I don't love my country...but being patriotic isn't about colors its about the spirit that you have for your country! I've got spirit yus I does! ANYWHO since I'm most likely barbequ-ing or something by now its a super short post...holidays amirite? don't get used to it I like to talk your ears off!