30 April 2015

Still Kawaii In The Streets

Hey Loves!
I NEVER get sick of graphic tees! In fact I think if I could find more for the maitreya body I'd wear them all the time! Not only do graphic tees tickle my fancy the "Kawaii in the streets Senpai in the sheets" phrase on ANYTHING makes me happier than you could ever imagine. Today I wanted a casual but attention grabbing outfit. I thought the pops of blue gave me the brightness I want for a spring outfit without being too over the top. 

29 April 2015


Hey Loves!
 Before I get into my clothing details I want to apologize for not being so active with blogging. When I first started this blog it was an (almost) daily blog and I always had stories to tell and share with you all. I feel like I have something to live up to or prove and bring myself down because I never can. I want to be the blogger with the AMAZING pictures that take your breath away but....I can't :( I CAN be the blogger that puts her all into doing as much as she can though to bring you the best content that she can and I'm really going to put in efforts to get back to (almost) daily blogging. On that note: NEW OUTFIT AND STUFFS SO KEEP ON READING.

25 April 2015

Rose Garden Filled with Thorns

Hey Loves!
Just had a bit of fun with my outfit today! I wanted something super pink, super cute, and that made me happy and my outfit today is all the things :D Lately I've been walking around in really big t-shirts and heels. I'm still losing weight (about 8 lost since I last checked) and it's drastically showing in some of my clothes and I got shirts from friends that were baggy on my bigger body that now just swallow me whole and I love it! ANYWAY we have clothing goodness to be checked out today so keep on reading for le credits!

20 April 2015


Hey my loves!
So I'm trying something a little different with my pictures and so far I'm really liking it what about you? I mean granted there are a few mistakes but for the first attempt I think I did damn good!

I never really give black & white much love since I always want to be so colorful and happy but I decided to make a cute black and white outfit to start the week off. I have lots of new releases and even a couple freebers :D If you want to know more about what I have on just scroll on down to the credits for a brief description

03 April 2015

We're Going on a Trip

I am obsessed with this Little Einstein's song :D It's on so many vines and it makes me so happy so I needed to make a nice casual outfit for some SL exploration.
♬ We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship! ♬

Keep on reading for credits

Sweet Pinkers

Hey Loves!
I've decided to be a bit quieter for the next week or so not because I don't love you but I don't know...I'm having lots of fun with pictures and I think they've been speaking for themselves so I might do quick "inspiration" summeries and tell me what you think okay? 

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01 April 2015


Hey Loves!
You know...I was going to troll you all today but I love this look too much to waste another day I can troll you guys anytime I want (Ooooo so be scaaaared) I literally just jumped into a cute pile today and whatever stuck was my look and it worked REALLY well for me and I'm excited about it. I won't talk your ear off with my silly stories today just picture goodness and credits okay? 

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