25 March 2016

Simon Says...

Hey Loves!

Just a quick post to show off an outfit I absolutely adore :D Hope you enjoy!

15 March 2016

Pocketful Of Sunshine

Hey my loves!
 Today is actually a quick post with pretty pictures. Something I've never actually done before is played with actions on photoshop and today I did and LOVED the turn out! 
My inspiration today was just angelic and sweetness! Do you like what you see? Keep on reading for credits.

12 March 2016

Shades Of Pinky

 Hey Lovesicles! 
You ever just have a....gravitation....a..pull if you will to a certain color? My go to color is and always has been pink both in real life and second life because let's face it my dears, pink looks good on EVERY skin tone including the tone on this brand new skin by Angelica (blog post for it coming soon? Maybe?) and then I just decided to play around with shades of pink. To be complete honest....I had no theme in mind I just wanted to wear pink. Is that so wrong?
Regardless of my inspiration I enjoy this outfit and the decorations very much and I hope you love them as much as I do! Keep on reading for credits and closeups of the furniture! 

09 March 2016

Catching Rainbow

Hey Lovecakes!
Anyone feeling as springy as me!?! I love opening my window and seeing all the pretty flowers coming to life and the sunshine screaming "Lilikins it's time to get up!" and of course I'm like "oh okay sunshine....you're right I have lives to live!" Today I'm feeling the spring hardcore and took some time to go outside and read on my new Kindle while a bean soup forms itself into deliciousness on the slow cooker. I've been OBSESSED with Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I of course saw the movies but....the book is so much better my loves!
My inspiration today was just...the softness and freedom of springtime. Keep on reading for the credits :D

07 March 2016

Babydolls Do Dream

My love-chans!

Did you miss me at all?! I missed you so much words can't begin to express it! 
I remember a couple years ago I was always back and forth on the train because....well let's be honest it was fun to have the freedom of zoom zooming around Boston. If I wanted to head to the museum it was right there, the aquarium was one stop away. I've always been a HUGE fan of applebees and it was smack dab in the middle of all the fun. Many times (more than I will admit to) I would end up missing my stop daydreaming for no reason whatsoever I mean...even things that weren't even possible (allegedly) "Would my magical powers kick in if Dementors ambushed the train?" then I'd spend 20 minutes in my head playing out this scenerio in FULL detail and next thing I know....I've missed my stop by ALOT. 
I'll never stop being a daydreamer BUT if I was wearing an outfit like this while doing it? MahGawd. I wouldn't mind AT ALL. I wanted to try a sweet and innocent look today inspired by the innocent daydreamer behind the computer screen *blushes* Not only do I have on AMAZING clothes but also a brand new skin that deserves sooo much recognition! Like what you see? Float on down to the credits and clickity click and spend your monies!

05 March 2016

Back From a Health Hiatus!

Hey loves!

Sorry I just ran off on you guys I had a couple health test doohickeys to handle. I'm at the end of most testing so here I am shaking my tush back on the grid! Sorry to all my sponsors for the unexpected absence!

Mwahs & So happy to be back!

Love Always,