29 December 2014

Grey Street | Event Goodies Galore

Hey Loves

Today is another super short post in preparation for new years aaaand....well I might have a little surprise and good news for us all a little later *beams with happiness* You just wait after the new year begins you won't be able to shut me up <3 Keep reading for Info!

26 December 2014

Snowflake Delivery

Moar Holiday Goodness! I'm on a rolll!!!!!
Keep on reading for credits!

25 December 2014

Holiday Relaxation

Hey Loves!
Even though it's a bit late I want to say I hope you all had the HAPPIEST of Holidays today! I had a day full of unexpected laughter and joy and the only thing that would have made it better is to know you all did as well. It's late and I'm so FULL of food but I didn't want to leave you all with no Seasons' Greetings! Keep on reading for the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

23 December 2014

Super Bear-Beario

My Love Doodles!
Not only do I have a fun look for you today but I also have my super cute wifers by my side to celebrate all that is retro gaming! I do love blogging solo but when I get to actually have my Jinkers with me in a picture my heart explodes into millions of happy :D (I'm so mushy) Today we are just gaming around with super cute looks full of....retro? For my credits just keep on reading and for hers <PRESS START> (what up game reference!) 

Time To Meet: Momo By Angelica

Hey Loves!
Once again my disclaimer! Skin showcasing isn't my strong point BUT there are so many skins I just love and want to show off to you all! Today I bring you a skin from Angelica that you can find at the F R O S T Fair. Not only do I LOVE it but I think it loved me too since I didn't need to modify my shape that much. 

Keep on reading for all the options and whatnot that you get with this amazing skin.

20 December 2014

Fluffy & Plushy

Hey Loves!
Today I just wanted to be cute and fluffy running around with plushies so that's what I did hehe. Super short post today so keep on reading for credits I'm FINALLY putting up Christmas decorations! See you all soon! 

19 December 2014


Hey Loves!

I don't really have much to say today quite honestly but this pizzalicious outfit brought me so much joy you don't even know hehe. Keep on reading for a quick summary of what I have on and the tasty credits of where to go and get it for yourself. 

16 December 2014

Lili In a Box

Hey Loves!

Yours Truly is in the box! 
So....sometimes I like to walk a mile in someone's shoes and today I decided upon my little gingerkitten, Phantom, to walk with. I looked down to him and said "You're the boss today take me where you want me to see" (he understands me okay?...we are just THAT connected) So first stop was the food bowl and since I wasn't hungry I kinda just....let him do his thing but the next destination was a box and he went under it and laid down so I stuck my head under too and laid down....and fell asleep...

Yes ladies & gentlemen....I fell...asleep...with my head....in a....box. Yes it was a short trip but WOW I saw how stressful it must be to be a cat. So if you don't think I'm completely crazy yet I DO have an awesome outfit to show you hehe so just keep on reading for the details!

15 December 2014

Dolly Void

Hey Loves!
I was feeling a bit artsy today so I tried to make somewhat of a Christmas meets Darkness type picture. I've been kinda....scroogy this year about christmas for more reasons than one but you know the closer it gets to date the more excited I become! Not a lot to say today to be quite honest but keep on reading for the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

10 December 2014

Keep Yourself Warm

Hey Loves!
So let's talk about Lactose Intolerance! LOL JK I love you Mari. 
To be honest...my mind is blank today. I don't have any thoughts just a pretty outfit that's a little out of my usual element but I still adored it so it's another short post for your faces! I hope you like & Keep on reading for credits.

09 December 2014

04 December 2014

Time To Meet: Emmy

I know it's been awhile for a skin review honestly because I think it's my weak point in blogging since it's so uniform and requires SOME photoshop skill, but you know what? There are some things that just make you do things and this skin is definitely one of those precious gems. Keep on reading for more info okay?!

WARNING:  If you're at work or have kids around you might want to save this for later

03 December 2014

I Love College

Hey Senoritassss!
So I've been reflecting a bit and I've come to a conclusion, I miss being in school so much. If not for the learning for the interaction and running into a new person like...every minute of the day. I wasn't the most popular girl in school but I had a nice group of people to talk to and and have lunch with. One amazing thing about my school was it was located across the street from a plaza with AMAZING food Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Subways, Haitian, Jamaican, You name it we could probably order it. It was quite grand. I had a STOCKPILE of winter clothing...in Florida not because I needed them but you know....gotta stay in season and the outfit I have on today is inspired by my college days that I miss oh so very much..so much I think I might even be going back next year *smiles* Keep on reading for all the clothing details!