31 October 2012

Candy Day is here!

Hey my sexy Fashion Heads!
Today is SUPER hectic for me but I just couldn't leave you hanging! Not only is today Halloween! But its sadly also the last day of The Swag Fest so run, skip and hop to get those last minute goodies you know deep down you want but since its the end of the month you've been trying to save L. Um...NO! Its time no more waiting!

30 October 2012

Sweets for the Sweet | Some Newness for Yew

Hey Fashion Heads!
I am totally okay! The storm actually barely effected my area but I still have good thoughts for the places that have been hit hard and hope everything stays okay for them. You all know I'm a squishy teddy bear when it comes to people's health. I have quite a few new things on today keep on reading to find out more. 

29 October 2012

Raining Bunny Girls

Hey Fashion Heads!
Its raining random animals out there! Yep the hurricane whatsit is heading on my way but not to worry I have all that I need and I made iced coffee! Hey don't judge me a girl needs her caffine @.@

28 October 2012

Such An Autumn Splendor

Hey Fashion heads!
So today I went out into that thing we call real life and I had an interesting time to say the least. Some lady walked up to me today and said "This hurricane is going to ruin our 'Autumn Splendor'" I felt amazingly dumb so I just gave a nod and chuckle but had no idea what autumn splendor was I had never heard the word "Splendor" before...leave it to me to learn something new right?

27 October 2012

Feeling the Halloween | Modish Gachas

Looking for more Halloween goodies before the big day? These amazing skins from modish should do the trick (or treat). You can find these at the Scary Face Gacha Fair at Depraved Nations 

Pictures after the break 

Love Always

Its Kitsune Time! | Attic @ The Deck Goodies

Hey Fashion Heads!
Sorry about my absence last night I was just so zombie like I thought it best to just chillax for the night but I woke up ready to blog and BLOG I did! I did a stroll around the Green Gables snapping pics and looking adorable as ever keep on reading for outfit news if your all "READING IS FOR THE WEAK!" hehe that's okay my credits require minimal reading

25 October 2012

That Swag can never stop | More Swaggy Goodies

Hey lovelies 

So I wanted to play with more clothing tonight I just really thought this look was cute I just wanted to show it off so *zips her lips and lets you look* Credits on the bottom Mwah 

Love Always 

Of Bunnies & Pumpkins...

Hey sexy Fashionistas and Fashionistos! 
I was having a blast in my gazebo from the Costume Ball hehe. It has the cutest little pumpkins and poses built in but I wanted to be a bit unique so I added the leaves in the middle myself hehe CATCH! If you want to know more about the Gazebo you can read all about it over at Ego Co but if you're like "*GASP* pretty outfit!" you can learn all about that right here hehe keep on reading! Credits below as usual for the ones that hate to read

Did Someone Say Sale? | Yopulga News

I totally did! There is a sale going on at Yopulga on select items. I love this place the stuff is super cute and well made. Stop in in for some great savings

24 October 2012

Feeling so Vintage | Being Valerie

Hey Fashion Heads!
So today I went with a bit of a....vintage pinup type look. I wanted to be classy, sexy beautiful and I think I did an awesome job with it what do you think? I had a bit of an...interesting inspiration for this look if you wanna know *points at the read more option* if not and you just want the goods the credits are at the bottom of the post

Late Night Lounger | Furniture Stuff!

Hey late night readers (And good morning early birds) 
For some reason I couldn't sleep so I stayed up and sat in my SL home for about an hour...yep I said SL home hehe many people don't even believe that I have one but its there but I enjoy spending my days on constant shopping trips *nodnods*.....

23 October 2012

Barefoot in the City

Hello Fashion Heads!
No Shoes like a BOSS
I missed you guys earlier today I got dragged out of the house for some RL time. I hate my rl graphics but its a game that must be played lol. You ever not have much money and plan to go out for just a few things? I planned to just go and get some Almond Milk and cat litter from K-mart and I go there and to my sadfaced surprise they were having clearance sales everywhere....

22 October 2012

Boobies Show Goodness!

Hey Fashion Heads!

So as you all know....I love the boobies show and this round is just as amazing as the first one. So very amazing that I actually think I have to show more than one look to get through all the goodies in this amazing event. If you have prim breasts or even if you don't you should be able to love this event. Take a look at some of the looks I've put together for your viewing enjoyment. Credits for all at the bottom Mwahs 

Love Always

21 October 2012

Lazy Sunday | The Mommy's help Edition

Hey Fashion Heads!
I know I usually do lazy sunday outfits but I actually just got home from my mom's and she helped me put this outfit together....I know right...I put together an SL outfit with my RL mom and I'm happy about it want to know more about it keep on reading if not that's okay I have credits at the top 

(Poll still going on just click on the homepage to get your vote in)

19 October 2012

LOTH #002 | Evolve THAT

Hey fashion heads! 
This is my last post for the night I know that my last few blogs have been bare in words only because I'm at my mom's for the weekend. I just wanted to show this outfit off in case I don't get much time over the weekend. I barely ever do furniture so TADA I used some in these photos \o/ 

Dr Seuss-in it up!

Fashion Heads!
The wifey & I took a pic together again we both fell in love with these shirts from the Scary Face Gacha Fair so we were like "PICTURE TIME!" but because she IS a spouse it took about 3 hours to get this picture done we had a standoff about hair....then about skins...but I think we both look adorbs so every second was worth it :D

17 October 2012

A Beautiful Day in Autumn

Fashion Heads!
I just got the CUTEST jacket from Yopulga! I usually don't wear a lot of vests and things like that but this has made me want to buy every vest I see! want to know a little more about my autumn stroll outfit? Keep on reading all my jambly jumbly ole text! If you just want my credits smash on through to my credits LIKE A BOSS LOL!

Looks Like an Early Winter | Winter Princess

Hello my lovely Fashion Heads!
So I was feeling rather...fantasy like today with some amazing releases. I am wearing an amazing little dress number from Alterego I don't believe its "new" but if you don't own it then technically it IS new...right? A little bit of Gatcha goodness to share with you all as well keep on reading you won't want to miss out on these.

16 October 2012

Double Dose of Cyn | My new motto on friendship

Hey lovelies! 
Tonight's post is on...well...friendship. After loosing countless people I called friends the true ones are still here include my always beautiful darling Aza. So I just thought of some mottos I may apply to my friendships. wanna know? keep on reading just wanna know what us sexy gals are wearing? there are credits on the bottom! yay!

"Fair"est Skins Part 3 | Candydoll

Yup...me again! I told you I had a lot to show. This part I'm going to show off the Candydoll goodness so stay tuned...er....well something like that LOL

Skins after the page break...I just hate clutter so I do it like this to not rageface anyone else who hates clutter

"Fair" est Skins Part 2 | Mirror's Enigma

Hey all so....another amazing skin from the Boho Fair this time brought to you by Mirror's Enigma!

"Fair" est Skins in the land Pt 1

Hey loves. 

As you may have noticed I've been resting easy with one skin for quite some time but that doesn't mean I don't still find skins like a mad person but I think it may be a bit easier that way and who knows maybe I'll be able to cover more amazing things for you.

I do want to show off skins all over the place because well if you haven't noticed fashion is my passion and its my truest passion if you haven't noticed and well...I honestly love doing what I do sooooo....

15 October 2012

Pretty Little Pilgrim Girl | Boho Stuffs

Hey its a night bloggy! yay!
I just wanted to quickly show this super cute outfit and this amazing backdrop from Katink. I was going for a pilgrim girl type like and this was perfect! This backdrop is one of 10 from the Autumn Splendor Pack. More info if you wanna read go right ahead if you just want credits they are on the bottom! \o/

Your Trick or Treats!| Group Gifts and Hunting FTW

Hey my lovey faces! I missed you sooo much! I need to start blogging more than once I swear I am constantly stumbling over amazing things but my pictures I must admit take me the longest time but I just love it guys! I can't stop!
So while rocking a few group gifts a friend of mine told me about a hunt *squeals* IKR its a halloween hunt too! I love halloween called The Case of Praying Mary Hunt brought to you by Madpea the prizes are so awesome one of the prizes being...are you ready for this....Wishmaster! If you want more details keep on reading

14 October 2012

Pretty Wings | Cinamatic Angel

Hey Fashion Heads!
Are you impressed with the picture? Me too! I had a blast doing these pictures today at Allirium. I wanted to do an angel exploring earth type thing. In a way it was kind of like seeing the beauty in the lovely things around you type theme today. I went to this amazing place today called Cinema and I had a blast with a few of my friends (Mwahs to Lundy & Calli) if you wanna know more keep on reading if you hate reading you know the deal...SCROLL ON DOWN

12 October 2012

I Look So Growed Up! | Swag Fest Goodies

Hey Fashionistas!
Sorry about the little break I gave myself but I needed it did a little RL Karaoke and trust me...it wasn't pretty whipped cream vodka + Backstreet boy song + Me = A Funny Sight. I had fun even in RL I get a kick out of embarrassing myself. I guess you can call it my nerdy swag. Speaking of swag I have more goodies from swag fest begging to be shown wanna know more? keep on reading my dears if you hate reading and just wanna go and grab something the credits are at the bottom

10 October 2012

Lime Baby | A Day in the Life of a Lime

Welcome to the Day in the life of a lime

I'm very...green....and.....delicious! Like Kermit but...not a frog LMAO. God I'm such a dork.
*GASP* You can see mah panties o.o Me likey :D

You Think I'm Pretty Without Any Makeup On?

Hey Fashion Heads!
Today I just had so much fun taking pictures you have no idea how happy with my new computer I really am! For some reason I have teenage dream stuck in my head and I'm even humming it as I type lol. Today I surprisingly have little to no makeup of my own on this skin....wanna learn more about this outfit? keep on reading dears if not that's alright too just scroll on down to the credits I don't mind

09 October 2012

My Heart Will Go On | Knowing when to stop

Hey Fashion Heads 
Goodness I missed you guy so much. *Sighs* I've been sadsy wadsy. It always hurts just a little when the image of being with someone you like is popped but meh there are plenty more guys out there and better yet there are many more out there that WANT to meet and possibly be with you. My heart will go on...totally. And I always have my many spouses of SL *snickers* I love you spouses!

06 October 2012

LOTH (Look Of The Hour) #001 | Milking My Sexiness

So um....I'm going to start doing something for you guys a little different than I usually do. Usually I am a big talker and love to share my news but let's be honest....sometimes I REALLY just waant to share a freakin outfit with you guys so RARELY I will do just a look of the hour and credits for you just so I'm not rambling for no freakin reason so...here is the first one and I hope you guys enjoy and leave me some feedback!

Love Always

P.S Credits after the break just hit read more

04 October 2012

Feeling Oh So Swaggy and Delicious

Hey Fashion Heads! 
Today I was feeling a bit sexy but that doesn't change my love for pink so of course I wore what I felt hehe. I'm wearing a few Swag Fest items if you are liking what you see take a stroll down its a cute little sim it looks like a new york block filled with stores and the lag is relatively not bad. Wanna know what I has on? Keep on reading and credits on the bottom of course.

The Hunter...Envious Edition

Hey guys sorry about the absence last night had a LONG day. I had to do the monthly food shopping in real life and whatnot. Us humans gotta eat you know lol. When I logged on a friend of mine told me about the simwide hunt happening at Envious called The Halloween Hunt. There are I believe 60 ghosties scattered around the sim with prizes my only hint is LOOK EVERYWHERE. I put on my favorite 3 finds so far but I still gotta go back and find more maybe we will run into each other. Keep on reading for pics!

02 October 2012

Lips Like Morphine | My "Alterego" Screams for attention

Hey Fashionistas!
So um....I wanted to look sexy and show off mah boday so I did hehe. I grabbed up my very loving but weird Ryuho and we took a couple pics together. Aren't we kyoot together? So...I'm wearing a very hawt and sexy outfit from Alterego called Sexytime AND it comes with an applier that I am wearing today. I have it on in pink but its available in many colors. I just REALLY wanted to show these poses and this outfit before I went to cook dinner and stuff my face. Keep reading for a couple more pics and credits. Mwah I love you guys so much!

Leave You, Move on to a Perfect Stranger | Milk Release!

Hey ladies & gents!
You ever get that instant connection with someone after only a few hours of talking? Like you MUST have known this person before today? I always wondered if its strange I feel like that about some people I meet on wonderful SL. I know its the internet and some people BS their way through a convo but I can most of the time shuffle them out. Lately I've been having this connection with someone....to jump or continue to hide it? so many questions....NEW OUTFIT! Keep reading to find out more!

01 October 2012

Rain has Never Stopped Me Before

Hey Fashion Heads! 
So today I wanted to play around with my new prop and pose from Katink (Formally PNP so if you were looking for it and got confused here it is come on over). I absolutely love LOVE the fact that I had no adjustments to make with anything I just pulled it out of the box and BAM....It fit little old me perfectly. This is called Rain on my Parade it comes with 5 poses and 5 different umbrella attachments for each pose AND I made the rain! What do you think do I pass? My simple rain lover outfit is super cute right? Keep reading to find out more. If you hate reading that's fine too the credits are at the bottom