22 September 2015

Noodle Head

Hey Loves!
Today is a bit of a quick post with some things I picked up around the grid as well as news of another (yep another one) new event just waiting to knock SL's socks right off. I wanted a very cute but fall friendly outfit today and I think I accomplished it not to mention the outfit isn't really that expensive so money saving + looking cute? Um yes please! Keep on reading for more info and credits.

21 September 2015

VainDeer | New Dress From Moon Amore

Hey Loves!
Today I honestly just had fun with my post. You know how much I love play on words and how much I love dressing like pretty animals so...today I am a Vaindeer. A Vaindeer draws powers and energy from looking at itself in the mirror or reflections in the water. In my RL room I have mirrored drawers and a HUGE Mirror on my dresser so if Vaindeers were real I'd be one in RL hehe. Not only do I LOVE my makeup today but I also love the dress and the whole feel of the pictures I was able to capture for you today. Do you like the look I'm flaunting around in? Well lucky for you I have not only credits but a little info about all the new releases! Keep on reading for more info!

12 September 2015

Eggcellent Week

Hey Loves!
It's been such a long and hectic week for me but it was all rather eggcellent if I must say so. Get it...CAUSE Eggs? You all know how much I enjoy punny and themed outfits and this one is NO different. I saw eggs and my mind scrambled (BOOM ANOTHER PUN) and I knew these things had to be mine! Want to know where to go to grab them for yourself?! Keep on reading for more infos and credits!

04 September 2015

Lost Puppy Princess

Hello my love smoothies!

Sometimes I honestly have no idea what I want to blog about when I log on and today was one of those days. I just knew I wanted to be cute as a button so I gathered up some super cute things and smushed them into a cute lost puppy look. I have no only some cute things from Sweet Thing on but I also have some other super cute releases.
Short but sweet post for your faces! Keep on reading for more pics and credits!