25 February 2017

Breakfast With Lili

Hello sexy critters!

It's Saturday and you know what that means! Pretty much....the same as any other day of the week really BUT WITH SATUR AT THE BEGINNING *giggles*
There used to be an ongoing joke with me and an old friend about how breakfast in bed with me would be candy then I got this adorable outfit and decided to make it a reality I welcome you to my bed for a morning (well....afternoon) of candy and deliciousness. Keep on reading for a little more information and of course the credits :D

24 February 2017

Bear Essentials

Hey Loves!

How are you sexies today?! I'm...beary....good :D SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! Cause I'm a....yeah you get it. So recently I've been (let's be honest) struggling to be a glittery happy fool and sometimes when I want to blog I really just don't know what to say so on those days I will just do pictures and credits instead of hiding under a rock. That doesn't mean I love the items I pictured any less it just means I honestly have no motivation to speak (yay for depression)
I had tons of fun with my pictures today trying a couple of different things I don't normally do and I really do like the way these turned out so tell me what you think yes? My inspiration today was this super cute makeup applier from Lovely Disarray that made me look like a happy lovely bearbear and from there the look just came to me quite easily! Keep on reading for more information.

20 February 2017

My life its a beauty

Hello Loves!
Today I needed something bright and happy to combat this sadness seeping into my soul so I went to a very bright and beautiful place on SL called The Mill and listened to tons of Kpop music that makes me smile one of those songs is Taeyeon's "I" that's always so uplifting to me. As someone who is always so hard on herself it's so easy for me to miss the most beautiful and simple things in my life. It's about time that I embrace them. To be quite honest my inspiration today was....happiness and the beauty of life. If you have to take a moment to close your eyes..are they closed? Close them take a couple of breaths and think about one thing that made you happy. If you can't think of anything, take another deep breath and do something that truly makes you happy. If that still doesn't work I HAS GOODIES so keep on reading to find out where to find some happiness in SL.

16 February 2017

Me & You

Hey Loves!
So um..I've been really REALLY been updating my avatar and things still aren't right so I took this time to put on something very simple (but oh so freaking cute) and show off this super amazing bedroom set. This is a short but sweet post just so I don't leave you hanging! I've been trying to freshen up on my decorating skills (cause goodness knows those skills need some work) and I hope you lovelies see the improvements!

Keep on reading for better views of my stuffs and of course the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!
Love Always

13 February 2017

Snowed In....Again

Hey Loves! It is I!
For the last....week and a half I've been housebound because of the snow that keeps falling from the sky not to mention how unstable it's been making my internet...Boo sauce. I have to admit I usually LOVE the snow. Just cuddle up in a blanket with delicious snacks, Cappuccino, and a fully charged Kindle. Though I put TONS of money into Second Life, I barely ever buy books I usually go to amazon and go BERSERK on all the freebies there. Such amazing snow times indeed yes? But come on I wanna go out *sadface* BUT SINCE I AM HOME...I finally got to bunker down and show off my outfit. Like what you see? Do ya do ya? Keep on reading for more information.

03 February 2017

Winged Wonders

Hey Loves!
You know...I've never noticed how much of a gamer I was until recently. A 27 year old girl who craves a nice night in playing games. I just got into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Just think how awesome a night in riding chocobos and eating amazing food sounds. *sighs in pleasure* it's going to be quite a fun weekend. Today I am blogging a look I instantly fell in love with. Pink, wings, and sparkles is pretty much my main ingredients. Not only do I have some super adorable inexpensive items on I even have some *whispers* free items on today. Keep on reading for the credits and even some more pictures!