30 August 2013

Silent Friday | Sunset My Pain Away

Hey Fashion Heads!

Not much talking today just beautiful pictures for your eyesight! Mwahs!

Keep on reading for credits! I love you always

29 August 2013

Inventory Blues Part 1 of....goodness knows how many (The Initial Dump)

Hey Fashion Heads!

With all of the shopping I persuade you to do I thought it would be a nice time to maybe help you sort out your mess no? I'm currently in the process as well and I thought it would be a perfect time to show you what I do for my inventory so you get a close look into my mess which will hopefully be cleaned in a couple days

Keep on reading! Mwahs!

28 August 2013

Strollin With My Dawg

Hey Fashion Heads!
*Sigh* I can't believe I'm saying this but...the summer is quickly fading and I'm going to miss it so. I was actually TOO COLD today and had to put on pants in RL which is, let's face it, very unlike me soooo...since I did it in RL I decided to do it in SL as well with a very adorable outfit that's simple yet...not all at once *giggles* Want to get the look for yourself? Keep on Reading! Chasing after those last days of summer? That's okay! Credits at the bottom!

25 August 2013

Cotton Candy Queen

Fashion Heads!
Hey my dears! You know how my lazy Sunday posts are and I haven't done one in forever so I really wanted to get one done this weekend. Not only am I wearing a dress I adore but I have my new everyday skin. I know I say that a lot but I actually mean it this time. Not gonna talk your ear off today so just keep reading 'kay? Feeling lazy too? Credits Below!

21 August 2013

Snacks Before Dinner | Sash By Essences

Hola Fashion Senoritas!

As you may have noticed the summer is quickly fading away and as much as I HATE the warm weather I love the freedom to wear bright and sunny colors to my hearts content. Soon I will have to switch to the fall colors and I don't know what I'm gonna do ;.;
Today's post had very simple inspiration to be honest. I fell in love with these glasses from Love Soul! I seemed to have had a little ramen accident amongst my inner fight of snacks before dinner and then I just ran with the look. Despite my little noodle debacle I'm looking might cute don't you agree? If so I can tell you where to get it! Keep on reading! Having a little food fight yourself? That's okay credits at the bottom.

19 August 2013

Feeling Fierce


I know its been forever don't kill me. You see..I was SUPPOSED to post this weekend even though I wasn't home and silly me...I forgot my laptop charger so my battery died within an hour and a half of being on. Just goes to show that sometimes my forgetfulness is kinda cute...right? RIGHT
So gotta say. I was feeling a bit fierce this weekend. Not really sexy, or cute but FIERCE. Almost like I could walk down a runway. I'm not really a high fashion type girl but this weekend ladies, I was just feeling it so I guess you can say this look is inspired by all that fierceness being bottled up away from the computer. Want to be fierce with me? Darn right you do! Keep on reading! Are you next in the runway lineup? That's okay scroll down to the bottom for credits.

13 August 2013

Hippie Days | Lot's of Goodies Memes & All

Hey Dears! 

Ah the hippie times...I really wish I was born back then
"Peace" "Make Love, Not War" "Power to the People" We need some of these beliefs today and we'd all be much happier people I believe. If only hugging someone was as easy to do as hitting someone, or yelling right? Oh us humans and our lack of controlling emotions long enough to be rational.

As you may see my outfit today was inspired by the free feeling of hippie days but you now..brought into 2013. I'm not going to talk much about my outfit today because I've jumped on the Strawberry Singh meme train and its one that is near to my heart...my inventory *giggles* Keep on reading for the meme that you too can participate in as well as a closer look at the skin I have on *dances behind the break line*

11 August 2013

There is Only One Me

Fashion Heads!!!!

How are you sexy little ladies doing today? Good I hope because ummmm today is a GOOD DAY!

"There is only one me" It's true guys you're the only one who can be you so let it shine through as bright and sparkly as you can. There is nothing wrong with just freely being who you are and loving every second of it so let today be the start if you haven't been living to your full potential!
I have on a super cute outfit that would be perfect for a summer afternoon date, or even a picnic or well...any summer activity. Want to know where to get all these amazing things I have on today? WELL that's what I'm here for dahling *giggles* Keep on reading to get the goodies!

09 August 2013

Sugar Crush | Sugar @ Thift Shop

Hey Ladies!
Is it weird I had that obnoxious voice from Candy Crush in my head when I wrote the title for this post? That game is hella addicting...but I digress. 

Today is actually a skin post because well...I haven't done one in a while and I kind of want to get comfortable in one skin for more than 2 days tops. I'm NOT saying there aren't amazing skins out there but I AM saying it's hard to enjoy the beauty with just a one day use. 

06 August 2013

Just Do it with Love

Hello my dear Fashion Heads!

Feeling good, feeling fine, feeling amazing about life and I come here to share all the good good feels!

Today I'm bright, bubbly and honestly feeling like myself again. I love to sparkle, shine, sometimes I even like to glow and I don't see any reason to be any other way because the ONLY person who can be me IS me...so why should I try to be someone else? 
Over the past year and a half of blogging I've slowly learned more and more about myself. I've learned I'm an emotion driven person with every part of my life including EVERY post I do on this blog. When I first started I never thought I'd have one view but now I have so many I giggle when I see the number. When I first started I didn't know who I was...I had jut gotten out of a bad breakup and got out of a rough Real Life situation and wanted to find a place I could just be..me..and let my soul be free so that's what I'll keep on doing yes? YES! ONWARD to CLOTHES! Keep on reading credits at the bottom!

03 August 2013

The Cat's Meow

Hello Fashion Heads!

How are you today? Good I hope! Are you wondering about the title? Well let me explain
"The Cat's Meow" I've always enjoyed the saying even before I really knew what it meant. There is an older movie by that name with Kirsten Dunst in it that I love to watch from time to time. The time era always amazes me. The class, the clothing, the entertainment always keeps me watching. Even though its a murder film its done so elegantly I just don't even mind! The time era isn't my inspiration its more the actual phrase "The Cat's Meow" that inspired this look. Want to know more about this growlicious look? Keep on reading!

01 August 2013

The Flower Girl | Group Gifties & New Skins

Hey Fashion Heads!

From the time I was a little girl there was always one major thing that always fascinated me about weddings. It sounds a bit dumb but I always study which flowers the couple pick for their big day. I've seen the more used roses to the a little less used lilies and I always am astonished. What does it say about the couple? What does this flower symbolize. I think most if not everything used in a  wedding serves a subconscious purpose and its an amazing thing to analyze...for me anyway.
Today my look was inspired by flowers...it's actually my inspiration for a lot of outfits thus far but they don't call me Lili for no reason am I right? You're gonna love the stuff I'm wearing today ladies just keep on reading for more details on the goodies!