About Lili

Hiya Fashion Heads! (Yep the name sticks in here too)

Want to learn more about me? Okay I'll tell you a little about dear old me...Back in 1927 around the gulf of Mexic....I'm just kidding lets take the trip a little more recent shall we? *pulls out some chairs and hot chocolate for all*

In 1990 I escaped into a game we all know very well called RL. Don't get me wrong the graphics aren't as good but its the first MMO we are taught to play am I right? I was rezzed in the East Coast server and later made a home location in Florida but quickly got bored when I was 21 and moved back to the Boston Sim (See what I'm doing there hehe)

As for SL. Well I found SL in 2006 originally from playing a lovely little game called IMVU and I remember saying "Ugh...this 'game' is stupid I'm never signing on again!" and oh Jeez 6 years later I'm still here. I've done many MANY things in second life including dancing and hosting soon realizing I was into the dressing up aspect of it all so I thought hmm....what can I do to make this dressing up business happen more often?...

I ran into an AMAZING person you all hear me talk about a lot of the time Inuoko Shikami, the blogger of My Words Devour Souls, about a year ago. We quickly became friends and she got me into the world of blogging told me the basics and let me run free as quickly as my little fingers could move and OH what a feeling getting to dress up and take pictures whenever I wanted to!

When I first started I knew NOTHING about blogging I didn't even know how to handle taking pictures and making them realistic and pretty but now I'd like to think I do an okay job right? hehe

I would put a lot more here but I save most of my personal information for my blog posts so keep on reading to know more about the girl named Lili and I will keep on typing until my fingers fall off 

Mwahs and Happy Shopping 

Love Always

Revised 12/7/12


  1. What she leaves out is that she is an awesome friend and sounding board. Always there with a shoulder or an ear.

  2. She's the best sissy a girl could ask for!

    Love you sissybug! <3

  3. She is an amazingly wonderful person, i feel proud and privileged to have her as a friend!

  4. Lili rocks! She's one of the best friends I have ever had! Considering I hate 80% of people, that's a huge deal right there.