13 January 2022

Sugary Skin Review: Ash By Loa

 Hey loves!

I know it's been awhile for a post but I wanted to try my hand again in skin reviews. I feel like in the past it wasn't my strong point but if I'm being honest with mesh heads and a little more experience I do feel like I can do a better job on them so without further ado (am I even using that right?) I introduce you to a new place (to me) by the name of Loa. I don't usually take many skin sponsors but I do enjoy every skin I've seen released but today I will be showing off Ash so keep on reading for more informational pics and words! Mwahs and I love you always and forever!

Let's start by giving all the information about the skin and then towards the end I will give MY opinions yes?

♡ Store: Loa 

♡ Skin made for: Lelutka Kaya Mesh Head
♡ Modeled on: Lelutka Halle Mesh Head
♡ Shape Provided?: Yes, Modifable and Copiable
♡ Addons: Blush For eyes, nose, & cheeks
♡ Ear Textures included
♡ Skin Tones (From left to right): Band, Golden, Honey, Ivory, Opal, Porcelain, Sand, Sienna, Tan

♡ Makeup Options: Undead option

♡ Price for single tones: 699L (About 3 USD)
♡ Fatpack price: 3,146L (About 13 USD)

♥ Sugar's Opinion ♥
Personally my loves, I really do adore this skin and how even the texture of it is without being flat, I can honestly see myself wearing not only the normal version most likely in the skintone sand (7th Swatch) but I see use for the undead version too since I am getting back into RP. The features on the face are so natural and makeup applies over it so well but for the sake of a fair review I went makeup-less (which you know is hard for me) and STILL absolutely adore the look I achieved. I also feel that the skintones are different enough that by buying a fatpack you can really make use of each tone individually. Some have very soft golden undertones, some have a hint of olive, some strong warm undertones and each one is handled with attention to shadowing and highlighting. Even if this wasn't a new sponsor for me I could see myself using this skin. I really hope I did the creator proud with showing this off and I hope I convinced you all to check the store out there are a TON of other skins to check out as well so head over! Here is the landmark! Hope you visit soon

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