11 March 2015

Time To Meet....Hope | Yumyums Release

Hey Loves!
I've come to tease you all a little bit! You know I am a bit of a stickler for showing you guys only things you can run and get now too BUT this skin needs a grand introduction. A. GRAND. INTRODUCTION. *rolls out the red carpet* Keep on reading for all the lovely details!

This skin is a BRAND NEW release  from Yumyums that will be available at this year's skin fair which opens on Friday the 13th. This beauty goes by the name of Hope and comes in 5 tones but I have the darkest tone, cocoa, available to show you today
The body I give an a plus too very smooth, the complexion matches everywhere and the skintone is so perfect. It doesn't have a weird fake tan look too it,  it looks like someone who is naturally tan or naturally darker and I think we need more of that in Second Life. Oh! and don't get me started on the appliers available

What Comes in the box?
  • Blush Makeup Layers x6
  • Eyebrow Layers x3
  • Freckles Makeup Layer (Light, Medium, & Dark)
  • Full Body Freckles
  • Eyelash Alpha
  • Moles Makeup Layer
  • Skins w/ 5 brow options
  • Skins w/ Cleavage or Non Cleavage
  • Appliers HUD
Appliers Available
  • Slink (Body, Hands, & Feet)
  • Lolas (Tango, Mirage, & Delicq and all compatible breasts)
  • Cute/Phatazz (and all compatible butts)
  • The Mesh Project
  • Maitreya
  • Loud Moud
  • Nyam Nyam
  • PXL 
  • Baby Bump
  • Soul Kissers

Even with ALL those options in the box you can still get these very beautiful lipsticks for your new skin. If you have a mesh mouth like yours truly you are 100 percent SET! There are two packs pack one is lots of pinks and reds to make those lips really pop and pack 2 is a lot of spring and summer tones that will definitely get those sexy lips noticed.
Iokko definately had everyone in mind when she designed this skin and it REALLY shows! As soon as you can run to get this skin and make it your own! See you all soon with more skins and outfits <3! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

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