04 December 2014

Time To Meet: Emmy

I know it's been awhile for a skin review honestly because I think it's my weak point in blogging since it's so uniform and requires SOME photoshop skill, but you know what? There are some things that just make you do things and this skin is definitely one of those precious gems. Keep on reading for more info okay?!

WARNING:  If you're at work or have kids around you might want to save this for later

Hey! I see this skin got your interest as well so now I can ramble ALL about it! This skin is the newest release from La Petite Morte and this is called (as you guessed from the title) Emmy. You can pick this skin up from this round of We <3 RP which opened today! This skin is all of the usual skin tones that you know and love from the Gen. 2 line 

In this pack you will get:
4 Total Skins
  • Cleavage/Non Cleavage versions of the skin
  • Brow (one option)/ No Brow versions of the skin
  • Nyam & Loud Mouth Appliers
Available Appliers
  • Mesh Mouths: Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam
  • Mesh Boobs: Lolas, Lush
  • Mesh Butts: Phat/Cute Azz, Ghetto Booty
  • Mesh Bodies: Slink Body, The Mesh Project
  • Baby Bump
If you're looking for a skin, give this skin a demo :D See you all laters! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

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