13 April 2016

Time To Meet: Hana | Angelica @ The Seasons Story

Booyah! Skin post for your faces...and for my face too I suppose huh?

On my first post I shared my little....issue today
Me: Hey yay my pictures are all done!
My Computer: Yeah you see...they were and all but I think I'm gonna just corrupt this real quick 
Me: But...I kind of need those pictures...
My Computer: The computer you are trying to reach...
Me: *looks at computer screen and shakes her head*

So then I decided it's time to do a skin post since I haven't done one in so long! Today I am showing you a brand new skin from the always amazing Angelica! You can find this at this round of The Seasons Story! Want details on all the goodies? You got it :D Keep reading!

What's Offered for/with this skin?
  • Brow Versions: Light, Dark & No Brow Options
  • Eyebrow Shape
  • Mesh Compatibility: Maitreya System & Slink System
  • BEAUTIFUL eyes
  • 6 Makeup Options
Makeup Options
Row 1, Left to Right: Juicy, Pink, Rose
Row 2, Left to Right: Sakura, Salmon, Sweet Nudy
Eye Options
Top Row: Brown & Red Brown Version 1
Bottom: Brown & Red Brown Version 2

And that is the magic that is Hana! The doors of The Seasons Story are fully swung open just waiting for you to prance in and grab all the goodies! Go and demo this amazing creations as long as MANY more! See you guys soon! Mwahs & Happy Skinning (sounds....bad but you know what I mean)

Love Always

P.S All clothing worn credited Here

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