05 February 2016


My looooves! It's been so loooong!

I'm now 26 and *sigh* I was asking myself "is it time to quit SL yet Miss Baxter?" UM NO! I told myself 2 years ago on my birthday I was going to leave...but I'm not you're stuck with me until the servers shut down!
Unlike last year...and the year before that....and the ye-WELL ANYWAY this year I will have a special someone to share Valentine's day with that makes me fun and sparkly and he never believes me when I tell him how anti love I was before meeting him. I'm a nice person (or so I'd like to believe) but I was not in the place to be in love. I'd be asked out on dates and my responses were usually "why?" or "..." but I guess something was a little different about this tater tot I love now huh? 

Today's outfit was inspired by....me being utterly jaded to the CORE. I have on tons of new and amazing things so just credits today! Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always

29 January 2016

Kitty Milk & Cookies

Hey my love sauces!
So today is the day before I officially get old again. Yep it's that time again Birfday time for the lilz! Since I don't really want to be posting during celebrations especially since it's the weekend I figured I'd do a sexy....er? post than usual and stay in the solitude of my house to show it off. I swear when I dress up in SL I go from "I want EVERYONE to see this outfit" to "I want no one to see me in this" but it's always such pretty stuff so I just suck it up and show it off to my loves...cause you love me no matter what riiiiight? Right!
Today is a somewhat silent day with the details for the outfit but all the credits are at the bottom! Mwahs & See you guys Monday!

25 January 2016

Dusty Cupcakes

Hey loves!
It's a...snowy monday but you know what that's okay. I love the snow and I appreciate it's role in my life *sips hot chocolate* I never noticed how much of a germaphobe I REALLY am until last year. Last year I spent HOURS on some cupcakes and I mean HOURS piping and decorating for Fourth Of July. After spending all that time I didn't eat them because I left them uncovered to run to the pantry and the..."amazing" people upstairs started jumping around and caused dust to sprinkle off the ceiling. Realistically it was nothing to even be noticed but in my head THERE WAS DUST EVERYWHERE AND I COULD NO LONGER EAT THE CUPCAKES OR I'D DIE. For days I just...looked at my hard work and settled on less dustier and less artistic alternatives.

Today my outfit is inspired by my love of this color *wiggles around in her dress* and my love of cupcake decorating! Like what you see? Keep on reading for more pictures and details!

20 January 2016

Just Right

Hey Loves!
 Sometimes a girl just needs to....swim around in donuts to relax and feel beautiful amirite? I've never really been a girl with a big sweet tooth. I know looking at my tasty treats posts you wouldn't believe that but I've always been the girl that leans towards the more tasty treats in life. One of my favorite things to eat is ANY carb covered or stuffed with cheese but one sweet treat I can never EVER turn down is a good glazed donut. 

My post today was inspired by not only donuts but also one of my favorite Kpop songs. The video (linked below) gave me tons of inspiration and the words to the song always leave me feeling absolutely beautiful! Like what you see? Keep reading for credits and a closer up picture of the outfit!

13 January 2016

So Cold

Hey my lovers!

It seems as if Mother Nature likes  confusing me with the constant weather changes. I mean this is BOSTON I'm supposed to be covered in icicles around this time of year but I've gone from wearing a HUGE jacket to just needing to  bundle up with some of my cute sweaters. We FINALLY got some more snow here and it was absolutely beautiful and I loved it and would not mind seeing that again before winter ends. 

My outfit today was inspired by not only cuteness but ALSO by wanting to be cute and warm. Not going to do much talking but all of my stuff is listed in my credits found down below!
More pictures & credits down below!

07 January 2016

My Sweet Kitten

Hey loves!
So...I thought I might share it with you guys. The end of last year (literally the very end) my sweet grandpa kitty, Tiger, went to the kitty paradise in the sky. It's not fully sad seeing as he had a long life (17 years) and he was and is eternally loved by everyone who entered our home. He of course will be missed by us all.

Because of this I've had a bit of an attachment to the SL animal world and today I am showcasing one that hit really close to home and not only do I have a super adorable kitty. I also have an outfit that brings me MUCH joy *giggles* if you think it's almost purr-fection and you'd like to know more about what I have on keep reading. No seriously do it. I won't bite....this time.