Angel Wing Heart

30 June 2015

Music On The Docks

Hey Loves!
The month of June is LITERALLY about to be over and I've been so busy this month I can't say I'm sad to see it go. Not saying the things I've done are unimportant of course but you know me. I like to dress up and think VERY LITTLE about ever growing up. With all this grownupness I needed a nice, cute, and playful look and I knew just want I wanted to wear to shake off the adulthood of June. One of my all time ways to relax is to listen to music so today I decided to do it at the docks :D I love all types of music so I can have what feels like ENDLESS playlists...if I wasn't too lazy to make playlists. To the outfit? Mkay keep reading for more infos!

26 June 2015

Hippo Pool Party

Hey Loves!
Super big post filled with LOTS of goodies so I am keeping talking to a minimum just enjoy all my credit goodness and prepare your wallets :D

23 June 2015

Lazy Kitten

Hey Fashion Heads!
Just two lazy kitties here to show you a comfy and lazy outfit!

Elastic Heart

Hey Loves!

I had such an antisocial weekend but I think I needed it after WEEKS of not getting any time alone. I love being the happy and upbeat sparkle in people's lives especially the people that I love but there are just...days that I need to just snuggle my baby Phantom, watch youtube videos, and eat slightly healthier snacks than I used to (trust me...not as bad as I thought it was when I first did the change). I mean...I watch A LOT of youtube videos, like A LOT!
A song that has been stuck in my head AND on replay is "Elastic Heart" by Sia so I think that is what my post is inspired by? Okay well also I just had a fun time in Flux Ser Mer! I even met a couple of friendly people who had a giggle or two with all of my crashing ways! Are you enjoying the look I offer you today? Wanna get the stuff for yourself!?! Keep on reading for credits and a better picture of the outfit!