Angel Wing Heart

24 May 2015

Lazy Daze

Hey Loves

3 Beachy Girls

Hey Loves!

I have not one but THREE looks to show you for the beach! I liked them all so much and I really wanted to show off a bikini and couldn't choose one look so you get three!
Keep reading for credits and a little info on where to get each swimsuit!

21 May 2015

Sky Goddess

Hey Loves!
As of lately I just haven't been feeling very....goddess like. Don't you go thinking I'm crazy my dears I know I'm NOT a goddess but the fact that I don't feel like one is the problem. We should all feel like goddess, like we've been put here on this earth (and/or Second Life) to be something extraordinary and special. Everything done by a person JUST ONE has the power to change the world forever. Don't any of you forget that. Your worth in this world is endless...even if you don't know it yet.

This is my second posty of the day and I really had fun with the pictures so I'm not really going to talk too too much and just let you take a gander at the pictures :D

Pinky & Polar

Hey Loves!
The heat seems to finally be upon us and making itself known around these parts and some of you may know my hibernation has officially started. I'm like a polar bear once the summer heat hits I find an igloo to slide into until September comes back around. Goodness knows I love summer clothing but hate the heat that comes with it. I thought that doing some exploring in SL would be nice especially in a super cute summery outfit right? Keep on readiing to find out where I got all these amazing pieces AND meet my new pretty pet pet (I literally was given this one as I was taking pictures)