31 July 2014

The Bone Magician

Hey Loves!
I'm a magic woman today and gonna DAZZLE you with my fashion and accessories. Another quick posty but full of my magical lovin! 
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29 July 2014

Bunny Baroness

Hey dear readers & hallo new subbies *wavewaves*
Sadly today I have NO energy. Not only was I not home all this weekend but I also didn't take my iron pills or my vitamins so my energy is at -48697 and I hate it BUT I have a couple things to show before the end of the month so I am pushing myself! There won't be as much talking but will be lots of content so keep reading and stay tuned!

Keep on reading for the credits of great goodness!
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23 July 2014

Ensya By PUMEC

Another really quick post! 
Just want to show off these skins from PUMEC available at The Gacha Mania for under 75L per play! Keep reading for info!
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Love From T.T.P

Hey Loves!

We just can't stop blogging together! You know why? because it's fun! 
Today we rocked and rolled out with the best of them! Funny enough we were originally going to dress as the outcasts at school then it took an amazing turn to an even better idea! Do you want to know what the amazing Trio is wearing today? For mine just keep on reading but for Jinki <--& --> Lala you just go and check out there bloggity! In a rush to our first concert? ;) I don't blame you hehe my credits are at the bottom!
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