10 November 2017

♡ Together Again ♡

♪ Everywhere I go, every smile I see I know you are there smilin' back at me Dancin in moonlight I know you are free 'Cause I can see your star shinin' down on me ♪

06 November 2017

♥ Back From The Fight ♥

Well well well....look who it is!
I know I've been gone for...a couple months now and it's time to be real with you all because it's something that's hard for me to talk about. I suffer from Clinical depression and social anxiety. I'm not saying this for sympathy either I'm saying this to pull you into my soul a little deeper. My blogging started out a place for me to come and paint myself as an over the top happy person, which I naturally am....however in mid May the depression got too much to take and getting out of bed and even using any mental energy to blog had me spent for days on end....so I decided to (without notice to not be talked out of it) take a break and I must admit my loves that I missed you....but it's something I really needed to do for myself. I've found a strength in myself that I haven't experienced in a long time.

Now that we have gotten all that out of the way....let's talk about this amazingly spoopy look that I am rocking today yes? Lots of goodies around the map as usual and I'm here to show them off so just keep on reading for more pics and informations!

09 July 2017

♡ Kitties & Ice Cream ♡

Hello my loves!
My brain has been literal mush for quite some time and too be quite honest I'm not too sure why. For lunch yesterday I decided to make my somewhat non traditional mackerel cakes and when I went to cut the bag of spinach open I apparently thought my finger was made of plastic or something and sliced myself as if I wanted to add my unicorn blood to the recipe and it's been a B...-erm I mean a PAIN to type but no more being a little girl about it BLOGGING MUST BE DONE! Well....it doesn't HAVE to be...but I want it to be because blogging is life, blogging is bae (I apologize...)
Today I mixed two amazing things together to make an adorable outfit Kitties and Ice Cream...I mean not ice cream flavored cats or cat flavored ice cream type nonsense but these are two amazing new releases out  many that I put on for this outfit of the day! Do you like it!? I certainly hope so! Keep on reading for credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

03 July 2017

♥ Careful Steps ♥

Hey Loves

I don't have much to say...again but the look I have today is so freaking cute and makes me so happy and I'm so excited to share it. I hope you love the look as much as I do! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!
Love Always

17 June 2017

Summer Day

Helloooooooo lovers and lovettes!
Hmm...to be honest I kind of like that intro. I keep it for nao *giggles* I've surprisingly been in a rather cheerful mood despite how hot it's been, and not just hot but the humidity has been 51 percent so all of my clothes have been clinging to me and the sweat was NONSTOP but as I said, despite it all I've actually been looking....forward? to the summer. Does this mean I'm growing up as a person? Am I evolving? Is this what getting old feels like? Just adapting to horrid sweat drenched situations? Either way my loved ones, I really enjoyed my little exploration in a cute little sim called Nowhere else and the outfit I wore in my exploration was too cute to pass up the chance to show you. Keep on reading for the details yes?

13 June 2017

Succubus in White

Hey loves!
I know it looks like my boobies are giving you the middle finger but I promise you they are not, even though that would be kind of epic to some degree. I am wearing something a little more showy and possibly NSFW but I adored it and I need to show it to all of you lovies so just keep on reading for more information yes? Yesssss