16 August 2018

♡ Cool For The Summer ♡

14 August 2018

♡ A Very Smol Coctus ♡

04 August 2018

♡ Date Night ♡

Hey there!

So yeah...it's been hotter than Cajun BBQ out here and my computer decided it was vacation time and no pictures were done! Since when did technology become MY boss? I mean...I'm okay with it I guess. That being said its cooled off and here I am again with the stuffs!
Not only do I have on an outfit I absolutely LOVE I bought a skin that I've been eyeing for a couple of weeks now. As a blogger I change my looks so much sometimes I feel like buying a skin a personal non sponsor skin (not that I don't LOVE my sponsors and appreciate what they do)  and my personal shape lets me keep a little piece of my own identity even though I show you all the things I enjoy wearing so I do tend to splurge when I find something that makes me fee unique and beautiful