Angel Wing Heart

25 April 2015

Rose Garden Filled with Thorns

Hey Loves!
Just had a bit of fun with my outfit today! I wanted something super pink, super cute, and that made me happy and my outfit today is all the things :D Lately I've been walking around in really big t-shirts and heels. I'm still losing weight (about 8 lost since I last checked) and it's drastically showing in some of my clothes and I got shirts from friends that were baggy on my bigger body that now just swallow me whole and I love it! ANYWAY we have clothing goodness to be checked out today so keep on reading for le credits!

23 April 2015

Free But Never CheapCheap

Hey Loves!

20 April 2015


Hey my loves!
So I'm trying something a little different with my pictures and so far I'm really liking it what about you? I mean granted there are a few mistakes but for the first attempt I think I did damn good!

I never really give black & white much love since I always want to be so colorful and happy but I decided to make a cute black and white outfit to start the week off. I have lots of new releases and even a couple freebers :D If you want to know more about what I have on just scroll on down to the credits for a brief description