16 April 2014

Epic Kimono

Hey my loves!
Just a quick post today! Keep on reading for the credits! I will be a bit busier than usual so I won't have as much time to talk but I do want to show you all the goodies I've been loving around the grid! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

Keep on reading for credits
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13 April 2014

Your Violentest Seduction

Hey loves!

This is a quick night post for all my sexies after a nice lazy,sexy Sunday of peace and slumber. 
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Lazy Sunday | Spookyfloss in Venice

Hey my loves!

Today I'm feeling awesome and it's Sunday, usually my lazy day but I'm not feeling all that lazy since I have some amazing goodies to show you this amazing day! I decided on a little bit of travel today in SL since I haven't done it a lot then the pictures just came to me hehe. 
As a kid and...honestly as an adult too I've always had a love for Cotton Candy! Some people call it Candy floss as well. I always hated getting my hands dirty so things that melted and made me feel unclean never worked for me but the tubs of cotton candy from the local corner store were perfect for me...you just pull a piece off and put it in your mouth and it doesn't stay on your hands long. I have some sweet, sweet, releases to share with you today so keep on reading to find out every sugary detail okay?
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11 April 2014


Hey my loves!

I'm becoming more and more excited about the expected re-do of the Sailor Moon Anime to better match the Manga storyline. I was going to re-watch it recently but when I heard the news I just feel like it's better to wait it out you know? 
Funny enough this outfit has two inspirations one of them of course being Sailor Moon BUT also one of my favorite songs by Lady Gaga called Venus keeps going through my head as well which got me to this look! See anything you like on it?! WELL Keep on reading to get every Prismpower filled detail. 
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09 April 2014

Lady Kimono | Japan Fair Beauty

Hey Loves!

Please excuse my absences it seems that SL is hitting me with every graphical issue it can right now. If it's not crashing before save it's gridlines. If it's not that then I just simply can't move if I can move well then..I guess no shadows for me! Since I like to provide the best pictures I can to you I've been trashing lots of them because meh #SLproblems so please bare with me until I can find some more solutions and/or buy a new laptop. 
Today's outfit is....a masterpiece of beauty. An outfit this beautiful doesn't even NEED an introduction so let's just jump right into it.
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07 April 2014

Monster Moon | Cutie Moon Pt 1

Hey Loves!

The last couple nights have been a little tough for me but you know what...things will get a lot easier in time so I'm going to continue on with MY happy place with you all and never forget that I'm NEVER alone with amazing readers and friends like you all. 
I'm not sure if you guys know but the greatest thing is happening right...THE CUTIE MOON FAIR. This place is full to the brim with amazing Sailor Moon inspired goodies that make me SO happy from the many amazing designers of Second Life. This is one of MANY outfits I will be showing you from this glorious event so keep on reading for more info on the outfit I'm wearing for you today!
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04 April 2014

Bubblegum Hair

Hey my loves!

My computer right now I think is dying so getting pictures done lately is SUCH a task so my post for some time might only be one pictures TWO if I'm lucky!
I ADORE the outfit I have on today I feel so girly and pretty and a nice fresh breath of Spring goodness! This look is loosely inspired by a doll I used to have as a kid she had the cutest blond girls but I've always had a weak spot for pink hair so I took a pink marker broke it and took out the pink tube and made her hait a nice bright bubblegum pink much like the one I have today! Keep on reading for all the juicy details! 
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01 April 2014

Casual Meeting

Hey my loves!
Today I have a super adorable casual look for you and since I am at my mom's house I don't have the time to tell you about all the goodies so just read credits and shop your heart out! I love you guys so Mwahs & Happy Shopping.

Love Always
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29 March 2014

Kissed By May | May By Birdy

Hi my loves! I bring you ANOTHER skin I have tons I want to show but since the Skin Fair is ending tomorrow I'm BEGGING you to go today. The skin I have on today is a lovely piece of work from Birdy that I went gaga (lady of course) all over. Keep on reading for more info and outfit credits <3

The skin I have on today from Birdy is called May and...I'm in lust with it. Let me just say I LOVE the body detail on this skin so SO smooth and soft looking. I have on the Toffee tone which I'm really into and hopefully I can go back and get a darker version before the skin fair ends. These skins have all appliers available and even better? All you have to do is join the low fee group (I believe its 50L) and you can grab them all for a linden at the mainstore :D 
Each pack comes with
3 Cleavage Layer Tattoos
Flat Chest Tattoo Layer
Small Breasts Tattoo Layer
Freckle Tattoo Layer
3 Glosses for your lippy lips
Skins with 5 Brow options: Bare, Brown, Black, Red, and Blonde

Another short but sweet post for my loveloves (I was trying to do a post free weekend but failed) get those tushes to the Skin Fair...this is LITERALLY your last chance! Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always 

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Skin: Birdy - May Skin in Toffee New @ The Skin Fair
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: Chop Shop - Real Eyes in 50 Shades New Release
♡ Hair: Chemistry - Bubbles in Chocolate Brown
♡ Hands: Slink
♡ Feet: Slink
♡ Booty: Luck Inc - Cute Azz
♡ Lashes: Candy Mountain - Moody Falsies
♡ Blush: Dead Apples -Anime Blusher
♡ Freckles: The Sugar Garden - Light Freckles
♡ Top: Boom - Twenty-Three Tee in Cotton Candy
♡ Panties: Pervette - Gacha Pants in Strawberry New @ Luck Of The Irish
♡ Socks: Forever Young - Knee Socks in White
♡ Glasses: Sugar Button Boutique - Super Nerd Glasses on Strawberry Delight
♡ Bracelet: Precious - Cotton Candy Bracelet in Mix Grape/Gum
♡ Bows: Remarkable Oblivion - Brair Bows in Usagi
♡ Tail: Luck Inc - The Tail in Fade to Black
♡ Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
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27 March 2014

Meet Quiana | Magic Sauce By The Skinnery

Hey my dears! It's me again with yet another AMAZING skin from another AMAZING designer! I have on a skin from The Skinnery so keep on reading for the details okay? OKAY?! :D
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