21 July 2014

Clover By FreshFace

Hey Loves!
Not one but TWO Posts today! One OOTD and one skin review! If you want to know about my outfit click here and keep reading to get a nice look at these skins! As mentioned I'm roasting alive so these are somewhat shorter than usual.
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Internet Princess

Hey my lovelies!
So you're in luck today I have not one but TWO posts for you today! 1 outfit of the Day and 1 skin review so if you want the skin info click <here> and for the outfit keep on reading okay? Short post of the night because I apparently have a brown out and the side with the AC is on the fritz so lounging out with the grams :D
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18 July 2014

Limey Lime Beachy Time | Wowmeh Updates!

I'm baaaack
Today the crazy trio went to the beach! Guess who's computer NOPE'd outta there? Mine did hehe but my love love was sweet enough to do this picture for us and goodness I love it sooooo much.  Later on I was able to stabilize and get more pictures whipped up.
It's a bit late and I'm kind of tired BUT hey fashion doesn't sleep so I will just have to suck it up and give you all the clothing details huh? You got it! Keep on reading!
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17 July 2014


Hey my loves!
Sometimes I must admit...I don't want to be social or go outside I just want to dress up as pretty as I can and then watch TV on the couch taking random selfies for my friends. I just feel like being beautiful sometime without the trouble of being social....I guess my desire trickled into SL today too hehe

Today I am dressed as an Angel moving into her new home in heaven. I just wanted a nice serene feel to my posty today to be quite honest and I'm really happy with the way the look turned out so keep on reading for more outfit newsy pewsy :D Are you a busy angel to? Credits at the bottom!
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