31 August 2012

Not Myself Tonight...| Photography Attempt

Hey Guys & Girls

Actually....tonight is not a talkative night I just want to show you a picture I worked on tonight. I hope you like it. Fave It. Talk about it. IM Me. Tell me how you wish I'd burn it. I wanna hear your thoughts. 

Love Always 

P.S. Credits Down Below

For the Change in Your Pocket | 139L Outfit

Hey Fashion Lovers:

So...Everyone loves saving money right? I can't be the only one that gets excited at a sale. No matter how much money you have both RL and SL you always love the rush you get when you get to save a few dollars. Well today my dears I brought a look to you that will in no way break the bank for you. dig in your purse....if you can find 60 US Cents...you can afford this outfit. I made this entire look for 139L wanna see how? Keep on reading...wanna just rush to pick up the pieces and do it yourself? Read the credits at the bottom

30 August 2012

Kiss of Summer on My Cheek

Hey Fashion Heads!

I am absolutely GLOWING with happiness today it was an all around great day in both my First & Second Life. Today I sat on the balcony and looked up to the setting summer sun....such a beautiful sight. Even though I rage face when I get too hot I absolutely love to watch the source of the heat wave me a goodbye and slip off to great other parts of the amazing place called Earth. A little info about clothing AND props today. Want to keep reading? You know what to do if not just scroll to the bottom of the page for credits...

Being Cute is Sexy....

Hey Fashion Ladies and Gents

I'm back to my pink again....I couldn't fight the urge any longer so...I guess I failed. I wanted to be a mix of sexy and cute....that's what most of my friends know me for. I guess you can say I bring the Sexyback...cute style hehe. A little bit of Outfit info if you wanna read if not the credits are waiting for your hungry eyes 

28 August 2012

What's That Even Mean?

Helloooo my lovely readers:

So....I recently got sent a youtube video (I'll put it at the bottom) of a guy named Kingsley talking about overexposed Slang sayings and he got one of them but tonight...I want to take you through MY top 5 over exposed slang words/phrases. If you "rdgaf" that's fine the credits are at the bottom.

Can't Be Tamed | LOL Like you'd want that


Hey pretty people how was your day? Good I hope. As embarrassing as it may sound I watched The Jungle Book earlier today. Its not like I turned to it but it was on and I didn't feel like moving. I'm easy entertained....sometimes. Well after that I had the urge to be a little bit "girl in the wild" so I guess today's inspiration was The Jungle Book. The place I got the outfit from is TRULY amazing. Keep reading for more info or you can  just scroll on down to the credits

27 August 2012

Brand New B**ch | 10k!!!!!

Hey Again Fashionistas

I decided to do a bit of exploring and stumbled (literally) into new york. My little kitty cat decided to walk on my keyboard while I made dinner and I ended up there. So tonight....he wins lots and lots of pets! The Title is super awesome today totally feeling. Everyday I think of myself as a brand new bitch. My likes and dislikes are constantly evolving. My intelligence is constantly evolving. Life is about becoming a brand new bitch on a daily basis if you ask me. Outfit info coming up! If you're not a reader then keep on scrolling down! hehe

The Hunted | HYIS Beauty

Hey Lovelies!

So this is a short post but I plan on doing multiple postings today. I just wanted to show off this UBER cute yet sexy top that I found while hunting. I know that I barely do hunts but when I do its AMAZING finds. You CAN look amazing in SL for little to no money. Its not about the size of the wallet its about the size of your....

Imagination...you pervy cakes....

26 August 2012

Not So Lazy Sunday

Fashion Heads!

I know on sundays I'm usually sooo lazy but today I think I went a bit more on the energetic side. Tonight is the season Finale of True Blood OMG Can't wait I wonder what's gonna happen. Have any predictions? Leave me some comments of what you think will happen. It's really drawn me in this years since its SO out there...EVEN FOR TRUE BLOOD!. So I have on a few new purchases today I'm totally feeling and I want to tell you guys a bit about them. Not much of a reader? That's okay just scroll down to the credits.

25 August 2012

The Scary Butterflies | PRF's Last Hurrah!

Hey Fashionista lovelies!

So I am FINALLY done organizing the mess of an inventory and I'm so happy about that so I can get back to my bloggy goodness. I bet you're wondering about the post title right? Right. Well click to read the meaning if you'd like if not just click and scroll on down to the credits hehe.

23 August 2012

I Missed You | Day 3 of Cleaning

Hey Fashion Heads! (I think that's my name for you)

So I am attempting to organize and clean my abundance of stuff and I'm doing a great job at it. I am impressed I worked myself from a crazy 69k to a little under 45k and I'm no where near done hehe. The last few days with no blogging have been so stressful for me I had to at least take a small break to show you a cute "grown up" outfit I put together. I usually wear very youthful looking clothes but because of unnecessary drama...I feel really damn mature ATM.

21 August 2012

A Word From The Lili

Hey all.

I'm still alive and everything just trying to somewhat lower the abundance in my inventory and blog at the same time so I may have some days I won't be here but fear not! when I come back fully and completely I will have so many things to show you! Should take me no more than 2 weeks. I'm not going to stop blogging but it may not be as frequent as usual.

But if you want to talk just message me inworld or leave a comment! And keep checking back hehe

Love Always

19 August 2012

Lazy Sundae | Countdown Continues...

Hey Fashion Heads

I know, I know. It's late but this is usually my relax day...not to mention I slept until about 3 in the afternoon. As you may or may not know I am a HUGE True Blood fan. The show does things to me and I've liked it since episode 1. I usually get a nice bowl of ice cream and go comatose for about an hour....

18 August 2012

Got Milk? | Late Night Blog Fever

Hey Fashion Heads!

Shh..I Just Don't Care | I am Me

Hey Fashion Ladies & Gents

I have been having an amazing time with my blog lately not that I wasn't before but now I don't feel like I have to "live up" to anyone else I've been being 100 percent Lili. I usually try to stay away from changing how I like to look because I'm afraid of being labeled a copycat or things of that nature but ummmm HELLO we're bloggers...I put things out there so people know about great products not to later cry copycat because someone read and liked what they saw. but yeah...to the good stuff.

Come Dream With Me...| One Week Left


17 August 2012

Close your eyes and count to pink...


You ever close your eyes and end up in a dream you don't want to wake up from? Something that just feels like you are just truly *sighs in happiness* at home? Though I grew up as a city girl I've always had a little bit of a country lover in me. If you hold the bugs, and the mud, and the smells, and the sweat, and the...well..if you hold a few things I would have loved to be in the country roads, raising my own animals and just enjoying life under the unpolluted air.

I took a little trip to yet another Sim called Old Mountain Farm that I have loved for some time. I was told it is supposed to be a replica of where Johnny Cash grew up so if you know my dear fashion heads let me know :p

15 August 2012

a"Mused" in Sunset Beach...| NSFW

Did you miss me? Not even a little?

Well I'm back now so its okay hehe. I have been a little travel bunny...er....kitty for the last few days but I seem to always end up BACK at Sunset Beach. I know you are all saying "Lili WTF there are other beaches on the grid" Yeahhh I know but...how can you wander from a view like this...

I meant the pool not my Georgia peach you pervy perv minds :p So since I am as it seems ALWAYS here I thought maybe I should tell you a bit about it if you'd like to hear a little (or a lot) and if not that's fine too you can scroll to credits and a full view of what I am wearing today...

14 August 2012

Under Tuscan Seduction | Lili The Explorer

Hey Fashion Heads!

Spent an AMAZING day exploring! Lately I admit I've felt a bit foreveralone but the feeling is quickly passing. I'm a sweet enough person to easily make new friends if the old ones get sick of me hehe. 


Let the exploring begin!

13 August 2012

Girl in the Letterman Jacket

There are very few times in my life that I can say I "regret" but since I am human I guess I need a few am I right?

When I was a freshman in High School the football star decided it would be fun to randomly kiss me. Why? I really don't know and up until that day I had not even thought about him in that type of way. We eventually started hanging out a lot, eating lunch out together and I was surprised to say that we DID have a lot of things in common. We both were such dorks together I thought I had at least found a good friend in him....until the new girl showed up...

12 August 2012

Taste The Rainbow | RL Rantings ftw

Tastin my rainbow bitchessssss!?!?

Sorry about that...I'm not really a swearing type person...but I wanted to at least once or twice on this blog so there. I hope my mom isn't reading this (So sorry mama lol) As you all know...I love rainbows, bubbles, furbies, glitter, pink....I like cute things but that doesn't mean I'm ANYWHERE near a dumb woman. I may occasionally slip into my cute talk by saying "has" instead of have or add an s to the end of a word but that doesn't mean I don't know its not a real word.

11 August 2012

Stuck in my Vanity

Hey Fashion Heads

It feels like the Vanity Fair just started and just like that its almost over. I've always been a fan of the team that put this amazing fair together ( Also covered the Kawaii Fair) and I can't wait for their next one. So in proper Vanity fashion I took some close up pics just so you can *in a sultry voice* see how vain I really AM hehe. So Enjoy and stop in one last time before midnight!

10 August 2012

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing...

Hey People!

As you may have noticed...music inspires a lot of my postings...lyrics make my mind tick..think about things I normally wouldn't. I love to express the words of a song with one emotion filled picture and I think I've grown a lot better at it. I listen to all my music on a program called Spotify...they are amazing! Its not pirated music...and its totally free for your listening pleasure. If you are a pirate bay fanatic stop! and just download this its super quick and the quality is awesome

If you'd like to know my top song of the moment just keep on reading if not you can always just scroll down to the credits for some outfit goodness.

09 August 2012

The Most Beautiful Monsters...

Hey Fashionistas
What is the most beautiful monster you ask?

Women....we have the ability to love with everything we have and also hate with everything we have as well. We have the ability to attack with words and be as graceful as swans. The world would be doomed without us yet we can be the most fragile creatures known to man (so they think). Women rule the world while letting men think they do. True strength comes from knowing its okay to have vulnerable moments.

06 August 2012

Petals in the Wind

Hey Fashionistas!

I've always been a little bit of a tree hugger since I was younger. To this very day I REFUSE to use Styrofoam plates even when I order things on Ebay I ask the seller to please package my fragile items with old newspaper that I recycle when I unpack it. I've even had moments of feeling like a plant whisperer....wanna hear about it? Just keep reading if not just scroll on down to the credits

05 August 2012

...Who Says You're Not Beautiful?

Hey Lovely Readers

Lately I've been taking to the time to do more expressive pictures I guess I have just been in that mood. As of lately I have been noticing a few of my friends are almost just as insecure as I am but they have no need. The are beautiful in their way just like I am beautiful in mine. What makes this blog MY blog is ME, my style goes into it. I love pink, I love swishy tails, I love makeup...Yeah to some I dress weird...to others I dress perfectly but either way I don't mind the opinions...you know?

I'm not trying to be any other blogger but myself. I love to be that girl with the green lipstick...or that girl with the monkey ears. I'm guessing since you read my blog you love it to hehe. 

04 August 2012

Pink Ribbon Fair is Here!

 Even though SOME of us were laying sweetly in their bed (THIS GIRL) The Pink Ribbon Fair went on and now it is officially ready to go. It has so much to offer on top of EVERYTHING being pink all the proceeds go to American cancer society there are donation Kiosks all over the place. If you don't have much linden participate in the hunt going on and spread the word to the people you know.

03 August 2012

Darkest Days| Rebrands and Whatnot

Did you miss me overnight? I know I missed you!

So last night I had a bit of a situation lol I took a pain med and then supposedly logged on to SL and decided it was a great time for conversations so some of my friends got Lili with no filter and no one has deleted me yet. I doubt I said anything mean but...I never know what will slip out of my lips.

Today I went with a bit of a....darker look. Join the Lili dark side mwahahahaha *coughs like a maniac* okay my evil laugh needs work but I'm  really happy with the look of it all hehe. 

02 August 2012

Edgy Pink | Pink Ribbon Fair Tease #3

Heya I missed you sooo much!

Before I get started I just want to announce that I have reached my 12th official follower...wow it feels insanely amazing. If you are a daily reader just hit that follow tab and you'll be informed of all of my updates. But back to the subject.....Pink Ribbon Fair! 2 more days you want to know a bit more? keep on reading if you just want those credits scroll on down

01 August 2012