29 May 2015

Rain Won't Stop Me Now

 Keep reading for credits

27 May 2015

School Time Freedom

Hey Loves!

Super quick post today! Hope you like the look! Credits & Landmarks below!

21 May 2015

Sky Goddess

Hey Loves!
As of lately I just haven't been feeling very....goddess like. Don't you go thinking I'm crazy my dears I know I'm NOT a goddess but the fact that I don't feel like one is the problem. We should all feel like goddess, like we've been put here on this earth (and/or Second Life) to be something extraordinary and special. Everything done by a person JUST ONE has the power to change the world forever. Don't any of you forget that. Your worth in this world is endless...even if you don't know it yet.

This is my second posty of the day and I really had fun with the pictures so I'm not really going to talk too too much and just let you take a gander at the pictures :D

Pinky & Polar

Hey Loves!
The heat seems to finally be upon us and making itself known around these parts and some of you may know my hibernation has officially started. I'm like a polar bear once the summer heat hits I find an igloo to slide into until September comes back around. Goodness knows I love summer clothing but hate the heat that comes with it. I thought that doing some exploring in SL would be nice especially in a super cute summery outfit right? Keep on readiing to find out where I got all these amazing pieces AND meet my new pretty pet pet (I literally was given this one as I was taking pictures)

18 May 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons

Hey Love Sauce!
Today is a quick post since I have SO much to do in RL today. You would think with the amount that I blabber on here with you all I would have an easy time handling making phone calls but it's a BIG ordeal for me I usually have to write everything down I'm going to say THEN do the calls and that's what my day will be filled with today but I haven't blogged for a couple days and really love the outfit I have on today and didn't want to wait!

15 May 2015

Noomy Noomy Noomy

Hey pretty faces!
Many of my friends already know but I HATE silence when in a skype call or on voice and I will randomly make sounds to fill the silence one of those phrases being "noomy noomy noomy" I don't know what it means or what started it but it's successful with sending me into giggle fits and annoying my friends so WIN WIN RIGHT? 

My outfit today is colorful and fun and I have on a couple newly released goodies for you to see and then promptly pick up for yourself! Like what you see? Keep on reading for more infos and credits of course :D

Stockholm Bedroom

Hey Loves!

Remember that home I told you about? Well it's okay if you don't because I didn't talk about it to extensively BUT I did have a few of you ask me aboutt how it looked and I thought it would be a fun challenge to try again with home decoration. 
Today I am showing you my bedroom that I snagged up at an AMAZING price! I recently went to an event called the 6ยบ Republic (amazing place!) and immediately gravitated towards this set from Bazar and you can grab everything from this set for less then $L1000 which is a GREAT price for all that you get AND the bed isn't PG either *wiggles brows*

I also grabbed up some other great pieces from around the grid BUT since I have so many pics and credits I will dive right in hehe. Keep on reading for credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping

13 May 2015

A Day At Home

Hey Loves!
Just a quick posty for your faces! I recently got my SL home set up and was laying around and realized how much I really enjoyed the outfit and the sit on this chair was perfect so TADA....I hope you like! Mwahs and happy shopping! Keep on reading for the credits!

12 May 2015

Sweet Donuts

Hey Loves!
 It is just AMAZING how one day at my mom's turns into almost three (or more) EVERYTIME! Goodness knows I don't mind being around my mom watching trashy reality shows and eating her millions of dishes that she has to make for her culinary classes HOWEVER she and I both know I'm a bit of a loner and introvert at heart. We had a simple yet fun Mothers' Day but because she loves me she does give me the time I need to post about the stuffs I buy :D

*Does a twirl* do you like my outfit today? YOU DO! Well I have loads of info to share with you so keep on reading mkay? 

10 May 2015

The Silent Lamb

Hey Loves!
Today I am spending the day with my RL Mommerz and Grandmommerz so my computer time is short! If any of you are mothers who read my blog I do want to wish you a VERY Happy Mothers' Day! 

If you want a nice dosage of "What is crazy Lili wearing today?" Just keep on reading for credits and slurls (I'm getting better at including them right? :D)

08 May 2015

Estella The Beautiful

Hey Loves!
Today I wanted a look a little more simplistic but fantasy themed because each piece I have on speaks for itself a million times over. I love to once in awhile step from my over accessorized and over the top looks (that I adore!) to do something simple and slightly more elegant. With this dress and with these shoes doing that was almost TOO easy. Want a little more information on what I have on? TOO BAD! Jk!!! Keep on reading for more info!

06 May 2015

Lost Stars


♪ Please don't see just a boy girl caught up in dreams and fantasies. Please see me reaching out for someone I can't see. Take my hand let's see where we wake up tomorrow. Best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand. I'll be damned Cupid's demanding back his arrow. So let's get drunk on our tears and.... ♪

05 May 2015

Wrapped In Darkness | OneWord Goodies

Heya my lovers!
So today I am a little (Emphasis on little) out of my comfort zone but I thought that this dress was SO adorable and I thought "Well gotta show this to my lover faces!" so here I am doing just that *winkwinks* so my dears keep on reading to find out moar okay?