14 June 2018

♡ Ducky Ice Creams ♡

Hello loves! 

Goodness I've been so out of it lately and not only that but I have been HATING my pictures and want to find ways of improving so I've been scouring the internet on ways to make photos look....better? I don't know if I will be any better but at least I know I tried right? 
I have a couple of friends who are going camping without me soon and I decided why not go glamping in second life!? It's a pretty chill sim called Yellow Springs and this area was so tranquil for me to just sit and listen to spotify for a bit while I chatted in some groups! Keep on reading for credits and more info!

11 June 2018

♡ Happy Balloons ♡

05 June 2018

♡ Mukbang Palace! ♡

Hello again loves! Today is a literal FOOD FEST!
So remember I mentioned a friend yesterday? Well you've seen this friend before in the past the always amazing Ladonna Oceanlane whose blog, NeonSpiderfoot is just as amazing as she is. She's been an amazing friend to me over the years and I feel like I'd be a much less mature and stable person without her support and mentoring. Not only is she the greatest friend but she also makes the best scenes I've ever seen and she made us one that is the best version of Mukbang I've EVER seen. 

For those of you who don't know what Mukbang is I will explain. Mukbang is a live streaming of a person or multiple people eating or preparing large amounts of food and usually talking to their viewers. They don't rush like an eating competition it's actually a very calm and social experience. Lala was the first one to introduce me to the videos so it's only appropriate we make our own version yes?
It's credits galore along with the ultra cute looks that we put together so of course as always keep reading for my credits and if you want to get a little closer to looking like little miss sweetcheeks on the left (in the mint) go on over to her blog and take a nice look around! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always

04 June 2018

♡ Nrrd Girl ♡

Hey loves! Did you miss my face molecules? I missed yours!
Today I have on so many adorable things I don't even really know where to start. My friend and I went out shopping this weekend and it really helped my spirit and creative mojo was flowing hardcore! I was going for casual and kawaii after hearing this amazing song on Spotify. Are you liking what you see so far? Well guess what? ;) there's more! Keep on reading for the details!