30 April 2014

Beach, I Just Might Be

Hey lovely people!

Today I felt like being a little....beachy but cute so that's what I did today hehe.
The title of this post is inspired by someone I ran into while getting dressed actually PLUS I was putting on a little bit of beachwear I really adore so TADA weird but relevant blog post title to be had! I have on some awesome things today and because I know you guys love shopping almost as much as me *whispers* all the details are below for the grabbity grabs! Keep on reading to find out more.

28 April 2014

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Hey my loving readers!

It's Monday and the weather is getting....rather warm and I must admit...I'm not really liking it all that much. I mean sure the birds chirping and the flowers growing is truly amazing to see and experience but these darn sunrays and I have never been close friends. I take the time to get all pretty and put on my best clothes just to be sweaty and gross in 20 minutes? I'm a fashionista to the core so it will always and forever be worth those 20 minutes. 
My outfit today was inspired by funny enough an old song I find myself thinking or humming to myself lately. One of my favorite movies on the planet is 50 first dates and if anyone has watched it they will remember that even though Drew Barrymore couldn't quite remember her love, the days they met she was happy for a reason she didn't quite know and I thought it was one of the most beautiful  movies in the world. True happiness, true love, true romance all the things I want in my life in one beautiful movie.I adore the outfit I have on today and of COURSE I have to share it with all of you amazing people in my life so keeping on reading for more details okay?!?!?! 

25 April 2014

Peachy Keen | Lingerie @ Bodify

Hey my loves!
Just a quick post to show you this super cute lingerie I grabbed from QE Called the Sliza Teddy in this amazing peach color that you can pick up from Bodify

Keep on reading for the credits

23 April 2014

Walking On Sunshine | 500th Posts!

Hey my loves!

Great news! We've made it to the 500th post from yours truly and it feels AMAZING to know I've reached another milestone with you all right by my side! I swear when I started this I NEVER thought that I'd have so many followers and so many readers being little dorky old Lili but I'm so happy that you do. I've met so many amazing and unique people on the way here too and I wouldn't change any of it. 
Today's post is inspire by happiness and sunshine. I've recently come to the conclusion I don't like the  feeling of being alone and with all of you here with me, leaving me comments, messaging me inworld I always feel like I have a friend and just kisses ALL AROUND hehe. You all can message me anytime you need to talk I'm somewhat of  good listener even though I ramble ALL THE TIME on here. 

Skype: Liliandra.Baxter
Google+: Miss. Lilibugz
Inworld: Liliandra Baxter
I love to hear from you so don't hesitate!

I know, I know! "The clothes Lili!" Keep on reading for all the details of where to go and get the goodies!

20 April 2014

" My Baby Bear"

Hey Loves!

So apparently there are two celebrations today! Today is not only Easter (Happy Easter)  but it's ALSO 4/20 and trust me...if you don't think 4/20 is a celebration to some...you'd be amazingly wrong. I'm not saying I personally celebrate it but I had quite a few friends that do and did but one comes to mind anytime this day rolls around (LOL PUN) so...it brings me to another childhood story time.

19 April 2014

Katat0nik Goodness | Free Bunny Dress For Yew

Hello my loves! 
Well, well look who we have here! It's been forever since I could gather my most favorite succubus, Inuoko Shikami and I captured her for an Easter-tastical picture with sweet little old Lili face! I have been going through a LOT of things lately and even when I feel alone and kinda scared, she always creeps her way into my heart and gives me that warmth and strength that I need. I don't wanna get all over mushy about this woman....again >.> but let's just say there isn't enough blogger space to tell you all how much she means to me. I love you Inucakes <3

Today we both have on a not only AMAZING but FREE dress that will get you all into that Easter spirit. Like what you see? Do you? Well aren't you the lucky little reader...gonna give you all the details so you can grab this up for yourself!

16 April 2014

Epic Kimono

Hey my loves!
Just a quick post today! Keep on reading for the credits! I will be a bit busier than usual so I won't have as much time to talk but I do want to show you all the goodies I've been loving around the grid! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

Keep on reading for credits

13 April 2014

Your Violentest Seduction

Hey loves!

This is a quick night post for all my sexies after a nice lazy,sexy Sunday of peace and slumber. 

Lazy Sunday | Spookyfloss in Venice

Hey my loves!

Today I'm feeling awesome and it's Sunday, usually my lazy day but I'm not feeling all that lazy since I have some amazing goodies to show you this amazing day! I decided on a little bit of travel today in SL since I haven't done it a lot then the pictures just came to me hehe. 
As a kid and...honestly as an adult too I've always had a love for Cotton Candy! Some people call it Candy floss as well. I always hated getting my hands dirty so things that melted and made me feel unclean never worked for me but the tubs of cotton candy from the local corner store were perfect for me...you just pull a piece off and put it in your mouth and it doesn't stay on your hands long. I have some sweet, sweet, releases to share with you today so keep on reading to find out every sugary detail okay?

11 April 2014


Hey my loves!

I'm becoming more and more excited about the expected re-do of the Sailor Moon Anime to better match the Manga storyline. I was going to re-watch it recently but when I heard the news I just feel like it's better to wait it out you know? 
Funny enough this outfit has two inspirations one of them of course being Sailor Moon BUT also one of my favorite songs by Lady Gaga called Venus keeps going through my head as well which got me to this look! See anything you like on it?! WELL Keep on reading to get every Prismpower filled detail. 

09 April 2014

Lady Kimono | Japan Fair Beauty

Hey Loves!

Please excuse my absences it seems that SL is hitting me with every graphical issue it can right now. If it's not crashing before save it's gridlines. If it's not that then I just simply can't move if I can move well then..I guess no shadows for me! Since I like to provide the best pictures I can to you I've been trashing lots of them because meh #SLproblems so please bare with me until I can find some more solutions and/or buy a new laptop. 
Today's outfit is....a masterpiece of beauty. An outfit this beautiful doesn't even NEED an introduction so let's just jump right into it.

07 April 2014

Monster Moon | Cutie Moon Pt 1

Hey Loves!

The last couple nights have been a little tough for me but you know what...things will get a lot easier in time so I'm going to continue on with MY happy place with you all and never forget that I'm NEVER alone with amazing readers and friends like you all. 
I'm not sure if you guys know but the greatest thing is happening right...THE CUTIE MOON FAIR. This place is full to the brim with amazing Sailor Moon inspired goodies that make me SO happy from the many amazing designers of Second Life. This is one of MANY outfits I will be showing you from this glorious event so keep on reading for more info on the outfit I'm wearing for you today!

04 April 2014

Bubblegum Hair

Hey my loves!

My computer right now I think is dying so getting pictures done lately is SUCH a task so my post for some time might only be one pictures TWO if I'm lucky!
I ADORE the outfit I have on today I feel so girly and pretty and a nice fresh breath of Spring goodness! This look is loosely inspired by a doll I used to have as a kid she had the cutest blond girls but I've always had a weak spot for pink hair so I took a pink marker broke it and took out the pink tube and made her hait a nice bright bubblegum pink much like the one I have today! Keep on reading for all the juicy details! 

01 April 2014

Casual Meeting

Hey my loves!
Today I have a super adorable casual look for you and since I am at my mom's house I don't have the time to tell you about all the goodies so just read credits and shop your heart out! I love you guys so Mwahs & Happy Shopping.

Love Always