28 February 2013

Boobies Show Chic

Hey Fashion Heads!
This is just a short and sweet post before bed! I know weird right? Lili isn't going to talk us to death? Not Toniiiiight *giggles* but tomorrow I plan to make up for it so enjoy my semi silence as much as you can okay? Quick Summary of what I am flaunting around in as well as credits for the non-reader types.

27 February 2013

Cutest Whore You Know | WCF Sneak Peek

Hey Fashion Heads!
Ugh! I'm sorry I've been so lazy lately I've had a few set backs but I think everything is working itself out and things are going back to normal. I've been enjoying so many aspects of my life and I'd love to keep it that way. The title of this post isn't as bad as it seems I PROMISE. Just keep on reading and it should make a little more sense.

25 February 2013

Oh My Georgia Peaches

Hi Fashion Heads!

I am heres! A little under the spirits but I'm here. It seems that sometimes when you love someone and you can just see that they're not happy you have to let them soar and be free....no matter how painful it feels. Watching them fly away is a bittersweet feeling but you know wherever they land might be a happier place for them.
I kind of feel that way about my old home, Florida, I could just go to my neighbors house and pluck fruit right off of thier trees and would never worry about not having peaches or mangos or even coconuts. My look today was inspired by the pretty peach tone that I so miss. Nothing sweeter than a Georgia peach right? Right. Keep on reading for the goodies!

23 February 2013

Summer Of Pogo

Hey Fashion Heads! 
Did you miss little old me? I finally got my desk chair built and in my room and oh goodness you guys its so much easier to get these blog postings done and virtually no back pain. I'm here to share another look with you guys. I did a look loosely based off of two things and they usually don't go together but me being Lili...I figured its about time they did. Can you guess what inspirations I used? Keep on reading to find out my inspiration & where to get the goodies.

21 February 2013

Indestructible Mesh Girl | Dakota Mesh Head

Ohai Fashion Heads!
Okay I lied....I'm not full mesh but I AM wearing this awesome the new mesh head from The Sugar Garden "Dakota". I wasn't sure about whether I'd actually like a mesh head or not but it actually grew on me I feel SO cute and shall I say...Kawaii? Want more pics and my full opinion on it? Keep on reading for more mesh head goodness and wear to grab the pieces for this outfit.

20 February 2013

Flowers For Flowers!

Hey Fashionistas it's me again!
After looking oh so pushed up and sexified I wanted a softer more innocent like look. I have had flowers on the brain for quite some time so I did a pretty flower & Nature inspired looking grabbing some amazing releases from around the grid *throws a handful of flowers* if you want to find out what I grabbed and where keep on reading. If you have a flower field to dance in read the credits and get to it!

Being Demon Panda Tamer

Hey Fashion Heads!
I've always ALWAYS had a love for pandas so I've decided to take up a career in being a panda tamer! I mean think about it you see a lot of lion tamers but how many panda tamers are there in this world. One. Hey don't give me that look pandas are cute but VICIOUS and I'm here to make the world a much safer place to be in. Do you want to join me in the carnival? I can tell you where to go! Just keep on reading! If you're being chased by pandas and just don't have time credits at the bottom RUN!

18 February 2013

Glutton For Love

Hey Fashion Heads!
Posting #2 of the day! As you see my weekend was absolutely amazing! I wore this outfit during my time with a quite adorable man I adore. Even though I don't say it much he does support my long hours of blogging and sometimes just lays back and watches me so from time to time I do plan on dragging him in for some pictures. I've been enjoying editing pictures lately sometimes I don't add them on my blog but if you hop over to my flickr you will see some pictures that are never posted. The title today WON'T make sense unless you keep on reading. I have on lots of goodies today for viewing enjoyment keep on reading to find out about some newness you're gonna love.

Polite Song Dance

Hey Fashion Heads!
Its snowing yet again I swear I don't think the snowing is ever going to stop. Not only does the snow just keep on falling but its FREEZING outside parts of my body I didn't even know could GET cold are almost freezing off but I have to admit I'm very happy to be home instead of Florida still hehe. I've got some amazing goodies to show you today just keep on reading to know where to go! If you don't feel like reading that's okay I have credits at the bottom.

16 February 2013

Crying my Heart Out | Sugar Group Gift

Hey Fashion Heads!

Sorry I've been so absent lately this snow storm has gotten me off schedule but I plan to get myself back on the blog train *Choo Choo* I have a very cute skin to show you tonight that I really enjoy wearing. Keep on reading to find out where to go

14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Kiss

Hey Fashion Heads!
Its officially Valentine's Day \o/! Even though I technically don't need a "day" to show people how much I love them by giving them flowers, making them chocolates, pouring conversation hearts in their bras or *coughcough* playing tiddlywinks with them, its nice to have a day where I don't feel like I may be going overboard. I have the best friends a girl could ask for so I'm not going one day without telling them I love them. Speaking of things I love....new releases galore even though I've been sick there was still shopping to be done keep on reading for the details. If you have a busy day of making out ahead of you well naughty pants YOU can move down to those credits....

13 February 2013

Drop Of Vitamin C

Hey Fashion Heads!
Its a short but sweet posting today because well...I missed blogging and I couldn't stay away any longer hehe. So I look outside of my RL window and the roads are cleared with beautiful scenic sidewalks full of snow...I opened my back porch and looked out towards the wilderness and saw a creature of some sort but I didn't have my glasses on it was still a beautiful sight. I made the mistake when I came in....Apparently animals can be carriers of the common cold....*looks down at her furry bundle of crazy as she sneezes* Yep....I'm sick again...

11 February 2013


Hey my lovely Fashion Heads!
I've missed you guys so much its felt like forever since I blogged but I'm back now! I think my mind went into hibernation with the cold kind of like I was a grizzly bear with fashion sense...Because that's super sexy. ANYWHO, I ruined a pair of shoes in RL over the snow so I refused to do a winter inspired look I went with more of a summer yellow and sweet cream type look that I really enjoyed. Keep on Reading to find out where to go and get them. Still in hibernation? *says in a whisper* when you get up the credits are at the bottom

08 February 2013

Pursuit Of Happiness

Hey Fashion Heads!
I had to go out shopping in RL today because we have a mighty big storm a-brewin that is supposed to be something quite ugly. 3 feet of snow expected so I had to get ready for it. After I finally got home I decided to play in some of my clothing on SL. I was going for a very cute and relaxing look that I really enjoy. Keep on reading to find out where to get these adorable pieces. Don't wanna read? Credits down below

06 February 2013

Another Dose Of Monotone

Hey Fashion Heads! 

Another post tonight hehe don't worry it will be super quick! I first off want to slowly say monotone. If you ask me if sounds a little like a medication name. 
Me: God Dr. Snuffles I have such a headache
Dr Snuffles: You just need some Monotone
Me: *Giggles* Oh Doctor

It's late its not my fault lol. I was really into the monotone look I did earlier so I grabbed a few more black and white things I had and made a very simple but amazing look. The black hair....eh. As much as I loved the hairstyle still not a fan of black hair on myself so I switched to orange. Keep on reading for credits!

Love Always

05 February 2013

Monotone Beautiful | Milk Newness AGAIN & Gachas

Hola Fashion Heads!
Well...nothing's really happened in my RL to be honest. I usually share a little about what's going on but nothing really is so...OH wait! I did watch the Superbowl performance with Beyonce *_* It was amazing. She left me feeling fierce too so hmm...maybe that's why I just HAD to wear this leopard print lipstick today. Its not a new release but I've had it for some time and always said one of these days I was going to use it...and I did . Wanna know more about my....monotone sexiness? Keep on reading! If you are feeling "grey" and don't want to read that's okay I have credits.

03 February 2013

Getting In My Pants...| New Stuff Galore

Gooood Morning Fashion Heads!
I know the title is a little...off but it's not what it looks like. As most of you well know me and pants have a long distance relationship. I'm usually the girl found in skirts and dresses...or panties but once in a while I think it will be fun to throw on pants. I guess you can call "pants" a metaphor for life. Even when something you're used to is great....there is always something you're not accustomed to that could potentially be just as great. So never turn down an opportunity because of fear or being laughed at. There are so many things that wouldn't be in this world if people stopped because of being laughed at. Okay done being philosophical its time for clothes \o/

02 February 2013

Bunny Fever SchoolGirl | DMD New Release

Ohai Fashion Heads!
Today I went BANANAS with my outfit. I wanted something cute and amazing today and I think I got the look I so craved. Usually when I'm not in a not so great mood looking sweet and gentle cheers me right up and today there isn't an exception. I grabbed some gachas, some new releases, some old, and some modded. I have so much to tell you about in this post going to get right to it! If you're not a reader go on down to credits

01 February 2013

Not a Peep From You

Hey Fashion Heads! 
I had an AMAZING Birthday with my SL Family. Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes they meant so much to me! I tried not to log on for my birthday but I got super bored on that game we call Real Life and came running back for a bit of inventory cleaning and found Peeps! Apparently this isn't an international thing and in some places it means something dirty so just click on the word to learn more about them. Every Easter and I mean EVERY I go crazy and head to rite aid to gather all of thier peeps and cadbury eggs inventory and eat them all year. You have to be a very important person to me for me to even offer you a bite. My Outfit today was inspired by this sugar filled chick perfection and evey piece of this outfit made me happy face! Keep on reading for more! If you want to get right to those credits just keep scrolling to the bottom of this post.