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I am not going to say "Only contact me if you have high quality <fill in blank>" because no one's hard work is anything BUT high quality however not all high quality fits my personal taste right? 

If you would like for me to review your product all you must do is:
  • Send a Notecard to me (Liliandra Baxter) about your product. Just a quick explanation if is a time sensitive product (Made for a special event or fair, Promo Price, Special Edition, etc) and/or when it was or will be released prior to sending the product to me. 

  • Send a folder with a notecard inside giving me details on what you would like for me to review such as when will it be available? Where? for how long? is this a special price? a group gift? as well as the name and landmark to your store
I can be reached Via Instant Message as well even if I am offline. If Possible I will respond through email.  

I try to always acknowledge receiving something if I don't 9 out of 10 times I did not receive it yet or  I am not at my computer. Once I receive a product I try to use it within 3 - 7 days. However since I am the Sole Blogger on this blog I can not promise to always accommodate that time frame. If the product you are submitting is a time sensitive release PLEASE MENTION 

Thank you in advance for your interest
Liliandra Baxter 

I, Liliandra Baxter, am the Sole Blogger and Administrator of this blog. If anyone mentions me as a partner and/or co-blogger they are being dishonest. Please make sure you check the USERNAME before sending products or messages. Though I strive to make everyone happy I do reserve the right to not blog products sent to me. Any Comments, Questions, or concerns should be sent to Liliandra Baxter via Blogger, Gmail, Flickr, Facebook, or Inworld. All Information provided below

Please Keep In Touch.

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