05 February 2016


My looooves! It's been so loooong!

I'm now 26 and *sigh* I was asking myself "is it time to quit SL yet Miss Baxter?" UM NO! I told myself 2 years ago on my birthday I was going to leave...but I'm not you're stuck with me until the servers shut down!
Unlike last year...and the year before that....and the ye-WELL ANYWAY this year I will have a special someone to share Valentine's day with that makes me fun and sparkly and he never believes me when I tell him how anti love I was before meeting him. I'm a nice person (or so I'd like to believe) but I was not in the place to be in love. I'd be asked out on dates and my responses were usually "why?" or "..." but I guess something was a little different about this tater tot I love now huh? 

Today's outfit was inspired by....me being utterly jaded to the CORE. I have on tons of new and amazing things so just credits today! Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always