30 October 2018

♡ Pumpkin Hunter ♡

28 October 2018

♡ Just Breathe ♡

06 October 2018

♡ The New Supreme ♡

Hello loves!
I'm not sure how many of you have watched American Horror Story but I was a HUGE fan of the Coven season. It was nice to see such diverse representation of what a witch could be and it was nice to feel like I could "be" if that makes sense. So I present myself as the new supreme hehe. I had a bunch of fun with this post so I really hope you enjoy! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

Love Always 

03 October 2018

♡ Autumn Trance ♡

Hello fuzzy pumpkins!
The time has come! Oh you know the time YOU KNOW THE TIME! The time for the best holiday known to man, Halloween. The time for the beautiful browns, reds, and oranges to come back into fashion. The time for *gets super close to the mic and does her best ASMR voice* pumpkin spice everything. I mean I know that you all know by now I am pumpkin spice and pumpkin OBSESSED! These last two weeks alone I've had pumpkin spice twinkies, A pumpkin pound cake, Pumpkin spice coffee creamer and of course *pulls that mic back to her lips for more of that sweet ASMR* Pumpkin Pie

Okay enough of that. In celebration of fall coming...
I'm sorry I had to but in celebration I put on this SUPER amazing oufit from a place I am quickly "fall"ing in love with, Loki as well as some other pretty things I've grabbed up on my shopping travels. I've got on some gachas and some group gifties if you're on a budget and still wanna look Autumn-azing (I have no idea why I'm so punny today) Keep on reading for credits. Mwahs & Happy Shopping

Love Always