27 December 2013

See you in 2014!!!

Hey Loves!

Due to...well...RL busy clusterfluck I will not be blogging until the new year starts....

I can't give you an exact date but just know I'll be back so continue to message, comment, and grope me as you please okay?! Mwahs & Happy Shopping! Shop for me!

Love Always

26 December 2013

XMas Day Relaxin

Hey Loves!

I know it's a late post but I've been relaxing all day long! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas...even though it's a bit late!
Today is anther quick post because...well the holidays man! Keep on reading for a quick summary of what I have on and the credits of joy and happiness!

23 December 2013

My Frosted Alterego

Hey Loves!
Been a couple of days so wanted to do a quick post for you all! I love you so and not blogging for you guys makes me a little sad but I has no time thanks to Christmas full speed ahead! Keep on reading for a quick summary of what I have on below! 

21 December 2013

Bubblegum Princess

Hey Loves!
So close to Christmas I can just SMELL the Christmas presents and after Christmas sales. Feel the super fat feeling in my belly after eating my grammie's Mac & Cheese (None better). I just know I have a lot to look forward to hehe. Today I'm not showing off an Xmas look but it's a look I was really into, it's a bit of like...a demoness' night in hehe. I wanted something kinda fun and sexy so....keep on reading if you want a little fun and sexy in your life.

19 December 2013

Princess Of Oz | 100k Views :O

Hey Loves!!
First and foremost...I can't BELIEVE I've made it to 100k views and I thank each of you who take the time to read my random yet heartfelt postings! I'm still amazed each day to see that you guys are still reading and still commenting and making me feel like a million bucks and I just don't know how to express to you guys how much I LOVE doing this. 

Today I went with a look loosely inspired by Wizard of Oz. Do you remember when Dorothy and the gang got to Emerald City and everyone had on green? They had a wizard but we ALL know...They totally needed a glitter princess I mean SERIOUSLY...do you think the "Wizard" would have ordered them to wear something so stylish? Though the look is more simple than my usual I felt AMAZING! Want to get the stuff for yourself? Follow the yellow brick road and keep on reading! Credits at the bottom *snickers "bottom"*

17 December 2013

Many Changes...

Hey Loves!
Sorry I haven't been around much I've been REALLY down in the dumps lately so I haven't been on enough to really dress up however I did put this look together and it instantly cheered me up! I'm not doing much talking today but there are credits below for you all to grab up the goodies for yourself! Mwahs & Happy Shopping 

Love Always

Keep Reading for credits

15 December 2013

Princess Peach

Hey Loves
I know it's been a couple days but my computer was on the Fritz...It kind of still is but I can blog so that's all that matters right? I still can't watch Youtube or play many games and since I just factory set everything to try and run better I don't have all the photoshop brushes I know and love and my picture quality isn't my usual since I'm still updating!

ONTO BETTER THINGS I'm wearing an awesome outfit that I adore and kind of makes me think of princess peach. A little more modern but the color schemes are the same. Want to know where to get this amazing look? Keep on reading 'kay? Yay!

12 December 2013

Santa's Babeh

Hey Loves it's me again!
Lately I've been steering away from the super sexy looks and keeping a cute, playfullness because...honestly the sexy stuff doesn't always fit my personality but with my outfit I have on today I could mix my personality with a little more sex appeal. Keep on reading to get the deets. 

11 December 2013

The Elf With Presents

LOVES! I missed you! 
*Jingles her bells at all her loving readers* I was such a scrooge last week about Christmas I was NOT feeling it maybe because I'm low on funds, maybe because I don't have plans but I don't know it suddenly just lifted and I can't wait for Christmas! I'm sure there are certain little somethings that helped me get into the spirit hehe and I'm wearing them. Keep on reading to get all the details on the goods! 

09 December 2013

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Hey Loves!
Lingerie Day! I think every woman deserves a day to walk around feeling amazing in her cutest pantie and bra set! I decided to lead by example and strut around my dollhouse doing JUST THAT.

Soooo I wanted to be cute and show off some amazing furniture, which is not exactly my strong point but I love pretty surroundings too! I love the sets I have to show off meaning both the one I'm wearing and the one I'm laying on! Want some closer looks at both? Keep on reading! is it lingerie day for you too? Credits at the bottom. 

08 December 2013

Summertime Sadness

Hello my loves! 

I'm sure you've noticed my last postings have been set up in more winter like areas but today I broke out of the shell! I want my summertime back! I am just a sucker for bright colors and looking for ways to incorporate my love of colors into the winter madness that I also love hehe. It never fails for me to miss the summer during the winter at least once...though I'd be totally lost without the seasons.
My inspiration today is...well I guess I have two. I of course LOVE the song Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray AND...I HAVE summertime sadness so I used some nice bright colors to shake the winter blues away. Wanna grab the goodies for yourself? (why do I always ask this? Maybe I'm secretly hoping you're nodding right now....hmm) Well my lovelies keep on reading! 

06 December 2013

Rain, Dear?

Hey Loveloves!

Meet my friend Sir Reindeer...we met a little while ago but um....he seems trustworthy :D I did a little more 'splorin around SL because honestly...I missed going to random sims and looking around...I've made a couple of friends doing just that so why not continue :D
Today's inspiration for my post was well...reindeer. I don't know if they are real or not but they are just the cutest little things hehe. Want to grab up the goodies from my outfit? Keep on reading! Are you busy meeting the locals? Well don't worry there are credits at the bottom.

03 December 2013

Jill Frost

Hey My Loves!

You know...I've gotten asked before what inspires me to dress up the way I do or what inspires my blog titles and honestly....I don't know from day to day what inspires me but I know I do love being inspired and sharing it with you!
I've always LOVED winter weather because well let's be honest...its far too cold for me to sweat enough to ruin my hair....and we all know I love to look fabulous right? Today I dressed up as Jill Frost, Jack Frost's little sister he hides away in fear that people may like her better and ruin his good wintery time. Mean old brother Jack can't stop me now! Want to know what I have on? Keep on reading! Credits at the bottom!

01 December 2013

Lazy Sunday | Winter Edition

Hey Fashion Heads!

It's officially winter I suppose so why not embrace it right? I made a couple buddies at Izzies who absolutely fangirled all over me! They were all "OMG IT'S LI..-" what a girl can dream! Anywho I've always been a fan of snowmen but living so close to the city they never really lasted long so I guess you can say I was living out some more childhood through Second Life. 
For my lazy Sunday I went with comfy and I wanna share the deets with you because I luff yew so. Want to get a couple things for yourself? Keep on reading to find out where to go! Are you mid snowman? That's okay I have the credits at the bottom

Mirror's Enigma | Freya

Hey Loves!

I have a couple more skins I want to show off before the sale ends and this is one of them by Mirror's Enigma called Freya! Keep on reading to find out more details