31 July 2012

Queen of My Own World | Pink Ribbon Fair Teaser

Hey hey Sexy Folks

Ever have a day (or days) that you don't feel amazing? Well stop because you are just thinking of your world as your own kingdom (or Queendom) and make it simply amazing! Now don't go out killing people or blowing up a store that wouldn't give you a discount but just think...when you wanlk around "This is my world, It will be how I want it to be" and things may have a different outlook. Tell me how it goes. I've recently been doing it and my smile seems to shine a bit brighter

29 July 2012

Modern Day Frog Kisser | Vanity Fair Goodies

Hey Again!

I said I was going to just do pictures and little snippets while I covered the fairs but I decided against it because its just not me I like to tell my little rants and stories to the people that like to read them if you don't like to that's fine too the credits are at the bottom for you 

Lili & Aza's Day in | Vanity Fair Treat

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos

Us bloggers do love to shop but nothing beats hanging out at home with the one you love in a brand new outfit. Come on you've got to agree with me there.No matter what most people think about my outfits if my friends, family or significant other like it it truly makes my flippin day. A little house news for you if you just want the credits no problem just scroll on down :D

27 July 2012

Who's the "Fair"est of them all?

That would be me!

Hey guys sorry about the silent treatment it's not because I am mad just been preparing to show you the goodies for a few fairs. The Vanity Fair and the Pink Ribbon Fair both have allowed me the honor of blogging thier amazing items. Amazing Designers and amazing locations and you'd be missing out if you didn't check them out. I'm here to tease you tonight with a few pics hope you enjoy!

25 July 2012

Relax & Has a cupcake...| Semi NSFW

Sometimes....I take life a bit too serious lol

Not A lot but when I do it gets ugly but I saw the expression "relax and eat a cupcake" on a shirt while I was out earlier and then later I found this amazingly yummy looking cupcakes on SL. It makes sense though I mean think about it can someone REALLY be sad if they are chowing down on a cupcake? A cupcake is like the weed of baked goods....it always sends you into fits of giggles and makes everything in life seem a little easier lol. 

More details on the outfit! Not Interested? That's okay just scroll down to the credits

24 July 2012

Does Thy Corset Turn Thee On?

Lol I had to try a little olde English I mean come on every blog needs it at least once right? So I was shopping with a (Rather Hawt) buddy today and he had this almost obsession over black hair and I'm so anti black most of the time, I wanted to give it a try and I have to say I'm kinda digging it.

23 July 2012

Dreams of a Mermaid

Heya hey its a double today

Hair Fair 2012 - Exile (Sea Of Love)

Not much to ramble about but I did want to strut this outfit around a little bit it make me sparkle so much I couldn't dream of waiting. Aza and I were talking about mermaids a few nights ago and this outfit reminds me of....a mermaid stuck on land yet knowing were she belongs kind of like me. I feel stuck in a certain RL life though I KNOW where I will one day end up. Anywhos....Enjoy the look hehe. 

It Felt So Real | A Modish Tale

Hey Sexy peeps

Not sure if its weird but I have a hard time sleeping for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time many people think its because I miss SL too much when I'm logged off and they MIGHT be right but even bloggers need to log off and sleep some times am I right? One of my dreams was of me as a popular actress. People loved me and they were star struck by me gosh it just felt so real but I'm not the type that wants that lifestyle. I'd rather be a famous author or lawyer to the stars or something but moving on hehe.

Today's look was semi inspired by the reality show "Hollywood Exes" as you all know I am bonkers about reality TV and yes...I know its not real but that's how I like my drama...scripted and easily turned off and not thought about until next week hehe. One of the women on there is Andrea Kelly, R Kelly's ex wife, and this skin reminded me of her a little bit so then I just...ran with the outfit. Want some outfit info? keep reading if not just scroll to the credits.

21 July 2012

Same Beach....Different Day


Okay I don't speak much Spanish but I AM back with more clothing goodies and deals.

I think I have mentioned before that the smell of the ocean makes me really sick so anytime I want to be near a beach I log on SL. For some reason I used to be fine and me and my friends would have little beach hangouts almost everyday after class but now going near it makes me wanna faint from yuck feeling so now I just turn up ambient sounds and relax away my sorrows and weirdness of the day. I find myself drawn to Sunset Beach so I come back to it A LOT if you haven't noticed hehe. I wrote a bit on the outfit below if you want JUST the credits there are always at the bottom so just scroll on down

20 July 2012

System Restore FTW

Hey sexy peeps!

Sorry for the delay in postings I've had sooo many outfits I wanted to show and shopping news I want to share but my computer had a little ouch and it needed to be taken back to factory.Then it took about a day for updates THEN my Photoshop wouldn't install and finally got it working last night but then I still need to re-install my fonts and brushes because I feel so naked without the right ones :( I have a bit of sale news if you wanna read if not just SCROLL ON DOWNN to the credits! hehe

Thinking outside the box while relaxing IN a box...Irony FTW

17 July 2012

In all Hair Fairness...

Hey dear readers:

So if you don't know yet...I have a huge obsession with hair more than anything else in SL. I get a bit upset if I use the same hair more than once. Last week I manage to buy 16 different hair styles. I love hair almost as much as I do in RL. In RL I'm always changing my hairstyle and it brings a smile to my face that the Hair Fair is finally here!

15 July 2012

Friend Napping | A Lili & Aza Story

Its so very true. I DO love to take my friends picture hostage but for good reasons I swear lol. This is my dear dear friend Aza she is the newest wife hehe and she always makes me all glowy and fuzzy on the inside. We've been friends for quite some time but she always runs from me blogginess. Everybody bombard her with IMs telling her how totally cute she is cuz dude...she is.

13 July 2012

Just those days | New Store Find!

Its me again! 

Its a nice double for you sexy people today I just hit the ground running lately. I guess sometimes even bloggers (involuntarily) need a break from the hustle and bustle of thier hobbies and jobs.

Day at the Zoo


Its gonna be busy busy for us so many wonderful things coming up in the next month or so. I think I told you all before I found a zoo on SL I loved with a passion then had issues finding it. Well I found it AGAIN and took a look around even IM-ed the creator about buying an Elephant


10 July 2012

Underneath the Pink is...

More delicious pink....

Hey my beloved readers how has the days been treating you? Well I hope because I'm prepared to talk your ears off today not that I am not prepared to do that everyday but I do like to give you a warning.

I get asked more than you'd think how old I am STILL. I'm 22 but I love sparkles, glitter, pink, anything that makes me smile is what I like to dress in and it just so happens most of the time its something cute. I'm not what you'd consider Kawaii I'm sure but...I do like to be cute in at least a tiny sense of the word...but realize underneath all of that is a sexy woman.

08 July 2012

Lazy Sunday PART TIZOW (two)

Hey Fashionista ladies and Fashionisto Gents

I know my pics have been not the usual Liliness I HAVE put my 100 percent into them but haven't had the usual time to really take them to where I usually do so tried to keep it simple lately. I've been RL  moving and shaking since the 4th of July and getting much deserved rest.

04 July 2012

America's Birthday!

Hey Fashionistas!

I don't have much time to talk today and today's posting won't be normal length but I do want to give a hearty Happy Birthday to Independence hehe.

Okay and...I wanted to show off this outfit a little bit lol. I snatched this up as soon as I saw it, another amazing release from Bitch Tail. She is like the queen of sales lately just when I think that's it BAM. Another one. This is Independence its available in 4 colors but I decided on this one. It comes with pants and shoes but...you know how I am when it comes to pants. 

Stop in and grab one for 50L today there is also a non mesh patriotic look too for the non mesh lovers out there or ones with computers that just can't handle it.

Though this is a day for America. I do love and enjoy other parts of this earth. I don't see this day as superiority but a day like any other birthday...A day for people to gather (no matter where you are from) and celebrate 

03 July 2012

I'll be your American Girl...

Hey My Loves!

I guess you could say today I am going for the all american girl look. You know? The girl that loves the outdoors and loves to travel and keeps herself looking spectacular at all costs. yeah...her. It looks a little like my RL outfit today now that I think about it but my shirt covers my chubby belly.

I'm not sure about you but when I was younger I used to always get ads for dolls...the American girl dolls...

02 July 2012

A Total Beach...

It's officially July!

Can you believe that its been 7 months since I started this blog? I have to admit I've gotten a bit better at this whole blog mumbojumbo. I hope you all agree as well. 

I'm currently still recovering RL from sickness my ear is still clogged to the maximum so I missed out on the little beach outing with friends since I can't get my ears wet, so I brought the outing to my computer screen...Which actually is a lot of fun since I look a lot better in a bikini here...