18 February 2015

See You Soon

14 February 2015

Pampering Myself | Happy Valentine's Day

Hey My Loves!
Speaking of love *points to the calender* Amirite? I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day! I love any excuse to wear red and pinks and hang hearts all over the place but what I really love about today is how concerned all my friends get about being single. "I don't have a man" "I don't have a woman" "I don't have a gender neutral robot" "I will be forever alone" but all I can think while they are talking is "...but you were single yesterday too?" Being single isn't a punishment or a curse...most of us have been single for most of our lives and yes it is nice to be with someone...but if you can't be with yourself and be happy why bring someone else into the mix? 

Single, married, or in a relationship I wish you ALL a Happy Valentine's Day full of love, and love can come from anyone it doesn't have to be romantic so if you feel like no one loves you...I do. So smile and keep on reading for all my heart filled credits <3. 

13 February 2015

Take Me There | Goodies For Your Faces!

Helloooo my loves!
It's been SO cold lately and I have to admit a part of me is missing that warmth of the sun on my face. The one thing I've always loved about Second Life (even through all the drama, sweat, and tears) is that you can make your second life whatever you want it to be...even if that's a warm, sunny, stroll in goodies you grabbed up from Collabor88 :D I needed some cuteness in my life and some yellow hehe and if you're in need of something you just keep on reading for the outfit details of LIFE (insert godlike echo)...okay well...it's not quite THAT serious but close! Keep on reading!

Piggies With Rainbows

Mwahs to your faces!

So not sure if you've noticed after THREE YEARS (I myself can't believe it's been that long I've been blogging either) but uh...I'm obsessed with rainbows and glitter and all that pretty stuff and when I see something covered in rainbow I squeal like a pig....then this blog post happened
The idea for this pic was that a pig was supposed to see me and squeal from happiness but alas...photoshop won again BUT I do love the pictures that I did capture as well as the outfit that inspired it so...LEGO! Keep on reading for some outfit details.

11 February 2015

Greetings From Atlantis

Hey Loves 
I think every land ALL over the world would be a lot more glittery with me as their goddess *beams a smile*  I'd be easy to keep happy, they would just have to feed me cookies and salsa con queso with chips and I'd forever grace them with good fortune and glitter :D Okay you caught me I don't know the first thing about being a goddess BUT with this outfit I feel a lot more like one than I did yesterday! If you want to be all...goddessy and delicious with me just keep reading for the details. Not in the mood to read all my mumbo jumbo? That's okay I DO talk a lot and there are credits at the bottom. 

09 February 2015

Tea Party For Two

Hey Loves

I know it's been awhile but you know what? I needed a break and I didn't even realize it but now that I've had it I do feel a lot better. I hopped online and found this really beautiful place to snap a couple pictures with my plushie buddy of the day and some amazing finds from all over the grid that I've been dying to show you guys so just sit back, relax, and keep on reading for credits to what I have on!

04 February 2015

I Love Weiners

Hey Loves!
I'm a little under the weather not sure if it's depression, being hungover, or just the cold but I've been so anti computer I've just wanted to hide in bed and eat salsa con queso. I'm slowly snapping out of it though and I'm here with a super quick look. Not doing much talking but I hope you like the look and I will be back soon to show you all the goodies I have gathered so far this month :D