25 May 2017

Whimsical Breaks

Hey loves!

I know it's been awhile but I severely needed a break I was, to say the least depleted of all creative mojo and honestly...I wanted a bit of a different look with my avatar. As much as I love (and kind of already miss) my usual look it was beginning to bore me and make me less inclined to dress up.
I wanted a tone a little closer to mine so I swung over to Pink Fuel and fell in lust with the look of Sabine and when I demoed I was originally going to get Hazel (which is utter yumsauce) but I ended up being a derp and buying Latte which is still a beautiful tone so I'm not even mad. I'm still tweaking my shape of course but so far? I'm absolutely loving the direction of this new look. I know I haven't been super talkative on blogposts lately but stay tuned I'll have a bit more pep in my step soon enough! Mwahs & Happy Shopping! 

Love Always

12 May 2017

Love To Travel

09 May 2017

A Very Cherry Stroll

Hey Loves!
Today I did a very simple, tranquil picture today and to be honest I'm quite pleased with them. I have on this very beautiful Kimono from Konpeitou that can be found at this round of The Secret Hideout and it goes by the name of Very Cherry Kimono. I'm not going to do much talking today since I'm still a bit groggy (yay for medications) I hope you enjoy the look and I will see you all VERY soon

04 May 2017