28 April 2016

Midnight Roller for Bubblegum Ice Cream

Hey my loves!
I don't know if it's SL or maybe my internet but when I've been taking pictures at least two of them come out blank...whatupwitdat? ANYWHO I managed to save one again and I'm actually quite pleased with it. I haven't been talking much in my posts because I haven't been feeling well but I must admit...working on pictures has really been easing my mind and making me feel positive. So...instead of info on the outfit (credited below as always so don't worry) I'll give you a nice childhood story that this ice cream made me think of yes? Keep on reading for the story as well as credits!

26 April 2016

Twitchy Magics

Hey loves!

To be honest I don't have much to say today I just really had a blast with pictures and I'm just not feeling so hot today (hopefully this all ends soon LE SIGH) but this outfit I have on brought a smile to my face muscles so...HERE IT IS
Keep on reading for another picture and of course the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

22 April 2016

I'll Never Dream

Hey my love love sexy faces! How are you!?!

You ever have one of those days where you're just...lost in your own head? Not in a bad way but you are just content in your own solitude and quietness, a day you use your alone time to really travel the depths of your mind? I've been doing that a lot lately and I've been LOVING it. 
My picture is inspired loosely on my new found love of my original thoughts and feelings. There is a song by this GORGEOUS creation of a man named Kaskade called "I'll Never Dream" that was on repeat in my head while I took pictures :D I hope you like them! I have some of the cutest things from the grid on today so keep on reading for infos and credits!

19 April 2016

Wrapped In Spring

Hello my loves!

It is the sweet lilzy poo here to embrace the miracles of spring time blooming! I went outside and the air smelled sweet? Not like a cookie or cake type sweetness. More like the smell of a kiwi/strawberry smoothie with ginger (which I now want...thanks me!) The weather is starting to really warm up to. I mean the weather is all "SO WHAT I DECIDED TO SNOW LAST WEEK SHUT YOUR FACES AND TAKE MY SUN!" and I'm like "Well okay *sundress!*" 
No but joking aside the spring weather has really been helping my mood. Hearing and seeing so much...life happening. Birds singing, flowers growing, families of animals going to the now thawed out lake. It reminds me that life can be beautiful if you're looking in the right directions...which is forward not back. To my loves that need to hear this as much as I do:


Are you feeling better? Inspired? Uplifted? I hope so. I hope I gave you a little bit of a smile at least and if not...CLOTHES. Keep on reading to find out about my springy goodies and how to get them yourself!

13 April 2016

Cute But Psycho...

Hey my love sauces!

How are all you beautifuls today? I hope you're as happy as I am today because honestly, We all deserve days of pure bliss and happiness right? I don't know what caused me to wake up in such a good mood but I appreciate it nonetheless (I've always wanted to use that word)
So get this? I did three amazing pictures to show off this outfit and then 2 of them got corrupted...lulwut? So that just inspired me to make an entire skin post <here> as well as show off the salvaged picture which I'm very happy with. Are you cute but psycho like me and you want to know where to grab some beautiful clothing around the grid? Looking  for a new skin? Keep on reading for credits.

Time To Meet: Hana | Angelica @ The Seasons Story

Booyah! Skin post for your faces...and for my face too I suppose huh?

On my first post I shared my little....issue today
Me: Hey yay my pictures are all done!
My Computer: Yeah you see...they were and all but I think I'm gonna just corrupt this real quick 
Me: But...I kind of need those pictures...
My Computer: The computer you are trying to reach...
Me: *looks at computer screen and shakes her head*

So then I decided it's time to do a skin post since I haven't done one in so long! Today I am showing you a brand new skin from the always amazing Angelica! You can find this at this round of The Seasons Story! Want details on all the goodies? You got it :D Keep reading!

06 April 2016

In My Panties

Hey my sweet ones!
You ever have a day when you just want to run around in your panties loving life? To be honest....I've been extremely sad lately. I've never hidden the fact that I suffer from depression and some events in life make it harder to pull myself out of it and cope but heyyyy I'm feeling a little better now. Returning to you all with pretty pieces of cuteness always puts a smile on my face. Knowing you all are smiling makes me happy. Today I have on some very cute, affordable, and happy items! You like what you see? Keep on reading for more info on where to grab them for yourself!

04 April 2016

Call Me Baby | Kawaii Pon Pon Stuffs!

My loves!

How are you lovely divas feeling today? Me? Well I'm getting it together. I WAS enjoying the weather here by going out on the patio with my kindle, eating potstickers and enjoying the papa's <fill in blank>ira's until suddenly...it was..snowing? If April showers bring May flowers....what do April snowstorms bring?
Anywhoooo today I am wearing some really adorable things from a VERY new event that I want to keep around for as long as I possibly can so I definately want to get the word out about it! Keep on reading for more details on my items and this event!