30 April 2013

New Skins By Candydoll | Layla

Hello my loves

So sorry for the long absence but as I said I had a wedding to go to and it absolutely beautiful but I hardly got any sleep from the excitement. The great thing about my family is we don't stop a celebration until the food is gone buuuut we cook like we are feeding the army so it takes awhile. The Wedding was meaningful and beautiful, The reception was amazing and entertaining, and the after party with the newly married couple was stunning! 
I logged back on to an amazingly beautiful skin by Candydoll called Layla...

26 April 2013

Can You Keep A Secret?

Hi My Loves!

Its been forebers right?! I know I've been away a few days I know bad Lili! I have a reason trust me! I am getting married!!!!
JUST KIDDING! I'm going to an RL wedding but its not my own and I've had to prepare to travel therefore I haven't gotten as much time on the computer to do one of my favorite things...dress up of course! I've always been that girl that could keep a secret but with you guys I just LOVE to blurt out where all the pretty stuffs can be found so I took matters into my own hands for some assistance! Keep on reading for the Info! Credits on the bottom!

23 April 2013

Traveler At Heart | SL Lili Blog

Hey Fashion Heads!

As you may have noticed I've gone back to doing my on location pictures....here's why...
...For awhile I was trying to look more professional...more like a "fashion blogger". I wanted to have that fashion blog look of the amazing model (or blogger) standing and posing with her new outfit but then I realized....I'm not a fashion blogger in that sense. I'm just a blogger of things that make me happy. Sure I do love fashion but I'm not a style follower I'm a girl that loves to shop. I don't know what's "In" nor do I really worry about it much. I'm an SL Lili blogger and I love and appreciate the people who love that about me. I will continue to of course show off my clothes just....more in my own way. That being said....

21 April 2013

Carry On | Lazy Sunday Paris Edition

Hello my lovely readers!

Another Sunday of laziness mixed with comfy fashion goodness yes? I've lately been wearing my mesh breasts like....a lot so I felt it was time for them to go on a shelf at least today who knows what will happen tomorrow right?
I've always had dreams of going to Paris. Sitting at a little bistro eating crepes and sipping a latte as Jean Pierre walks by..our eyes locking before he confesses and tells me how amazing I am...his one true American princess swept to this little bistro to fulfill his desti...what too much? Well it could happen I'm sure....right? well something that could happen is you can snag the pieces to the outfit I have on! Keep reading for more info if your Paris fantasy has started that's okay I have credits.

20 April 2013

Vitamin C | Diaries Of an Internet Issue

Hey Fashion Heads!

Ugh lately I've been having so many internet issues and it makes me crazy! They are building new apartments in the place I live and I guess jiggling with the wires sometimes makes it hard for me to connect, not to mention the issues I've been having with SL but FEAR NOT! 
I've managed to work through them all and show off those citrus punch of an outfit. Want to know more about my "Vitamin C" Inspired outfit? Keep on reading. Credits at the bottom for the non readers.

18 April 2013

Lilacs Love for the Masses | Lavender or Lilac?

Hello my lover fayces! 

Did you miss me? I hope so! My title actually has a lot to do with my outfit of choice today you see....I don't know which color is what. I always thought that is was LAVENDER that was the more purple like color and lilac being more of a...light pinky color mixed with a smidge of purple. Some of the stuff I have is labeled "lavender" and some is labeled "Lilac" and its left me completely confuzzled.

Whether its lilac or lavender I loved the outfit I felt super pretty and...I'm here to tell you all about it. Keep on reading *skips past the page break and waits for you*

15 April 2013

Basking in the Sun | Hand Appliers @ La Petite Morte

Hey loves!
I was just sitting in my half decorated garden and thought this was a pretty picture and it would be perfect to tell you all about the amazing news at La Petite Morte...

Keep on Reading!

14 April 2013

Girl in the Polka Dot Dress

Hey my loves!

Its been a weird weekend for hehe. Friday snuck up before I even really noticed then Saturday just flew on past though I did still have a lot of fun. When I was a little younger my T.V. was always stuck on the disney channel. I watched almost all of them That's so Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Phil of the Future, Cory in the House, Hannah Montana and...well more. I tried to watch their newer shows yesterday (don't judge me) and they are cute but I'm definitely proud to say I've outgrown them. 
I was originally going for a look to resemble Disney's first lady, Minnie Mouse but then it took a turn. I still love the look so I am showing it to you! Keep on reading for info....Credits at the bottom

12 April 2013

Sweeter Than a Rice Cake

Hey Dears!
I decided it was time to do a meme and I really liked the one suggested by Miss Strawberry Signh called the My 10 SL Firsts meme and decided to do it but of course I wanted to stat with a vanity shot because dude...I look super cute today and I am loving the new skin I'm wearing. So...ONTO MY FIRSTS!

11 April 2013

Simply a Flower in name

Hello Fashion Goddesses!

There are many flowers in the world. You have the rose, beautiful in look and fragrance, a sign of love and friendship. You have the Hyacinths used commonly as a symbol of playfulness. There is the Gardenia that has been marked as a flower of purity. Not to mention the millions of other flowers that give this world colors, and meanings. Each flower...is a flower that didn't know its meaning or importance and one day just ONE person looked at it and just knew it was a special flower and decided to show it to the world. Well my loves...you're my flowers...I know you're all special so its time we started to believe it right?
Keep on reading for outfit & Skin Info!

09 April 2013

A Date Fit for a Princess

Hey loves
Today I felt like being a princess. There is nothing better than finding a group of people in the world that let you prance around in a tiara and let you live in your fantasy scenario of being a princess *giggles*. Today's look was inspired by this amazing dress available at Collabor88 and the love of being a rainbow princess (yep I went there). Keep on reading for more information on the outfit! Credits on the bottom.

07 April 2013

Army Of Love | Modish @ WCF Monthly

Hey Guys its me again!

I feel like a sexy army girl and I'm here to represent the sexy women keeping our country safe! Not going to do too much of an Intro just want to tell you about the goodies that I have on. I look a little older and dare I say...sexier than usual but its for a great reason! Keep on reading for more info...Credits at the bottom

The Candydoll Princess

Hey Fashion Heads!
Miss me? Its the weekend and I got lazeh but I of course have cuteness for your faces I'd never leave you hanging! Its starting to get a little warm here in RL and sadly that winter chill is going away and with the summer weather I get soooooo lazy my friends call it reversal hibernation. Heat and I were never friends. I hate sweating, I hate getting in my car and the seat belt is so hot it burns your skin and most important....My hairstyle never survives humidity. Enough of my bellyaching! To the clothing info! Keep on reading...Credits below

05 April 2013

Mouthful of Red Hots

Hello my dear fashion lovers

Different layout today I'm not sure which one I'm feeling more so I'll switch back and forth
I'm feeling red and spicy today for some reason which is weird, I'm not a fan of spicy. When I was younger I had a nice group of friends and I was dared during a game of truth or dare to fill my mouth with a handful of red hots and not cry so of course naturally I took my hand, scooped up some red hots and shoveled them in my mouth. About 2 minutes into it I was in tears and my mouth was sore for a few nights so um...you won't catch me eating red hots anymore. Want to know where to pick up these items that make you feel "muy caliente"? Keep on reading credits on the bottom

03 April 2013

Blogger Girls Gotta Eat

Hey Fashion Heads!
While you're reading this I'm mostly out shopping in real life for some tastiness in my life. I've been cooking since I was about...hmmm 12 or so starting from easy things and slowly working into more complicated dishes. I'm not really a fan of store bought things if I can make it myself and I've always been a bit envious of the extreme couponers that you see on T.V. I mean if you think about it if I was saving that much on food I could buy SO much more on SL! Er...I mean...put it in my savings account! Anywho *giggles* Keep on reading for more outfit details.

02 April 2013

Croix By Mirror's Enigma

Hey Lovelies me again hehe
I was going through my pictures on my computer and found a set of lost skin reviews. This is from Mirror's Enigma called Croix and there will be lots more Mirror's Enigma this is just the first of lots more to come. Sit back and let the pictures blow your mind.