29 August 2014


Hey Loves! 
Another quick post because I'm honestly having so many computer issues that I think it's just TIME for a factory reset. Just a fix that will take a day maybe two for updates so it won't be long! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

27 August 2014

Unwatered Garden

Hey Loves!

I honestly don't have too much to say today because I'm covered in sweat and about to move around my room some more but this look I didn't want to keep waiting to share so TADA, here it is
Keep on reading for credits

26 August 2014

New Skin | Olly By Insitu

Hey Loves as promised there is also a skin review today! 
I still weird saying "review" so what is another word I can use to explain this better? I don't know but skin goodness! Keep reading!

Follow You Until You Love Me

 Hey my loves!
When I was youn-..okay fine about 6 years ago, I thought it would be SO amazing to be famous and have all the popularity you could ever ask for. Everyone would know my name and love and adore the ground I walk on. As I got older I did start realize every coin has two sides for the people that love you there will also be so many that hate you for just being YOU. Everything you say or do will be criticized and let's not forget Paparazzi right? My dreams of being a celebrity quickly went away but it is nce to know I have a place to go and show myself and feel all tons of love <3 You guys make my world go round!

I know "Stop being mushy Lili we dun care show us the clothes" *sigh* Well I do want to make you all happy so keep on reading hehe Are you on the run from Paparazzi? Sneak past them and read the credits at the bottom okay?!?

25 August 2014

The Happy Little Fae

Hey pretty love faces!

Today I am a fairy, a happy, little fairy that wants to fly into your heart and make a home! I love cosplay and wish I did it more but to be honest I start off one way with dressing and usually end up WAY different than what I started in my usual Lili fashion but today I kept it simple and Fae like and as you can see I'm ecstatic about it. 
Not wearing as much as er..usually do but still lots of goodies to be discovered so keep on reading okay? Are you frolicking through the woods right now?  That's okay I added credits at the bottom for the busy Fae.

21 August 2014

Sparkle In The Sunlight

Hey Loves!

You all know I am a huge fan of many things glitter so a friend and I started talking a bit about Edward Cullen "Would you give Edward Cullen a chance?" See that's hard to say because I would only REALLY want him in the sun because...sparkly Edward is a good Edward right? Other than that I'm not really feeling him....sorrynotsorry. 
I guess this post is loosely inspired by my sparkly goodness today and I thought that a great place to go to show off my new ability would be the beach of course. It's been awhile since I've worn a bikini and since summer is coming to an end soon, I wanted to squeeze a couple more in. Keep on reading for the outfit goodies!

19 August 2014

Ice Cream Sammich Twins

Hey Loves!

So my computer and I haven't been that happy with one another. It took me an entire day to get these pictures but for you guys I'd do anything! 
Today my Jinkers and I got all dressed up together then we posed like DIVAS! 
 I honestly don't have any stories or anything to share today but I DID want to show you this outfit so let's move right on to the clothing goodness!! Keep on reading for credits.

16 August 2014

Bak 2 Skool

Hey My Loves

I'm sorry about the delay with my blog post. Sadly someone that meant a lot to me passed away yesterday so I needed a minute to just...let it sink in. I don't want to say too much about it because as I've said this is a spot for me to be happy and because of the man he was, he would want me to be happy right now as well.
I have an adorable outfit for you all inspired by the quickly approaching back to school season. I used to be one of those kids that LOVED this time of year. Education was always important to me and not only that I WANTED TO SEE WHAT EVERYONE WAS WEARING (Does this really surprise anyone?) Lots of details about the goodies I'm wearing so keep on reading! Are you back to school shopping? ;) That's okay credits at the bottom.

14 August 2014

A Moment Like This: Clothing Edition

Hey Loves!!

I'm sorry about my quick posts I was so excited that there was no way I was going to sleep without telling you guys about it for another night. 
So because of my MANY issues with my computer I decided to see if I needed updates and needed FIFTEEN updates so I was like "oh okay will do!" I let everything update....Second Life & Flash stopped working...re-installed my Catalyst they came back with a couple difficulties (you will see momentarily) ! So here I am with goodies for your faces! Keep on reading for the goodie goods.

13 August 2014

A Moment Like This | New Release From TSG

Hey Loves!
You know that Moment on American Idol when Kelly Clarkson won against Justin G and the whole world cried happy tears with/for her when she was singing "A Moment Like this" happily looking out to her fans and feeling the emotions of all her adoring followers? Well lets compare this moment to that one shall we? I am an adoring fan and Elfie is Kelly Clarkson....

12 August 2014

Let Your Dreams Soar

Hey Dears!

Everyone has dreams right? We all have ambitions and we all have desires for our lives but so many of us feel alone in the fight to get to what we want. 
Today I take the role of the Dreamer's Princess. I have a friend who says to make a dream a reality you have to put it into the air. As a Dreamer's Princess it is my honor and duty to place your dreams into this universe and help you succeed. All I really want in life is to see the people that I love and care about become everything they could possibly ever become and to know I had a part in helping would mean everything to me. I have tons of goodies on today and I want to show them all off to you. Keep on reading for more infos!

10 August 2014

Senpai In The Sheets

Hey my loves!

I spent a little bit of this weekend doing a couple hunts and events and I had a lot of fun. I kind of lost track of time but have no fear I am here tonight sharing all kinds of goodies with you plus...I'm playing around with my pictures again and trying to get a feel for something that makes me feel happy so tell me what you think okay?
I did a little of the Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt and I must say I'm really into most of the prizes from this hunt! The theme of this hunt is "Notice Me Senpai". My hair and dress are both prizes from this hunt! This hair is so cute and only 5L for 5 colors (making it technically 1L per color) you can get it from Pr!tty and it's called Zoey! I have on the pink version but it also comes with natural tones as well but...you know me. 

*Does a twirl in her dress* This dress pretty much made my night "Kawaii in The Streets, Senpai in the Sheets" I mean seriously...it's perfect for me! This is also 5L (WORTH) and part of the Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt. You can find this at Parfait and it's called the Kawaii Jumper Dress. I love the color combo and I adore the initial styling of it and I would forever live in stuff like this RL. 

If you want some inexpensive goodies this hunt is definately one to be checked out! Mwahs & happy shopping!

Love Always

♥ BODY ♥
♡ Avatar: Utilizator - Kemono
♡ Mod: POMF - Little Hime in Sweet Tan
♡ Shape: My Own Shape
♡ Eyes: POMF - Dolly Eyes in Green Newish Release
♡ Hair: Pr!tty - Zoey in Pinky Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt
♡ Dress: Parfait - Kawaii Jumper Dress
Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt 
♡ Shoes: Candydoll - Punisher Boots in White  
♡ Necklace: Spellbound - Eat Me Cookie Necklace in Blue/Pink
Gacha Prize 
♡ Collar: 2PM - Choker in Star New @ The Chapter Four
♡ Ring: Yummy - Single Daisy in White Gacha Prize
♡ Headband: Lode - Vegas Headwear in Wood New @ Chapter Four
♡ Tumbler: Amitomo - Summer Tumbler in Sakura New @ Okinawa Summer Festival
♡ Popsicle: Atomic - Kawaii Noms Summer Treats in Popsicle 3 Gacha Prize
♡ Kitty Headphones: Remarkable Oblivion - Cat-A-Clysm Headphones in Vanilla
♡ Tail: Yumyums - Succubus Tail in Ivory

08 August 2014

Kitty Buccaneer

Hey Loves! Miss me? 
Today so many events have started and I haven't been able to really go to them yet but I do have a treat that I want to show you guys before I grab another cappuccino and go shopping until the break of dawn! It's a short but sweet post but filled with love! Keep on reading for the details!

06 August 2014

I Thought It Was Icing | Kemono Transition

Hey My Fashion Heads!

Do you like the new layout? Please tell me what you think because I worked on it all by myself! 
So here is a bit of a funny story for you all. You know I am a little naive and a little ditzy at times right? When I made this look I was going for the bow was dripping icing down my face and ran down the glasses to my mouth....I truly truly thought it was icing and my heart was shattered when I learned that it wasn't....but hey if you think about it I gave you all a less dirty way to wear these items right? I am in lust with my outfit today (insert sex joke) and I adore each and every piece so keep on reading