29 December 2014

Grey Street | Event Goodies Galore

Hey Loves

Today is another super short post in preparation for new years aaaand....well I might have a little surprise and good news for us all a little later *beams with happiness* You just wait after the new year begins you won't be able to shut me up <3 Keep reading for Info!

26 December 2014

Snowflake Delivery

Moar Holiday Goodness! I'm on a rolll!!!!!
Keep on reading for credits!

25 December 2014

Holiday Relaxation

Hey Loves!
Even though it's a bit late I want to say I hope you all had the HAPPIEST of Holidays today! I had a day full of unexpected laughter and joy and the only thing that would have made it better is to know you all did as well. It's late and I'm so FULL of food but I didn't want to leave you all with no Seasons' Greetings! Keep on reading for the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

23 December 2014

Super Bear-Beario

My Love Doodles!
Not only do I have a fun look for you today but I also have my super cute wifers by my side to celebrate all that is retro gaming! I do love blogging solo but when I get to actually have my Jinkers with me in a picture my heart explodes into millions of happy :D (I'm so mushy) Today we are just gaming around with super cute looks full of....retro? For my credits just keep on reading and for hers <PRESS START> (what up game reference!) 

Time To Meet: Momo By Angelica

Hey Loves!
Once again my disclaimer! Skin showcasing isn't my strong point BUT there are so many skins I just love and want to show off to you all! Today I bring you a skin from Angelica that you can find at the F R O S T Fair. Not only do I LOVE it but I think it loved me too since I didn't need to modify my shape that much. 

Keep on reading for all the options and whatnot that you get with this amazing skin.

20 December 2014

Fluffy & Plushy

Hey Loves!
Today I just wanted to be cute and fluffy running around with plushies so that's what I did hehe. Super short post today so keep on reading for credits I'm FINALLY putting up Christmas decorations! See you all soon! 

19 December 2014


Hey Loves!

I don't really have much to say today quite honestly but this pizzalicious outfit brought me so much joy you don't even know hehe. Keep on reading for a quick summary of what I have on and the tasty credits of where to go and get it for yourself. 

16 December 2014

Lili In a Box

Hey Loves!

Yours Truly is in the box! 
So....sometimes I like to walk a mile in someone's shoes and today I decided upon my little gingerkitten, Phantom, to walk with. I looked down to him and said "You're the boss today take me where you want me to see" (he understands me okay?...we are just THAT connected) So first stop was the food bowl and since I wasn't hungry I kinda just....let him do his thing but the next destination was a box and he went under it and laid down so I stuck my head under too and laid down....and fell asleep...

Yes ladies & gentlemen....I fell...asleep...with my head....in a....box. Yes it was a short trip but WOW I saw how stressful it must be to be a cat. So if you don't think I'm completely crazy yet I DO have an awesome outfit to show you hehe so just keep on reading for the details!

15 December 2014

Dolly Void

Hey Loves!
I was feeling a bit artsy today so I tried to make somewhat of a Christmas meets Darkness type picture. I've been kinda....scroogy this year about christmas for more reasons than one but you know the closer it gets to date the more excited I become! Not a lot to say today to be quite honest but keep on reading for the credits! Mwahs & Happy Shopping!

10 December 2014

Keep Yourself Warm

Hey Loves!
So let's talk about Lactose Intolerance! LOL JK I love you Mari. 
To be honest...my mind is blank today. I don't have any thoughts just a pretty outfit that's a little out of my usual element but I still adored it so it's another short post for your faces! I hope you like & Keep on reading for credits.

09 December 2014

Lemon & Berries

Hey Loves!
Quick post for you today! I went with a nice bright casual outfit to do some exploring in. Keep on reading for the credit goodness! See you all super soon!

04 December 2014

Time To Meet: Emmy

I know it's been awhile for a skin review honestly because I think it's my weak point in blogging since it's so uniform and requires SOME photoshop skill, but you know what? There are some things that just make you do things and this skin is definitely one of those precious gems. Keep on reading for more info okay?!

WARNING:  If you're at work or have kids around you might want to save this for later

03 December 2014

I Love College

Hey Senoritassss!
So I've been reflecting a bit and I've come to a conclusion, I miss being in school so much. If not for the learning for the interaction and running into a new person like...every minute of the day. I wasn't the most popular girl in school but I had a nice group of people to talk to and and have lunch with. One amazing thing about my school was it was located across the street from a plaza with AMAZING food Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Subways, Haitian, Jamaican, You name it we could probably order it. It was quite grand. I had a STOCKPILE of winter clothing...in Florida not because I needed them but you know....gotta stay in season and the outfit I have on today is inspired by my college days that I miss oh so very much..so much I think I might even be going back next year *smiles* Keep on reading for all the clothing details!

25 November 2014


LOL So there is a funny story behind this title! 
You know how our lovely Second Life can get sometime, not wanting to play nice and making our life of the second overall rather hard and unpleasant? So we all have that one friend I'm sure that loves to mess with you even when you're close to tears. On a day of infinite SL problems I had a friend YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE turn thier name into "Loading...." and put on a ruth outfit and a grey skin. I spent about 40 minutes thinking it was me until he finally burst out laughing and switched to his regular Av....I love my friends I swear :D He's away so much now I kind of long for his SL Trickery but he's gonna be a pilot and I'm so proud of him! 

I know "Lilllllll the clothes...." as if you guys don't know by now I ramble *sighs* I have on an outfit of alternate endings :D Keep on reading to see all the goodies!

19 November 2014

Fox Trot

  Today I wanted to try a different look I call "Chubby Mizu" and I loved it so much I made a look with this new addition to my avatars collection! 

I did a bit of wordplay for today's inspiration. A couple nights ago I heard someone say "Fox Trot" now I know I have my share of dumb moments all but this wasn't one of them I know darn well what fox trot is HOWEVER since I am who I am I clearly went to that part of my mind that thought it meant a beautiful run with your pet foxies then an OOTD was born :D I have on some shall I say...Kawaii? things today so keep on reading for credits and where you can run to get all the goodies!

13 November 2014

Beary Cold

Hey Loves!
Today I was playing in the snow! Well...almost I'm trying out my hand with photoshop again and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. I was originally going to call this post "what I'd do for a frappe" since it's the sad truth. I would walk through a storm for a good frappe lol. I know you didn't come here to hear about my sick obsession with pretty drinks hehe. Keep on reading for clothing details.

10 November 2014

Blue Me Away

Hey Loves!
Just a quick post! This was supposed to be my Lazy Sunday post but the clutter of boxes are getting to me so I should do something about that huh? *Giggles* See you all a little later!

03 November 2014

Mushroomin Around | New Angelica Release

Hey Loves
When I was about 12, the apartment complex I lived inside of was really close to the woods and my friends LOVED going into the woods. I hated the thought of the scary woods but my childhood friend (and the man I still dream of being my husband) helped me conquer the fear by taking my hand and walking me through slowly never letting my hand go and singing to me the whole time. I remember while we were walking through there was a mushroom patch full of HUGE mushrooms and he slapped my hand and told me not to eat any of them because they could kill me but I remember looking at them and thinking they were one of the....prettiest fungi I've ever seen.

02 November 2014


Hey my loves

Today it snowed a little.
I was happy but I kind of wasn't prepared for it. Guess who hasn't unpacked her winter clothes? This Girl. I had a very fun time taking pictures and I have no idea why it was so freakin fun and I think the pictures came out alright what do you think? It's been awhile since I showed you pretty ladies some freebies and then it leaves me feeling guilty because well....I want to appeal to anyone including the ladies on a VERY tight budget or no budget to spare. Keep on reading to find out a bit about this outfit.

31 October 2014

27 October 2014

I'm A Creep

Hey Loves!
I decided to stay at my mom's a little longer but that's okay she knows how important blogging is to me. Today I wanted to be all cute and anime like because....well it's been awhile hehe. I threw on my (updated) Kemono Body and the (updated) M3 Anime head with a skin mod from Kawaii Kloset that I've had my eye on since the release and so happy that I finally got to pick it up. I wanted a casual look with a hint of sex appeal today for some SL travelling. What do you guys think? How did I do? I'm not wearing a lot of new releases but this outfit made me so darn happy! Keep on reading for more details <3

23 October 2014


Hey my loves!
I went costume browsing and I was dead set on not being the "sexy" version of something so I was going to be a Grim Reaper Maiden....but the costumes were sold out then they had a fire fighters outfit that wasn't too sexual and I immediately thought oh that will be perfect for maybe a more anime route of a fire kitsune (a kitsune in a fire fighters outfit) well....let's just say my curves would cause me to look like the sexy version so...I guess I'm going sexy right? Put it in my cart to buy and it was sold out....Guess I'll be on SL this Halloween! 

20 October 2014

Chandelier | Body Mod Stuff

Hey Loves!
Today is a quick post because I'm at my mom's but this outfit couldn't wait anymore. Actually for a bit I might leave my posts short and get more out just to see how I feel about it.

17 October 2014

Ho Hey

Hey Loves! 
Even though it's technically autumn I am really not feeling like it RL. I still go to bed SOPPING in sweat and wake up groaning because I don't feel a breeze but that's why I love SL it can be any season I want it to be! Maybe a more autumn inspired look will help mother nature get the hint? I hit up a couple events unsuccessfully (yay for lag fests) but I got to grab a couple things from each before my doom SO keep on reading for the goodies okay?

16 October 2014

Literally an Ice Cream | Bye Bye Candy Fair ; . ;

Hey Loves!
A quick post of me being an adorable ice cream cone merchant thanks to Epic, before it's too late for you to grab it for yourself! This is sadly the end of my Candy Fair posts this year  (something tells me I won't be leaving the blogging world anytime soon) and I wanted to end it with delicious bang!  Keep on reading for credits!

15 October 2014

Sweet Love

Hey Loves!

Guess who's internet is trying to slow me down? It's not working today comcast!
Anywho today I took only a couple pics one of them I had to do at regular screen size (above) and I think it looks okay what about you? Until I get my new computer I might just do that from now on since I think it looks alright and will give me a chance to spam you guys with pictures again :D

Today I have a casual yet sweet look to show you! Keep on reading for info!

14 October 2014

Sugar Coma

Hey Loves!
Today I'm sweet and pink and surrounded by candies! It's a Tea Party for the Lilz and I must say I really don't want this year's Candy Fair to end because it's so amazing and today I have so many more awesome things to show you before it's gone on the 17th. I really enjoy showing events until the very end because it's easy to forget about an event and miss something you can't live without but if I'm here reminding you about it then BAM crisis averted

I have tons of goodies to show you so keep on reading for all the stuffs okay?!

13 October 2014

Final Destination

Hey Loves!
It's been forever but this time it wasn't my computer it was my INTERNET. I don't want to call the provider out but it begins with "c" and ends in "omcast". There seems to be a lot of issues with frequency in this area so all weekend I crashed a lot unless I was on my phone using my 4G Data but now I'm back with a nice minty fresh outfit of goodness (btw prepare yourself for a couple outfits today there is also weekend posts I had planned) *Does a spin* Keep on reading for the credits :D

08 October 2014

Zombies With Candy

Hello love pops!

Let's just be honest....I didn't want to wear clothes today not in SL or in RL so in both lives I threw on new lingerie and ate candy while hanging with my zombie friends (okay that's just an SL thing). I can just....FEEL all the judge going on right now #dunkillmahvibe 
https://www.flickr.com/photos/lilibugz/15294940027/ Today I mixed my two obsessions: Horror & Candy Candrror? Horry? Both of those sound TERRIBLE but it's been done and I'm happy about it! Keep on reading about my insane Candy Bloodbath :D

07 October 2014

Sweet Escape

Hey Loves!

I know I took awhile to unpack but this was QUITE a lot of new stuff (Mostly Candy Fair don't you judge me) So much so that I decided to break this into 3 parts so if you want to know more about this outfit keep on reading BUT if you want more decoration news click here <--- and for more about my skin go ---> here
As you all know I love all things candy and if I could have a place of escape I would live here...in a sweet delicious place full of my friends and my handsome husband Jonghyun *grins devilishly* Lots of things waiting for you after the break so... *throws sprinkles* keep reading

MingMing By Angelica

Hey loves! Skin to be shown!
 Keep on reading!

Sweet Escape | A Closer Look

Hey Sweethearts!
♡ Full Display Room: Exposeur - The SugarBowl Thank You Lalakins <3 New @ The Candy Fair 2014

I don't do a lot of....furniture/decoration posts but I'm trying to change that since I let myself buy so many it might be nice to show them off right? I'm going to start with the SUGARBOWL! Not going to talk your ear off since I have SO MANY CREDITS and a nice collection of pictures for you! Keep on reading for all the pics and credits goodness

03 October 2014

La Petite Morte @ The Candy Fair

Hey my love pockets!
...Actually that sounds a bit dirty but ANYWAY I am here with an amazing skin that just needs to be shown off. I'm still unpacking all the great things I have to show to you guys but I got stopped in my tracks with this skin from La Petite Morte for this year's Candy Fair (Which opens today) do you like what you see? WELL THEN keep on reading for more detail mkay?