30 November 2013

A Modish Tale of Black Weekend

Hi my love loves!
Well...I spent my day shopping yesterday so I am a happy little glitter princess. I honestly spent most of my money in RL BUT I had to hit up some of the SL sales including a couple skin ones yes? So uh...do me a favor and feast your eyes upon the sexy skin I bring to you today from Modish called Xia! More pictures and details below so keep on reading!

29 November 2013

Turkey Stuffed Black Friday Shoppin'

Hi Loves!
It's weird they say Turkey puts you to sleep however...I can't sleep at all maybe because of BLACK FRIDAY the best day of the entire year...well...minus my birthday of course! OH and Christmas and we can't forg-..okay its ONE of the best days of the year. I know I'll be doing a crap ton of shopping today but I did want to blog this super adorable look before then (look out for daily updates) that makes me think of pumpkins, turkey and Black Friday.

Want to gobbledy Goop with me and my outfit? Keep on reading! Feeling that not so awake feel building up in your bones? Credits at the bottom!

28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Fashion Heads!

First and foremost I would like to wish you all the BIGGEST Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones and I secondly want to give you all a HUGE thank you. 
I'm thankful to have you guys as readers and followers that make my blogging journey something special. When I first started on this blog I literally knew nothing. I didn't know what direction I was taking with this blog I got my first handful of views and that quickly became what is is today. One day things got easier with the help of all of you. With each view, comment, inworld message I felt better with what I post to you all, what I say, what I share. I love getting the messages about my stories helping you feel less alone or my looks (as weird as some may be) helping you to express your creativity and of course I love becoming friends with you all. 

I know there are bloggers out there who do blog for the fashion but I blog for so much more. I blog for not only fashion but I want to share my world with you guys and have you all share your world with me. I want you all to know if you ever feel alone there is always at least ONE person you can come to...I'm your long distance friend and this is my way of reaching out and showing you I'm here for you.

I'm so thankful to you guys for reading and encouraging me to continue my blogging journey...hopefully for many more years to come.

Love Always

OH don't worry...my thank you comes with credits dears just keep on reading okay? Mwah mwahs and Happy Shopping! 

26 November 2013

I Just Wanna Fly

Hey Loves! 
Don't yell! I'm sorry I know its been...WAY too long but its the holidays I get a pass right? I did update my layout what do you guys think? As much as I LOVED my last one I had so many problems including difficulties posting and getting comments from you lovelies so hopefully that's all fixed now! 

I come back with goodies and super cuteness for all of you who waited so patiently so keep on reading okay?! I have a lot to say so let me grab a drink and then we begin!

20 November 2013

Going Nowhere

Hey Loves!

Sorry I've been away so long you know how the holidays can be right? 
I hate people that tell other people that their hopes and aspirations aren't important and that unless they want to be....a doctor or something they are "going nowhere" in life. Um...sir/ma'am last time I checked this was MY life...you're not on stage with me..you're in the audience. So my loves don't let anyone put down the things you like or love or want to be. If you want to be a doctor GREAT I love doctors...if you want to be a lion tamer DO IT and don't let anyone tell you it's not worth it. You're worth reaching for the stars no matter what your star may be. No story today just words of inspiration and you can keep on reading for credits okay?! 

Love You Always

Credits below

17 November 2013

Daia No Hana

Hey Loves!

Babysitting...BLEH! I used to have all the patience in the world for it but now? I'm like the bus driver from South Park (EVERYBUDY SIT DOWN!) Does this mean I'm grown up now?
Anywho...Daia no Hana is the name of the theme song from a anime called Black Cat which is actually the first anime to ever make me want to check out other anime so I guess you can say it peaked my interest a little and my outfit is loosely inspired by it. Do you want the goodies? Well you're in luck I will show you where to get them. 

Who's Gonna Save Me?


I think we all have fantasies of being a superhero at one age in life. We all wonder what are power will be. Draining Life? Invisibility? Super Strength? I don't want any of that. I want to be able to take people's pain away. I know it sounds super dumb to some but the quickest way to a safe and loving world is if the people in it are happy right? 
I may have stole a couple of superman's famous colors to make this outfit but uh...I DID IT FOR FASHION! I didn't wear my undies over my dress so I think I'll be okay hehe. Want to know what to grab for yourself? Keep on Reading *flies off* have a world to save? Credits at the bottom.

14 November 2013

Havin It MY Way

Miss me? I'm backkkk

I keep telling you all I'm a princess! Burger King & Dairy Queen Fell in love and had a child...Glitter Princess *nodnods* so now that I have some validity in the words I say...I'm running with it babeh and no one can stop me. 
My outfit was inspired by me finding my TRUE royal roots :D So keep on reading to get all the royal clothing for yourself okay?!

That's MY Kinda Night

Hey Loves!

This sickness just won't give up but fear not here I am. 

So...call me wierd if you must but a great night for me is putting on my headphones and getting on skype to talk to my friends all night. We laugh and play games. watch youtube, we laugh, sometimes we even cry but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm not a clubbing person and I've accepted that. My kind of night consists of a computer screen and headphones...naturally. 
My outfit today was inspired by...well honestly I just liked it soooo you want this stuff for yourself you know what to do...Keep Reading! Are you in the middle of a skype call? *whispers* Credits at the end. 

12 November 2013

The Time Traveler | Snow in Photoshop?!

Hey my loves!
So I have a question for you all today SO I WANT TO SEE SOME COMMENTS! Where would you go if you could pick any location? Anytime? Anyplace? Where would you pick? A friend of mine asked me this today and I was taken back by it but I know my location would be a snowy place since I'm a fan of the cold. I traveled to an awesome location today that some of you may know. It's IZZIES she decorated for winter already and I just had to get a picture! I even decided to play in photoshop and make snow! It may not be the best but you know...it's my first time hehe.

Though the winter is fast approaching I want to keep it bright...so I did. Keep on reading to find out the outfit details!

10 November 2013

Orange Slices

Hey Loves! It's me again!
I used to have this huge love for those candy orange slices so hard. I would buy them from a wholesale place with about...a thousand per bag and I'd spend my summer eating them. I never worried about them not being there when I returned because *whispers* my grandmother hates oranges. So one day I head to my Platonic Soulmates house for an end of summer party (which was amazing btw) and when I get home MY SLICES ARE MISSING! Turns out my grandmother found ONE orange product she could tolerate. My Heart equals shattered but she bought me more so yay times! 

My outfit was inspired by the light and citrus fun of those orange slices! Feeling bright even though its almost wintertime? Keep on reading to find out where to get some bright goodies!

Watch Me Grow | NSFW

Hey Fashion Heads!
"Lili your boobies are showing" Actually...they aren't almost but not quite! I'm sure you all know how I feel about being too..."exposed" so when I do bare it most I try to go with an artsy twist. Today I am a rose garden nymph who somehow fell asleep and woke up here all alone. The only thing to keep me company are the singing happy flowers! I know what YOU came for though...fashion updates? You got it! Keep on reading!

07 November 2013

"Makes me Want Ice Cream"

Hey my dear readers!
For whatever reason, SL got REALLY upset anytime I tried to take a picture. It would freeze for about 5 minutes then I would crash so I have officially moved to the 64Bit version of Firestorm...a little glitchy here and there...but I'm enjoying it. Mean Pictures + Cold = Lili in tears. SPEAKING OF COLD...I want to explain my title! So Keep reading okay?!

05 November 2013

Rock a Lili

Hey Fashion heads!

Another day of fashion to be had yes? It's like the shopper inside of me keeps on shopping even when I'm pooped and/or sick...It's just something I'll have to live with :D
A couple events started and they offer so many cute and amazing things so keep on reading to find out a little more okay?! OKAY!

03 November 2013

You Can't See Me!

Hi my sweets!
Ugh been so busy today you know...the usual gathering of food for the month BUT FEAR NOT I am here bringing you a quick post of something you can gather for yourself at a...rather amazing price. You like what you see? Keep on reading for details and MOVE QUICK because its a special!