31 October 2015

Silver Space Princess

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Raining Pumpkins

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26 October 2015

Naughty Nuns

Hey Loves!
I know a big part of why some people read my blog is because of the things I write in my posts relating them somehow to the outfit but lately I haven't really been able to since I haven't really had much time to collect my thoughts and really give you all a nice chunk of my mind. I will be starting that back up though cause let's be honest...sharing my thoughts on things is 80 percent of why I started blogging. 

Today I went with a...Nun gone bad type look. I have on lots of great goodies just aching to be talked about so if you want that info you know what to dooooo....right? *Whispers* Just keep reading.

12 October 2015

Breakfast Dreams

Hey Loves!

Been FORVER since I've blogged which sucks because blogging is the bee's knees.
Soooo....most of the people who know me know I am OBSESSED with breakfast food. Not like oh let's eat buttery toast (SHOUT OUT TO FAYFAY) for breakfast! No I just want to have a sexy dish of waffles, bacon, eggs, with nice sweet syrup just WAITING to be drizzled on my plate. I want a nice fluffy omelet filled with goodness and texas toast. I WANT ALL THE PANCAKES! I'm absolutely obsessed with breakfast food my loves. Today I just laid around second life in the comfiest section of my home and looked up breakfast goodies on Yummly. Do you like the look? Well today is a bit of a short and savory (because breakfast) post so keep on reading for the credits!